YEIDA E-Auction Generates Excess Revenue, Fuels Employment Growth

 The Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority (YEIDA) has set yet another milestone by garnering over Rs 37 crore through the successful e-auction of eight institutional plots. This significant achievement not only demonstrates the strong investor confidence in YEIDA but also provides a catalyst for economic growth in the region.

Energizing Investments in India’s Key Investment Destination

YEIDA, known as one of the key investment destinations in India, has been witnessing a surge in development activities. With major projects like Jewar Airport and Film City on the horizon, the demand for institutional plots in the area has skyrocketed. The recent e-auction of plots underscores the ever-increasing interest of private firms and entrepreneurs in establishing their presence in this thriving region.

Transparency Key to Successful E-Auction

The e-auction process, supervised by CEO Arunveer Singh, adhered to the highest standards of transparency. From the moment the scheme was announced back in December 2023 until its culmination in March 2024, the entire process was characterized by efficiency and fairness. This transparent approach not only instilled trust among bidders but also ensured that the Authority garnered an impressive Rs 5.65 crore more than the bid size.

Significant Bids for Various Plot Categories

Under the scheme, YEIDA received over 14 applications for plots designated for six nursing homes, 14 for one corporate office plot, and one for a senior secondary school plot. The bidding process resulted in the successful allocation of these plots to deserving parties, promising exciting developments in the realms of healthcare, education, and corporate infrastructure.

Promising Investments & Job Creation

The highest bidder, M/s Subhash Infraengineers Pvt. Ltd., secured the senior secondary school plot spanning an area of 10,115 square meters. The investment promised by them, estimated at Rs 19.13 crore, is expected to create employment opportunities for approximately 30 individuals. Other successful bidders include M/s Flux Capital Pvt. Ltd. for the corporate office plot and several prominent entities in the healthcare sector. With bids exceeding the initial bid price for all six nursing home plots, YEIDA is set to usher in investments worth Rs 52.03 crore. The establishment of these nursing homes is projected to generate job opportunities for about 450 people. The bids not only reflect the strong commitment of these investors but also paint a promising picture for the economic growth of the region. With a final bid amount of more than Rs 9.48 crore for the corporate office plot, YEIDA can expect an investment of Rs 14.69 crore, thereby creating 120 jobs in the area.

Bolstering YEIDA’s Growth Trajectory

The successful e-auction and sizable investments in institutional plots have injected renewed vigor into the growth trajectory of YEIDA. As more private firms and entrepreneurs show interest in operating from this region, YEIDA solidifies its position as a prime investment destination.


YEIDA’s recent achievement in raising over Rs 37 crore through the e-auction of institutional plots is not merely a financial triumph but also an affirmation of investor confidence. With major projects like Jewar Airport and Film City in the pipeline, the demand for plots has soared, resulting in increased employment opportunities and stronger economic growth. YEIDA’s transparent and efficient e-auction process has pushed the boundaries of success, securing a promising future for the region.

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