HMC Howrah: Municipal Corporation of Howrah

Howrah Municipal Corporation

The Howrah Municipality was officially established in the year 1862. Later, it was given the standing of a municipal corporation. Then, in 2015 the Bally municipality was combined with the Corporation. The Howrah Municipal Corporation has 7 boroughs, 66 wards, and a population density of 21565 persons per sq. km. The entire area makes up 63.55 Sq. Km. 

Functions of Howrah Municipal Corporation

The Howrah Municipal Corporation or the HMC has the responsibility to provide the basic services for the civilians of Howrah like Education, Roads, Water Supply, Lighting, Assessment, Health, Sewerage, Drainage, etc. 

Department Name Key Activities
General General Department ensures that the secretarial functions of the Corporation are fulfilled. 
Personnel Initiates promotion and transfer proposal. Attends court cases associated with personnel matters.
Assessment Assesses land and buildings, Separation, Mutation, Amalgamation etc.
Building Scrutinizes building plan, checks unauthorized construction & performs routine inspection
Law Deals with the legal matters & provides legal opinion to the different departments of HMC
Health Provides curative, preventive and promotive health facilities including vaccination etc.
License Issues new trade licenses, Renewal of expired/old trade licenses, Issues temporary licenses, raises Demands for Trade License, etc. in the department of trade licenses.
Conservancy Responsible for collecting solid waste from the households and collection point. Transportation to the processing unit/dumping yard and the sweeping of streets.
Education Imparts primary education and interacts with Government agencies and NGOs.
Information Technology The IT department is responsible for the development & implementation of the software throughout all departments of HMC.
Survey They are custodians of survey sheets/land records of all the properties in addition to water bodies within HMC.
Road Engaged in maintenance and construction of roads that belong to HMC.
Roads & Building The Roads & Building Department looks after the internal infrastructure of HMC HQ.
Water Supply This department is in charge of supplying drinking water to the citizens of HMC. Maintenance of underground supply lines also comes under their jurisdiction. 
Water Works (Padmapukur & Sreerampur ) Treating the water coming from river Ganges and making it drinkable is the responsibility of the Water Works Department.
Market Collecting revenue and maintaining markets owned by the HMC is the primary responsibility of the Market Department.
Electrical Looking after the illumination of different corners and streets & maintenance thereof.
Motor Vehicle Looking after management and hiring of fleet vehicles of the HMC.
Workshop Repair of the hand tray and cart (for Electric Chulli) 
Slum Development Development of Slums and Sanitation facilities in the Corporation area.
Collection It is the nodal department for the collection of property tax.
Planning & Development Initiates new projects, carries out financial and technical feasibility studies and monitors the implementation of different projects.
Drainage & Sewerage Manages and maintains the central drainage and sewerage lines under all arterial/major roads.
Accounts Maintains the accounts of the HMC. 
Disaster Management This Department comes into action, if there is any disaster
Parks & Garden Concerned about the matters connected to green patches and parks in the city.
NULM It is a programme by the Central Government, whose implementation takes place at HMC.
AMRUT It is a programme by the Central Government, implemented at HMC.
Solid Waste Management This department monitors the Implementation of Solid Waste Management Rules of 2016.
Media Cell It maintains a connection with the Media in order to share its actions, views, dreams and intentions with the community of Howrah.
Grievance Cell Public grievances are addressed with the help of this Cell.

How to Get a Birth Certificate in Howrah Municipal Corporation?

Before we get started on the procedure to obtain the birth certificate from the Howrah Municipal Corporation, let us learn about some important information regarding birth and death certificates in Howrah.

  • You can obtain the birth and death certificates from HMC, provided that the event of death or birth is registered with them. 
  • According to the current rules, any event of death or birth has to be registered with the municipal corporation within a period of 1 year. 
  • A delayed registration can only be done beyond one year of occurrence of death or birth if it is by the order of the District Magistrate of Howrah. 
  • The death or births which have occurred in the places or areas which are under the jurisdiction of HMC can only be registered by the HMC. 
  • The HMC area is categorized into 5 birth registration units for the purpose of administration, apart from the main office HMC and Bally Sub Office HMC which function entirely for birth registration.

The Circumstances to Get a birth certificate in HMC can be divided into three Categories

a) In the event of birth taking place in the nursing homes or private hospitals in Howrah

  1. Birth certificates can be acquired from the respective office of the Birth Registration Unit after registering, provided that all the birth events are reported to the concerned birth registration office within 21 days from the date of birth by the private hospitals or nursing homes. This is a mandatory requirement. 
  2. The name of the child can be given during the registration or even afterward in the prescribed proforma by the parents or relatives provided that the relative is authorized by the child’s parents in writing.

b) In the event of birth in Government hospitals in Howrah 

The birth certificate can easily be acquired from the concerned hospital where the event took place. 

c) In the event of Domiciliary birth events

  1. In the event of domiciliary birth, the event has to be reported to the respective Birth Registration Unit by the head of the family for the purpose of registration within a period of one month but no later than 1 year. The head also has to produce the medical certificate of birth (the certificate must be issued by a Registered Medical Practitioner) along with the required and relevant documents. If you are registering after one month from the date of the event, a first-class Judicial Magistrate’s affidavit has to be submitted along with all the relevant documents. 
  2. Birth certificates in the domiciliary events which were not reported within one year can be acquired on the delayed registration. This has to be done only on the order of the District Magistrate of Howrah in the Central Office of HMC. 

Apply for a Birth Certificate online in HMC?

Follow these simple steps to apply for a birth certificate online in the Howrah Municipal Corporation:

Step 1: For the first step, you will need to visit the official website of Howrah Municipal Corporation which is www[dot]myhmc[dot]in

howrah municipal corporation

Step 2: Proceed to the quick link section and select the option ‘Birth Certificate’. 

howrah municipal corporation birth and death certificate

Step 3: For the HMC Birth certificate you will be required to fill an application form with your correct details. 

Step 4: Before submitting the form, review it thoroughly. 

Step 5: Submit the form by clicking the link. Your application will be successfully submitted. 

Apply for a Birth Certificate offline in HMC?

To get the birth certificate of your child in the offline mode, you would have to visit the Birth Registration Center in Howrah. The Birth Registration Centers for different wards are: 

S. No.  Center Name and Address Wards Covered
1 Central Office, 4 Mahatma Gandhi Road Howrah – 711101 1 to 50
2 Bally Sub-Office, 384, G. T. road, Bally, Howrah – 711201 51 to 66
3 U.P.H.C. – III, 125/126, Sambhu Halder Lane, Jatadhari Park, Salkia, Howrah – 711 106. 1 to 9 & 11
4 BOROUGH – II, 43, Jelia Para Lane, Salkia, Howrah -711 106 10, 12 to 19 & 29
5 U.P.H.C. – VIII, 82, N. S. Dutta Road, Howrah – 711 101 20 to 28 & 43
6 457, G. T. Road, Opp. S.B.I., Shibpur Branch, (55-A Bus Stand) 30 to 38 & 40
7 Borough – Vii, 57, S.N.N. Ganguly Road, Betore More (Old Borough-V Office), Howrah – 711 104. 39, 41, 42 &44 to 50

Documents required for Birth Certificate in HMC

For the registration of a Birth Certificate in Howrah you will require some documents. These documents are:

  • The first document you require is the receipt of the land. 
  • The identity card of the father or mother which can be an Aadhaar card as well.
  • If the child has been born in a hospital, the hospital receipt can also be used. 
  • Another important element is the address proof for which you can use an electricity bill, voter card, ration card or telephone bill. 
  • If you are not able to register the birth of the child within one year, then you would also be required to submit an affidavit. 

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How to Get a Death Certificate in Howrah Municipal Corporation?

For the purpose of getting a death certificate, the guidelines mentioned above remain the same. The circumstances to obtain a death certificate in Howrah can be divided into two categories:

In the case when the dead bodies are brought to the burial ground or crematorium under the Howrah Municipal Corporation for disposal –

  • The deaths which have occurred in particular HMC areas only are registered in the burial ground or crematorium. The death certificates are then issued from the HMC. 

In the scenario, when the death events or the dead bodies of the HMC area are disposed of in an area outside the HMC area – 

  • In such cases, the events of death are registered in the HMC Central Office at the Health Department at number 4, on the M.G. Road in Howrah. The death certificate can be acquired from the office by producing a certificate of death copy which has to be issued by the physician or institution along with the original cremation certificate. 

How to apply for a Death Certificate online in HMC ?

Follow these simple steps to register for a Death Certificate in Howrah in the online mode:

Step 1: The first step is to proceed to the West Bengal official website. 

west bangal Municipal Corporation

Step 2: After you have opened the website, you need to login by creating a login ID. 

Step 3: After you have logged in, choose the option ‘Registration of Death at NKDA’ under the heading ‘Apply to Services’ in the menu bar. 

Step 4: Fill the form by following the instructions. Also, upload the required documents and then ‘Submit’ the application. 

Step 5: You will be redirected to a new page with the “AIN” details. 

Step 6: Click on the ‘Finish’ option to finalize the process. 

Step 7: For the purpose of obtaining the certificate, the applicant will have to login again. Click on the ‘Approved Application’ in the menu bar and you will see a list of the applications which are approved. 

Step 8: Click on the icon ‘Certificate’ to receive the death certificate. 

How to apply for a Death Certificate offline in HMC ?

To get the death certificate of your child in the offline mode, you would have to visit the Death Registration Center in Howrah. The Death Registration Centers for different wards are: 

Sl. No. Name Address
1 Central Office 4 Mahatma Gandhi Road Howrah – 711101
2 Bally Sub-Office 384, G. T. road, Bally, Howrah – 711201
3 Shibpur Burning Ghat 95, Jagat Banerjee Ghat Road, Shibpur, Howrah – 711102
4 Salkia Burning Ghat 8, Brindaban Dutta Lane Howrah- 711106
5 Banstala Burning Ghat 25, Dr. Gangadhat Mukherjee Road Howrah – 711101
6 Pathak Ghat 1, Pathak Ghat Lane, Bally, Howrah – 711201
7 Mora Pora Ghat 5/31/1 Asutosh Mukherjee Road Howrah – 711201
8 Bantra Burial Ground 41, Madhusudan pal Chowdhury Lane, Howrah – 711101
9 Dharmatala Burial Ground 102, Dharmatala Road, salkia, Howrag – 711106
10 Andul Burial Ground 163, Andul Road, Howrah – 711103

Documents required for Death Certificate HMC

  • Deceased’s proof of birth
  • Deceased’s Aadhaar card
  • ID proof of the applicant
  • Residential Proof
  • Completely filled Death Certificate application form
  • Affidavit specifying time and date of death or a death slip by the doctor
  • Receipt from burial ground or crematorium 

Non Availability Certificate

If a birth event is not registered, a certificate of Non-availability can be acquired from the Central Office of the HMC from the Health Department at 4, on M.G. Road in Howrah. The only condition is that you have to produce some supporting documents like Educational record, Voter ID card, Ration card, etc. 

How to Pay Property Tax Online in Howrah Municipal Corporation?

To pay the property tax online you need to visit the official website of the Howrah Municipal Corporation which is Follow the given instructions to pay the tax: 

Step 1: After you have opened the website, click on the ‘Citizen Services’. 

Step 2: Under the heading Property, select ‘Property tax’. You will be redirected to a new page. 

Step 3: Select the option ‘Click here to pay’. Again, a new page will appear. 

Step 4: You now need to enter your assessee number which can be found on the printed bill delivered to you by the Howrah Municipal Corporation.

Step 5: Then, you need to click on ‘Go’. Please note that if there are multiple owners under the same assessee number then a list of a part will appear. 

Step 6: You now need to select your Part number and then submit it. A list of all the bills which are due would be shown. Arrange the bills from oldest to newest. 

Step 7: Press Next and you will be redirected to the Secure online payment page.

Step 8: Complete the payment. You will receive a confirmation message and you will be redirected to the page where you can print the receipt. 

How to Get a Trade License Renewal Online in Howrah?

To get your trade license renewed, you need to have the following documents. This procedure is for the offline license renewal. 

You will require a thoroughly filled application form along with a copy of the PAN card, ID proof, and last year’s C.E. You would also require other permissions from E.S., W.B.F., Excise Department, WBPCB, or from any other Government authority. 

For the online procedure of the trade license renewal, you would need to attach the above-mentioned documents. Produce the hard copy of the online application form with the TRD number. This has to be provided to the License Sub Inspector or License Inspector who is responsible for that specific ward for the generation of demand. Also, provide a printed copy for the purpose of the payment at the Cash counter. 

Howrah Municipal Corporation Election Department

Find below the administrative structure of the election department: 

 District Election Officer

Additional District Magistrate (General) 

Officer-in-Charge Election

Head clerk


L.D.C and Data Entry Operators

FAQ’s about Howrah Municipal Corporation (HMC)

How do I pay my property tax online in Howrah?

The official website of Howrah Municipal Corporation is which offers the service of online payment of bills. By visiting the website you can pay your House Tax, Water Bill, Property Tax, Professional Tax, etc.u00a0

Where is Howrah Municipal Corporation?

Ans. The Howrah Municipal Corporation is located in Howrah city, West Bengal and it is the local government body of Howrah. The Howrah Municipal Corporation is the second-largest urban area and Municipal corporation in the state.u00a0

How do I complain to Howrah Municipal Corporation?

Ans. You can file a complaint to Howrah Municipal Corporation through email which is grievance.hmc@gmail[dot]com and by calling on the phone number 1800 121 500000. You can also reach out to them through Facebook at www[dot]facebook[dot]com/howrah municipal corporation.

How do I find my HMC assessee number?

Your HMC assessee number can be found on the printed bill provided to you by the Howrah Municipal Corporation.

How do I get my assessee number online?

If you are a property owner in Howrah then you can easily find your assessee number on the official website of Howrah Municipal Corporation. You need to select the u2018Online Servicesu2019 option and then on u2018Assessment Collectionu2019. Reaching the new page, click on the ‘Assessee Information Search’ option.

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