Gujarat to have common rules of construction


The Government in Gujarat has already stated that the common GDCR (General Development Control Regulations) will apply for all construction initiatives in the entire State from the 31st of March, 2018. This decision was made on the 30th of March, 2018. The Chief Minister of Gujarat, Vijay Rupani, has reportedly stated that the new rules and regulations will be playing a vital role in the elimination of all discrepancies and bring about higher transparency along with boosting overall ease of doing business.

These new regulations will apply for all the 162 municipalities, 8 municipal corporations and areas which are governed by the 23 Urban Development Authorities in Gujarat. Until now, each local body/city had a separate GDCR. There will now be common construction rules. With the new regulations, heights will be permitted up to 11 metres for homes located in Kutch which is prone to earthquakes. The previous rules permitted 10 metres.

To enable stack parking, GDCR enables the raising of the parking floor height to 4.5 metres from the current 2.8 metres. In case of stack parking, cars are usually parked above each other. For bypassing traffic congestion on major roads located near important commercial and business complexes and shopping malls, using a basement for unloading and loading of products will be permissible as per the GDCR.

In case of new homes which are built on plots which are sized lower than 25 square metres, there will be a waiver of leaving margin spaces all around the plots. These constructions will have to ensure a margin space left on the common road’s side. For saving more water, the new regulations make it compulsory for double flush toilet systems to be installed in place of the conventional single flush mechanism. The double flush method comes with two varying handles/buttons which lead to the release of varying amounts of water.