What is the Best Way to Get Started To Invest in Gold?

Best way to Invest in Gold

Gold is generally known as a precious metal that is commonly used to make jewellery in non-scientific words, but the valuable yellow metal is much more than that. The backstory of gold is intriguing, to say the least.

Gold investment has risen dramatically in the previous five years. People invest today in gold more than ever before, and in this article, we will supply you with all of the pertinent information about why you should invest in gold. Our goal is to assist you in making an informed decision about your investments.

What does it Mean to Invest?

Investing is the process of assigning resources to anything in order to gain profit. When a person buys something as an investment, the goal is not to consume it, but to use it to build wealth in the future. Any method for creating future income, such as bonds, equities, gold, real estate property and so on, is referred to as an investment.

A certain level of risk is always involved with an investment because it is directed towards expanding income. So why invest when you can save with no risk? Although investment entails risk, the risk is compensated by a good expected return. Cash, on the other hand, will not increase in value over time and may even lose purchasing power.

Today, though, we'll be discussing the safest type of investment of all: gold investment.  Gold investment is considered as the safest of all investments and during times of economic instability, gold is frequently seen as a safe haven by investors.

Investors who retained gold were able to successfully secure their assets and, in some circumstances, even use the commodity to escape the instability at times when economies crashed.

Why Should I Invest in Gold?

Before we look at how you can invest today in gold, it's important to understand why it's still a smart option in 2021. Every rupee you make is accompanied by a set of expenses for example paying rent, credit card bill, gas bill, water bill, electricity bill, fuel etc. the thrill of payday wears off after a day or two because a large portion of your income has already been spent on loans, EMIs, rents, and other expenses. The remainder of your paycheck is used to get you through the rest of the month till the cycle repeats itself.

In instances like these, when you can't afford to buy anything, it's a good idea to invest in gold, which can provide you with additional funds without requiring additional effort. All you have to do is be sensible about where you invest your money, and then sit back and wait for your returns.

Once you've decided to invest in gold over all other options, it's a good idea to maintain track of gold rates so you'll know when to buy.

Another most important reason is that gold is regarded as a hedge against inflation.

An inflationary hedge is a financial investment that safeguards a currency's buying power against rising expenses at the time to inflation. Because gold's price rises in response to circumstances, it should be a key component of a well-diversified investment portfolio.

What are the Characteristics to Consider When Investing in Gold?

Purchasing gold is a difficult task. To ensure that you are not tricked and receive a decent bargain, you must know more than the fundamentals of gold.

Gold Purity

Always check the purity before you invest today in gold. Gold comes in a variety of purity levels, including 14K, 18K, 22K, and 24K. The higher the purity, the more expensive it is, and the higher the return value. Gold with a purity of 24 carats is regarded to be the purest form of gold. 24k gold is usually blended with an alloy since it is not suited for making jewellery. This is why the majority of gold jewellery is made of 18K which is 75% gold or 22K gold which is (92% gold).

So, How do you determine the purity level?

Looking for a hallmark is the simplest technique to verify for purity. The official proportion of the metal is stated on a hallmarked item of jewellery.

Just like every other investment, having a certificate ensures that you have proof of ownership and that the gold you purchased is genuine.

(Note: A number as well as a BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) stamp will be seen on any item of jewellery having a hallmark.)

Gold Rate Per Gram

As we have learnt that the gold prices are driven based on the gold purity it’s important to understand that prices fluctuate on a daily basis in the market. Therefore it is always crucial to verify the pricing before you invest in gold.

To gain an idea of gold pricing, go to a reputable website and search for gold prices, although pricing may fluctuate slightly when compared to in-store costs.

Negotiate Gold Making Charges

Making charges is the cost of transforming raw gold into beautiful jewellery pieces. Investing in gold jewellery does not always imply purchasing gold coins. Of course, you can opt for stunning design gold jewellery that is free of stones that you may wear and use as an investment when needed.

However, you need to be aware that the price you pay covers the quality of the gold, as well as the labour and artistry of the professionals who sculpted, shaped, cut and polished it into the design you receive.

Jewellery price = gold per gram (Purity wise) x Gold weight per gram making charge GST

Depending on the design of the jewellery, making charges often range from 6% to 14% of the total cost of gold. While some jewellers have fixed making charges, you can always bargain to acquire the best possible deal.

Besides making charges, additional charges based on the ornament may be added by the gold seller. Be aware of this and try to enquire as excessive making charges will not contribute to your high returns as the weightage of gold remains the same.

Invest Smartly

If you're looking to buy jewellery as an investment, stay away from stone-studded pieces.There's no denying that stone-studded or pearl-studded jewellery is more attractive than plain jewellery, but here's what you need to know:

Because stone-studded jewellery necessitates sophisticated patterns and designs, you will have to pay a higher making fee. As a result, you're paying more than it's worth, and when you sell it, you'll only get reimbursed for the gold metal, not the stone.

Do Not Sell to Other Jewellers

So, you've put money into gold and now it's time to cash in, and when that happens, it's always a good idea to double-check the terms of the buy-back seller. Most stores have a buyback policy in which they promise to give you 100% of the value of your gold. It's also a good idea to return to the store where you purchased the jewellery. However, if you sell at a time when gold prices are high, you will almost always earn twice as much, which is why experienced investors invest today in gold.

What are the Benefits and Challenges of Investing in Gold?

The benefits of investing in gold are as follows:

  • Gold has grown in popularity as a means of investment. As a result, there are numerous places where you can invest in gold with ease. Gold allows you to utilize the money you have invested in a variety of ways. This is especially useful during crises when you require a large sum of money and do not have sufficient funds saved aside. Hence it makes it simple to turn your investment into cash.
  • Gold has consistently shown to be the ideal investment, as evidenced by the fact that its value rises gradually over time. Of course, the price has dipped in the past - but it has always gone back up. As a result, investing in gold is the safest option.
  • Even if you are a beginner and have no experience with investments, it is simple to invest in gold unlike any other investments.
  • How can we possibly forget? Gold is believed to be of high social status, which makes it quite rewarding to own and possess.
  • If you're thinking about retiring or passing something to your family, gold might be the way to go.

Challenges faced while you consider to invest in gold

  • It could get a little problematic and unsafe storing the gold metal at home, even if you have a solid safe at home where you may safely store your gold collection? Or a safe deposit box at your bank? In either scenario, it isn't completely theft-proof. Keeping the gold at home allows you to access it quickly, but it is subject to calamities and theft hence there is always a slight risk involved.
  • Gold prices, as previously said, are unpredictably volatile. It's unclear how much gold's price could rise in the future.

Is There a Right or a Wrong Time to invest in gold?

In the past, gold prices have multiplied, making it an essential factor to invest in because people know that if they put Rs.10,000 in a piece of jewellery, they would most likely acquire twice the amount in no time. However, other consumers are hesitant to invest in gold because they believe that the rise in gold prices indicates a risky investment at this time.

So are you wondering whether there is a good time or a bad time to buy this precious metal?

Any type of investment has a tendency to buy when prices are rising, but no expert can forecast when the market will bottom or peak. When there is increased uncertainty and instability in the markets, gold frequently outperforms expectations. Due to the current Covid 19 pandemic, gold prices reached its pinnacle, which came as no surprise.

As a result, when asked if there is a good or bad time to invest, experts say there isn't one because the majority of people in India buy gold around festivals, special occasions, and weddings.

Why is the Value of Gold Always High?

I'm sure you've all pondered why gold is so valuable, and why it costs more than silver or copper. While some may say that gold has no inherent worth and is just good to wear as jewellery. However, this sparkling metal is here to stay. Gold offers the reassurance of longevity. We'll go back to gold if tragedy strikes. Unlike other resources, it does not diminish as this item is crucial in times of distress.

If there was ever a metal that could be used to quantify wealth, it would have to be gold. This magnificent metal has managed to preserve its value for generations.

Gold is extracted from the earth and then purified because the cost of producing gold is huge, it is a costly asset. However, this is not the only reason for gold's high price. Gold does not tarnish or oxidise, so once you invest in gold, it will remain as good as new for the rest of your life making it a precious metal.

A Summary of Gold’s Heritage?

Gold is one of the ancient investing methods available, and it stands true to this day, Gold has always been the world's preferred money. Gold has been a source of interest for humans since 4000 B.C., and for most of our cultural memory, owning gold was a sign of wealth and position. For centuries, gold coins served as the currency of many countries.

To Conclude

Nonetheless, if you're thinking about adding gold to your investment portfolio, we hope this article has been helpful in guiding you through the process of making an informed decision and learning how to invest today in the gold market so that you can reap the benefits for as long as possible.


Is there a right time to invest in gold?

According to experts, there is no "right time" to invest in gold, as no one can predict the market. However, you should review the characteristics listed in the preceding article to guarantee you are investing wisely.

Is gold worth investing in?

Yes, you can expect astonishing gains due to gold's rarity and rising prices. Gold funds have returned an average of 26.84 % in the last year, and have topped the return charts with 11 % gains.

Is gold ever going to lose its value?

Gold has been around for centuries and has never lost its worth; in fact, its value has only increased over time. Although the price of gold fluctuates it has always held its value in the long run.

Why should I put money into gold when there are so many other options?

Gold is one of the oldest forms of investment, and it has never lost its worth in the market. This post is totally dedicated to why you should invest in gold, and we recommend that you read it for a better understanding.

Which is preferable: 22k or 18k gold?

Because 22k is 92 percent gold and it's durable, it has a wider market variety than 18K.

Which form of gold has the highest resale value?

24K gold is the highest quality and purest form of gold, and it commands the highest prices.