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Virar West, Mumbai

Virar West, Mumbai
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New Projects: ₹ 11.27 L - ₹ 2.59 Cr
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About Virar West, Mumbai

Virar West, located in the northern part of the Mumbai Metropolitan Region, India, is a rapidly developing suburb known for its unique mix of urban and natural elements. It enjoys a moderate coastal climate and is close to beautiful beaches, making it an attractive location for those who value nature. The suburb has seen significant growth in both residential and commercial sectors, with a range of housing options and thriving local businesses.

Connectivity is a key feature of Virar West, with efficient road and railway networks, including the important Virar railway station on the Mumbai Suburban Railway's Western Line. The area also boasts reputable educational institutions and ample healthcare facilities, contributing to its growing appeal.

While facing challenges like traffic congestion and needing more infrastructure, Virar West is on a promising trajectory with ongoing development projects. It's a suburb that offers a balanced lifestyle, combining the convenience of city living with the serenity of natural surroundings, making it an appealing choice for residents and investors alike.

What’s Good v/s What Can Be Better

What’s Good

What Can Be Better

Virar West is known for its scenic landscapes and coastal climate.

Virar West faces challenges with traffic congestion, especially during peak hours.

The suburb has seen considerable development in infrastructure, including efficient transportation systems. 

While the suburb is well-connected, there is room for improvement in the frequency and capacity of public transport. 

Compared to many other parts of Mumbai, Virar West offers more affordable housing options.

Ensuring a consistent and adequate water supply can be challenging in Virar West.

The area is equipped with numerous reputable schools and colleges. 

With rapid urbanisation, the suburb faces issues related to waste management and sanitation.

Virar West has a vibrant community life with a rich cultural heritage.

Rapid development has risked diminishing green spaces. 

Physical Infrastructure and Livability Index 

Virar West in Mumbai, similar to Thippasandra in Bangalore, exhibits modern and traditional elements in its infrastructure and livability. Originally a quiet suburb, it has transformed into a lively urban area with a mix of residential complexes, small businesses, and commercial zones while retaining its green spaces and traditional architectural charm.

The suburb stands out for its excellent connectivity, thanks to the Virar railway station and a well-connected road network. It offers a wide range of housing options, catering to diverse needs, and is seeing growth in commercial and retail spaces, adding to its economic vitality.

Regarding livability, Virar West boasts quality educational and healthcare facilities alongside urban conveniences like malls and recreational areas. However, it faces challenges like traffic congestion and the need for improved road infrastructure, which are crucial for enhancing the quality of life for its residents. Overall, Virar West is a dynamic suburb balancing urban growth with its heritage, and addressing its urbanisation challenges will be key to its future development. 

Social Infrastructure - Restaurants

If you love tasting good food, then Virar West won’t disappoint you. Following are some really good restaurants you can visit with your friends and family in Virar West. 

  • VV Restaurant and Bar
  • Nidhisa Restaurant and Bar 
  • RK Family Restaurant Virar East 
  • Vrindavan Restaurant
  • Poonam Restaurant 
  • Avenue Family Restaurant and Bar 

Banks/Metros Stations/Airport/ Bus Terminal/Railway Stations/ Parks 

Banks and ATMs 

  • Axis Bank 
  • State Bank of India Branch
  • Union Bank of India
  • HDFC Bank
  • Bank of Baroda
  • ICICI Bank
  • Indian Bank
  • Bank of Baroda
  • Federal Bank 
  • Bank of India 
  • Canara Bank 
  • Bank of India

Metros and Railway Stations 

  • Nalla Sopara
  • Vasai Road Major 
  • Juchandra
  • Naigaon 
  • Palghar 


  • Chattrapati Shivaji International Airport 

Bus Terminals 

  • Virar West S.T. Bus Depot 
  • Agrawal Lifestyle Bus Stop
  • Jyoti Bus Stop
  • Ram Mandir Bus Stop 


  • Samrat Park
  • Yajhoo Park
  • Shree Ram Nagar Park
  • Shiv Shakti Park
  • Virar Garden 

Popular Roads in Virar West 

Agashi Road

Agashi Road is a prominent thoroughfare in Virar West, known for connecting the suburb to the Agashi village, and is lined with various residential areas and essential amenities.

Tembhi Pada Road

Tembhi Pada Road in Virar West is a vital local road that runs through several residential neighbourhoods, playing a key role in linking these areas with the main parts of the suburb.

Agashi-Chalpeth Road

The Agashi-Chalpeth Road is significant in Virar West, connecting the Agashi area to Chalpeth, and is characterised by its mix of residential developments and local businesses.

Nearby Localities in Virar West 

The following localities are situated near VIP Road, Haldiram. The table will help you understand the distance from nearby localities, travel time taken and estimated cab fare. 


Distance from Virar West (km)

Travel Time

Estimated Cab Fare (INR)

Virar East

6-7 km 

30-40 min


Nalasopara West

5-6 km 

25-35 min 


Vasai West

14 km 

40-70 min 


Naigaon West

18 km 

40-70 min 



2-3 km 

10-25 min 


How do People Rate Virar West? 

Similar to the positive reception of VIP Road in Kolkata, Virar West in Mumbai is also highly regarded by its residents and visitors. The suburb's strategic location is a key highlight, offering excellent connectivity to various parts of Mumbai, easing daily commutes and transportation. This accessibility is further complemented by its proximity to essential amenities such as well-known educational institutions and healthcare facilities, enhancing the area's appeal.

Safety and security in Virar West are well-managed, contributing significantly to a comfortable and reassuring living environment. Residents appreciate the suburb's peaceful atmosphere, a vital aspect of its community appeal. The efficiency of public utilities, including water supply, electricity, and sanitation services, is another factor that residents value, as it directly impacts their quality of life and overall satisfaction.

Moreover, Virar West is celebrated for its cultural vibrancy and strong sense of community. The area hosts various cultural events and festivals, fostering a sense of togetherness and enhancing its attractiveness as a residential area in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region. All these factors combined contribute to the positive rating of Virar West as a preferred residential destination.

How to Visit Virar West?

To visit Virar West in Mumbai, you can use the following options, drawing parallels from the approach to VIP Road Haldiram in Kolkata:

By Air

The nearest airport to Virar West is the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport in Mumbai. Upon arrival, you can hire a taxi or a rideshare service for a direct trip to Virar West. Additionally, airport shuttle services and public buses connect you to Mumbai's main areas, from where local taxis or auto-rickshaws can be used to reach Virar West.

By Road

Virar West is well-connected and easily accessible from different parts of Mumbai and its surrounding regions. You can drive using major city roads or public transportation options such as buses and cabs. The Western Express Highway is a major route that provides convenient access to Virar West.

By Train

For train travellers, the Virar railway station, part of the Western Line of the Mumbai Suburban Railway, is the most convenient stop. From the station, Virar West is easily accessible. Taxis, auto-rickshaws, and local buses are available outside the station, offering convenient and budget-friendly travel options to reach various parts of Virar West.

Places to Visit in Virar West, Kolkata  

Following are the best places to visit in Virar West, Kolkata. 

Arnala Beach

Just north of Virar West, Arnala Beach is a serene and picturesque destination. It's perfect for a relaxing day, offering beautiful sunsets and a peaceful atmosphere. The beach is well-known for its clean sand and clear waters.

Jivdani Temple

Situated atop a hill in Virar, the Jivdani Temple is a revered site attracting thousands of pilgrims. The temple provides a panoramic view of the surrounding area and is accessible by a long flight of stairs or a cable car.

Yazoo Park

This is a popular amusement park in Virar West, ideal for families and children. The park features various rides, games, and food stalls, making it a perfect spot for a fun-filled day.

Great Escape Water Park

For those looking to beat the heat, the Great Escape Water Park offers a range of water slides and pools. It's a fantastic destination for adults and children to enjoy a day of aquatic adventures.

Vasai Fort

A short drive from Virar West, the Vasai Fort, also known as Bassein Fort, is a historical landmark. The fort's ruins are a testament to its rich history, and its picturesque location makes it a favourite among photographers and history enthusiasts.

Locality Comparision

Comparing Virar West with its neighbouring localities in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region reveals the varied suburban landscape of the area. Virar West is renowned for its picturesque settings, offering a more relaxed and residential environment closer to beaches and lush green spaces. In contrast, Virar East is rapidly developing industrially and commercially, characterised by bustling activity and newer housing complexes.

Adjacent to Virar West is Nalasopara West, which, while more affordable, is still catching up in terms of social infrastructure and public amenities. Virar West is more developed, boasting a better mix of residential options and amenities. Meanwhile, Vasai West, known for its historical significance and landmarks like Vasai Fort, offers a unique blend of history and modernity. This is different from Virar West's focus on modern suburban living, highlighting new developments and residential projects, along with its famed beaches and natural scenery.

Arnala, a locality known mainly for its beach, is a popular weekend destination. It is less urbanised and maintains a relaxed ambience compared to the more comprehensive suburban experience of Virar West, which excels in connectivity, infrastructure, and a wider range of amenities. On the other hand, Bolinj is rapidly emerging as a favoured spot among the middle-income group due to its focus on affordable housing. While expanding, Virar West offers a broader spectrum of housing options and is more established in terms of commercial and recreational facilities.

Each locality around Virar West has its unique appeal and advantages. Virar West stands out for its seamless blend of modern living conveniences and natural beauty, making it a desirable location for a diverse population. However, the choice between these localities hinges on individual needs and preferences, such as affordability, lifestyle preferences, and proximity to essential services like work and educational institutions.


Living in Virar West offers a harmonious blend of natural beauty and modern amenities, making it an appealing choice for diverse residents. Its strategic location, enhanced by excellent connectivity and various housing options, caters to comfort and convenience. While it faces urban challenges like traffic congestion, its strengths in infrastructure, safety, and community spirit stand out. The suburb's proximity to serene beaches and green spaces, alongside its vibrant cultural fabric, enriches the living experience. Overall, Virar West represents a balanced suburban lifestyle, offering peace of nature with the vibrancy of urban living.

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Why Should You Invest in Virar West, Mumbai?

What’s Great About Virar West
  • Virar-Vasai Link & Skywalk
  • Railway station, Western Express Highway & major roads
  • Upgradation of railway station and municipal corporation
  • Huge tourist spot with lovely beaches & landmarks
  • Affordable property prices
What’s Not Great About Virar West
  • Transport facilities
  • Lack of social amenities

How to Visit Virar West, Mumbai?

Virar West Mumbai
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Virar West Map and Nearby Landmarks
  • Schools
  • City Connections
  • Shopping Centers
  • Business Hubs
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
Hotel Near by Virar West
Business Hub Near by Virar West
Shopping Center Near by Virar West
City Connection Near by Virar West

Social Infrastructure Nearby Virar West, Mumbai

School Nearby Virar West, Mumbai
  • Muljibhai Mehta International School
  • Royal Academy English School
  • Rustomjee Combridge International School
  • Royal Academy School
  • Utkarsha Vidyalaya
  • National English School
  • StJames High School
  • Twinkle Primary School
  • Matrix Academy School
  • Z P Kanya School
+ (8) more
Hospital Nearby Virar West, Mumbai
  • Kulkarni Hospital
  • Abhinav Hospital
  • Omkar Hospital
  • Sai Baba Hospital
  • Richfeel Trichology Center
  • Global Hospital
  • Kalyani Child Hospital
  • Param Maternity And Nursing Hospital
  • Joshi Children Hospital
  • Dr Vijay S Jadhav Ent Hospital
+ (8) more

Property Rates & Price Trends in Virar West

5 Ratings
  • 5 Star 3
  • 4 Star 2
  • 3 Star 0
  • 2 Star 0
  • 1 Star 0
What’s good
  • Centrally Located with Good Connectivity
  • Reputed Schools or Hospitals in the Vicinity
  • Plenty of Shopping & Entertainment Options Nearby
  • Lots of Green Areas & Parks
What’s Bad
  • Low Rental Yield
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Good looking society and good location


Awesome locality with pleasant atmosphere

Demand in Virar West, Mumbai

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Property Type
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2.5 BHK
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50 L - 2 Cr.

Supply in Virar West, Mumbai

  • Sale
  • Rent
Property Type
Builder Floor
2.5 BHK
Below 50 L
50 L - 2 Cr.
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Dhanaji Bharat Thanke Mumbai, Maharashtra
Dhanaji Bharat Thanke
Mumbai, Maharashtra
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Navnath Ratan Jagdale Mumbai, Maharashtra
Navnath Ratan Jagdale
Mumbai, Maharashtra
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Mohit Negi Gurgaon, Haryana
Mohit Negi
Gurgaon, Haryana
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Animesh Sinha Noida, Uttar Pradesh
Animesh Sinha
Noida, Uttar Pradesh
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Pradeep Nandlal Yadav Mumbai, Maharashtra
Pradeep Nandlal Yadav
Mumbai, Maharashtra
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  • 33 Transactions
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  • Verified Transactions: 33
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