Bangalore Metro to Extend and Enhance Operations with New Awarded Contract.

The Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation (BMRCL) has recently awarded a contract worth Rs 480.62 million to M Venkata Rao Infra Projects for the extension of the Purple Line. The project aims to enhance train operations by providing a train reversal crossover-track facility. This extension, spanning a mere 588 meters, will not feature any new stations but will play a crucial role in ensuring smoother operations on the line.

Enhancing Train Reversal Capability Implemented

The primary objective of this extension is to provide a train reversal crossover-track facility. This improvement will allow trains to reverse their direction seamlessly, thus avoiding unnecessary delays and ensuring efficient operations. The extension will also include the construction of a 28-meter extension of the third line at the under-construction Whitefield Depot. ITD Cementation India Limited had the responsibility of building both these extensions, along with Reach 1B’s mainline.

Progress in Bangalore Metro Phase 2 Project

The Purple Line extension is a part of the larger Bangalore Metro Phase 2 project, aiming to extend the 73.92 km network. With the implementation of this extension, the Purple Line will traverse the Indian Railways’ Bengaluru–Chennai line, reaching up to Belathur Colony on Whitefield – Hoskote Road. This expansion marks a significant milestone in the expansion of Bangalore’s metro network.

Improved Passenger Service and Efficiency

Currently, trains at the Whitefield Kadugodi station use only one platform to serve passengers, as the line terminates just 14 meters north of the station. This arrangement requires incoming trains to reduce speed to a designated slower pace. With the new extension, the BMRCL aims to enhance train operations and facilitate high-frequency service. The smoother train reversal process will result in efficient and timely train arrivals and departures.

Future Prospects

By investing in the expansion and improvement of the Bangalore Metro, the city is taking essential steps towards managing its growing population and meeting transportation demands. The Bangalore Metro Phase 2 project and its Purple Line extension signify the city’s commitment to developing a robust and reliable public transportation system. It will not only benefit the residents of Bangalore but also contribute to reducing traffic congestion and environmental pollution. With the construction contract firmly in place, work on the Purple Line extension project is expected to commence soon. Once completed, commuters can look forward to faster and seamless journeys on the extended Bangalore Metro. The project completion will fulfill the Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation’s vision of transforming Bangalore into a city with a world-class public transportation system.

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