TMC Thane: Municipal Corporation of Thane

Thane Municipal Corporation

Thane Municipal Corporation is a civic body that governs the city of Thane in the state of Maharashtra. This municipal corporation consists of democratically elected members and is led by a mayor. The major responsibilities of a municipal corporation are to administer the transport, public services, and infrastructure of the city. 

The jurisdiction of Thane runs over the towns of Mumbra-Kausa and Kalwa including the main city of Thane. 

Functions of Thane Municipal Corporation

There are various departments in the Thane Municipal Corporation which perform varied functions that assure the proper functioning of the city and the Thane Municipal Corporation alike. The list of the departments is: 

  1. Accounts Department
  2. Advertisement Department
  3. Audit Department
  4. Chintamanrao Deshmukh Institute Of Administrative Careers
  5. Citizen Facilitation Centre
  6. Community Development
  7. Dharamvir Aanand Dhighe Jidd Shala
  8. Disaster Management
  9. Dr. Kashinath Ghanekar Natyagruh
  10. Education 
  11. Election Department
  12. Electrical Department
  13. Estate Department
  14. Fire Brigade
  15. General Administration Department
  16. Health Department
  17. Information & Public Relation Department
  18. Information and Technology Department
  19. Legal Department
  20. License Department
  21. Local Body Tax – LBT
  22. Municipal Secretary
  23. Octroi Department
  24. Personnel Officer / Establishment Department / Backward Cell
  25. Pollution Control Department 
  26. Property Tax Department
  27. Public Works Department
  28. Rajiv Gandhi Medical College & Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Hospital, Kalwa
  29. Security Department
  30. Sewerage Department
  31. Solid Waste Management
  32. Store Department
  33. Thane Municipal Transport System
  34. Thane Smart City Ltd.
  35. Town Planning Department
  36. Tree Authority & Garden Department
  37. Unauthorized Construction Removal & Encroachment
  38. Vigilance Department
  39. Water Supply Department
  40. Yashwant Rama Salvi Swimming Pool

How to Get a Birth Certificate in Thane Municipal Corporation?

  • The registration of Death and Birth must be done within 21 days, according to the Birth & Death Registration Act & Rules.
  • If you have not registered the birth and death within 21 days then the registration can be done within 30 days and after 30 days but within the period of 1 year by paying a late fee amount under the jurisdiction of the RBD Act. 
  • If the birth and death have not been registered within 1 year then this registration can only be executed by the orders of the Executive Magistrate along with the payment of the prescribed late fee. 
  • The name of the child can be inserted in the Birth record within a period of 12 months from the date when it was registered. 
  • The name of the child can also be inserted in the Birth record up to a period of 15 years from the date when it was registered along with paying the late fee. 
  • According to the rules of the RBD Act, the name which has been once registered in the Birth record cannot be changed in any circumstances. 

Uses of Death and Birth registration

  • The record of Birth registration can be used to provide legal proof of the identity, Dependency Status, Age, Civil Status, etc. 
  • Public Health Programmes require the presence of birth records. 
  • The Death registration records are required to settle the matters of insurance claims, inheritance settlements, to claim family allowances, and various other social security benefits. 
  • Death registration records are very useful to know about the existence of epidemic and infectious diseases. It can help create measures for immediate control. 
  • Death and birth registration records have immense usage in medical research and for the purpose of genetic and epidemiological studies. 
  • For the purpose of obtaining detailed and vital statistics. 

How to Get a Birth Certificate Online in TMC?

Usually the Birth Certificates are issued to the applicants in an offline mode through registration centers but for those who want to apply for the Birth Certificate in an online mode, the Maharashtra government has created an online portal. Visit the official portal of Thane Municipal Corporation to register and download the Birth certificate. 

How to Get a Birth Certificate Offline in TMC?

Certificates for the birth and death registration under the Thane Municipal Corporation are issued at the following places: 


  • Head Office
  • Kopri – Ward Office
  • Kalwa – Ward Office
  • Vartak Nagar – Ward Office
  • Civil Hospital (Only for Birth Certificates)
  • Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Hospital (Only for Birth Certificates)

Non- Computerised:

  • Mumbra – Ward Office
  • Shil Sub – Ward Office
  • Diva Sub – Ward Office
  • Majiwada – Manpada – Ward Office
  • Majiwada Sub – Ward Office
  • Manpada Sub – Ward Office
  • Balkum Sub – Ward Office
  • Kolshet Sub – Ward Office
  • Owla Sub – Ward Office

Documents required for Birth Certificate in TMC

For the registration of a Birth Certificate in Thane Municipal Corporation you will require some documents. These documents are:

  • The first document you require is the receipt of the land. 
  • The identity card of the father or mother which can be an Aadhaar card as well.
  • If the child has been born in a hospital, the hospital receipt can also be used. 
  • Another important element is the address proof for which you can use an electricity bill, voter card, ration card or telephone bill. 
  • If you are not able to register the birth of the child within one year, then you would also be required to submit an affidavit. 

How to Get a Death Certificate in Thane Municipal Corporation?

The registration procedure for the death certificate remains the same, as mentioned above. The uses of the death certificate are also the same as for the birth certificate. 

How to Get a Death Certificate Online in TMC?

To apply for the death certificate in Thane Municipal Corporation you would need to register through the Aaple Sarkar portal. Follow these steps to register online:

Step 1: Visit the official online portal of Aaple Sarkar. 

Step 2: Select “citizen login” for the purpose of login or click on “New user? Register here…” to create a new user account. Once the account has been created, log in by using your username and password. 

Step 3: After you have successfully logged in, search for the option Rural Development and Panchayat Raj Department and select it. After that, click on ‘Death Certificate’ to head to the required page. 

Step 4: Fill out the necessary information necessary for application and upload the documents. 

Step 5: The screen will prompt you to apply online. 

Step 6: The applicant will receive an acknowledgement. Procure it for future reference as well.

Step 7: The applicant will receive the certificate on notification. 

How to Get a Death Certificate Offline in TMC?

The first necessity of receiving a death certificate is to inform the concerned authorities about the death. The death can be reported by the head of the family, the jail-in-charge, medical-in-charge or the village headman. After this the following steps have to be followed: 

Step 1: Once the information about the death reaches the “assistant block development officer”, the applicant would have to reach the authority to apply for the death certificate. This can be done on any working day. 

Step 2: Proceed to the Zilla Parishad website to get the contact details for your zilla parishad. By this information you can contact the block development officials. 

Step 3: The applicant would have to obtain the application from the respective office upon visiting. 

Step 4: Complete the application form and submit the form along with the necessary documents and the prescribed fee (if necessary). 

Step 5: After the verification of the details by the concerned authority, the applicant will receive the death certificate after a given period. 

Step 6: Another option is to check the record online & get a print out of the certificate if you need it for an immediate purpose. 


Step 7: If you report the death orally, the concerned registrar will fill in the information in the concerned reporting form and will get your thumb impression or signature. 

Step 8: After this process is completed, you might have to furnish the receipt from the burial ground or crematorium to receive the certificate. 

In the scenario where the details are already registered: 

Step 1: Proceed to the concerned office and request to check the records. 

Step 2: Proceed to the Zilla Parishad website to get the contact details for your zilla parishad. By this information you can contact the block development officials. 

Step 3: If the authorities are able to procure the Death details from the search results then they will be able to prepare the Death certificate after a proper check of the submitted documents. 

Please Note: If the applicant has not registered the Death within the prescribed time of the occurrence then the certificate will be issued on the order of the revenue authorities after a due verification by the police. 

Application through CSC

Step 1: The applicant has to reach the CSC center to register for the Death certificate. You can get the contact details through the official website of the Common Service Center.

Step 2: The applicant has to acquire the application from the center staff. The applicant would have to pay for the form if advised. 

Step 3: Fill in the application form and submit it properly with all the necessary documents so that the staff can start processing. 

Step 4: The authorities will process the application form and issue an application number accompanied with an acknowledgement receipt. 

Step 5: The application of this kind would be processed internally. 

Step 6: The applicant will receive the notification and he/she can collect the certificate from the Center where it was applied. 

Documents required for Death Certificate in TMC

These are the following documents that you would need to register the death certificate in Thane:

  • Application form
  • Deceased’s proof of birth (SSLC certificate/Birth certificate)
  • One copy of Ration card
  • Medical Certificate of the cause of Death (if required)
  • Deceased’s and applicant’s Aadhaar card (if available) 
  • Applicant’s ID card
  • Residential Proof
  • Time and date of death
  • Affidavit specifying time and date of death or a death slip by the doctor
  • Receipt from burial ground or crematorium  
  • If no record is provided for the death by the hospital, then a certificate obtained from the village head or Regional Councillor or MLA / MBS / MP along with a stamp and a signature must be submitted. Sign of the doctor is also required. 

How to Get a Marriage Certificate in Thane Municipal Corporation?

Following are the various procedures to register and obtain a marriage certificate in Thane Municipal Corporation. You can register and receive the marriage certificate in both online and offline modes. 

How to Get Marriage Certificate Online in TMC?

  • Visit the official online portal. 
  • On this page please select the menu ‘Online Services > Marriage Registration’ and you will be redirected to the next page. 
  • Select the option ‘Marriage registration and certificate’ under the heading ‘Panchayat raj department/ Urban development department’ to reach the next page. 
  • The application form will appear on this page. Fill the details in the form, upload the required scanned documents and choose the required details. After you have completed the requirements, select the ‘Continue’ option to submit the application. 
  • After you have submitted the application, the applicant will receive an email and the application form could be downloaded in a PDF format. 
  • You will have to get the application form printed. 
  • On the decided date, the witness and the applicant have to be present in the office of the registrar. You need to submit the printed application form. 
  • You will need to follow the instructions of the concerned authorities to complete the registration formalities. 
  • The applicant and witnesses have to sign the registry for the endorsement of their marriage. 
  • The certificate will be issued to the applicant on the same day for the marriage which has already been solemnized without delay. 
  • In the case where an application for the certificate has been made in advance, the authorities would look for an objection from the public for a period of thirty days. The process will finally be executed on the day of the marriage by an authority and then the certificate will be provided. 

How to Get a marriage certificate Offline in TMC?

  • The marriage has to be registered with the particular registrar in the jurisdiction in which the wife or husband is living.
  • The applicant needs to visit the Sub-registrar office for the purpose of application. Go to the official link through which you can obtain the address of the different departments. Select the region name under the heading Office Address and Timings to receive the details that you require. 
  • The form of application can be downloaded online, obtained from the concerned office in person, or can also be a self-written application (as advised). 
  • The applicant needs to fill the form thoroughly along with the signatures of both wife and husband. Then, the applicant needs to submit the form to the concerned authority attested with the required documents and the prescribed fees. 
  • The application which has been submitted will be noted down in the registry after the verification has been done. The applicant will receive the receipt for the application submitted. 
  • The applicant would have to come to the concerned premises on a scheduled date to complete the process of registration. 
  • On the decided day, a Gazetted Officer who was a witness to the marriage along with both the parties have to be present in front of the registrar. 
  • Then, the applicant would have to follow the guidelines led down by the authorities to complete the registration formalities. 
  • The witness and the applicant will have to sign on the registry for the purpose of endorsement of their marriage. 
  • The applicant will receive the certificate on the same day. 
  • In the case where an application for the certificate has been made in advance, the authorities would look for an objection from the public for a period of thirty days. The process will finally be executed on the day of the marriage by an authority and then the certificate will be provided. 

Please note: 

  • In the marriage registration, the applicants applying for a certificate would have to present the proof of the wedding which has been solemnized elsewhere, and that the bride and groom want to register the marriage legally. 
  • At the time of registration of the marriage, all the people involved must bring their original ID proofs and address proof. 

How to Pay Property Tax in Thane Municipal Corporation Online?

The property tax in Thane is collected by the Thane Municipal Corporation from the people who own properties in Thane. The taxes collected are water bill tax, property tax, and charges for the birth certificate for performing the developmental activities in the city. All the people who wish to pay the property taxes can visit the official website of Thane Municipal Corporation. However, to pay the water bill and other taxes, the taxpayers should visit thanecity[dot]gov[dot]in link. 

The annual property tax in Thane is calculated based on the factors like the property age, usage of the property, and type of structure. You can pay Thane Municipal Corporation house tax or property tax both in the online and offline modes. 

Property Tax in Thane Municipal Corporation

Being one of the largest cities in Maharashtra, people own commercial and residential properties in Thane like offices, buildings, flats, houses, shops, plots, godowns, etc. Hence, the official authorities in the city of Thane collect the property tax from the owners. This property tax is collected based on the maintenance and development activities which are undertaken by the authorities related to the infrastructure. 

The property tax is calculated on the basis of the Rateable Value-Based System which means that it is calculated on the annual letting value of the property in question. The factors on which the house tax is calculated are existing conditions, property, and location. 

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FAQ’s about Thane Municipal Corporation (TMC)

How can I pay my TMC property tax online?

To pay the Thane Municipal Corporation property tax online you need to visit the official website of the TMC. You will find on the portal that the bill for the financial year 2021-22 is in progress and will be available soon. You just need to fill in your details like owner name, property number, etc.

How can I get a job in Thane Municipal Corporation?

To get a job in the Thane Municipal Corporation you need to clear the prelims and mains exam. If you clear both exams you will be eligible to appear for the interview which is the last stage. If you clear the interview, you will be hired by the Thane Municipal Corporation.u00a0

How do I change my name on my Thane water bill?

You need to procure the required application form for the request of a name change by paying a minor fee. Fill in all the required details and attach the photocopies of the required documents. The final step is to submit the application form to the concerned authority.

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