Sobha Community Home Project Offers Free Housing to Women in Need

The Sri Kurumba Educational and Charitable Trust, established in 1994 by PNC Menon and Sobha Menon, has taken an important step towards addressing the issue of inadequate housing for underprivileged families in India. Sobha Community Home Project “Griha Sobha 2024” aims to provide secure and safe housing, completely free of charge, to 220 women-led underprivileged families in the Palakkad district.

Celebration of Griha Sobha 2024

In a recent inauguration event, the Sri Kurumba Educational and Charitable Trust celebrated the Griha Sobha 2024 initiative. The keys were handed over to the first set of 100 homes, with no cost to the beneficiaries. Additionally, the foundation stone was laid for another 120 homes, as part of the promised 1000 homes for women from resource-limited families. Notably, 13 landless families have been provided with 5 cents of land each upon which their homes will be constructed. The ceremony featured esteemed dignitaries, including Sobha Menon, Trustee of Sri Kurumba Educational and Charitable Trust, and Ravi Menon, Chairman of Sobha Limited. State Ministers, MLAs, MPs, leaders from different political parties, and various eminent dignitaries also graced the occasion.

Showcasing Sobha CSR’s Commitment to Social Development

The event served as a platform to highlight Sobha CSR’s commitment to holistic social development and mark the launch of the Sobha CSR website. The website showcases the organization’s numerous projects and initiatives, demonstrating its dedication towards making a meaningful and sustainable impact on the lives of the economically weaker sections of society.

Transforming Lives Through Holistic Social Development

PNC Menon, Founder of the SOBHA Group and the driving force behind Sri Kurumba Educational and Charitable Trust, emphasized the importance of housing security and its impact on transforming lives. He stated that a home is not just a shelter but also a foundation for a better life. The Sri Kurumba Educational and Charitable Trust is committed to addressing the basic needs of individuals with the belief that this will create a positive ripple effect that benefits families, communities, and society as a whole. Through its Trust initiatives, Sobha Limited continues to make a significant contribution to the lives of the economically weaker sections. The company’s commitment to giving back to society remains unwavering, showing its dedication to sustainable and impactful social development.

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