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Real estate is a sector of oscillations. Over the years, this sector has witnessed several developmental changes in words of laws, land criteria, customer satisfaction, and many more. However, during the COVID pandemic, the real estate industry revolutionised again. This time big real estate developers like CREDAI (Confederation of Real Estate Developers’ Associations of India) have chosen a metaverse service for real estate. This accelerated adoption has changed real estate companies into metaverse development companies. 

Recently, real estate developers of Ahmedabad have started using metaverse technology with full effect, transforming their buyers’ experience and boosting conversion proportions. According to the Gujarat Institute of Housing and Estate Developers (GIHED), the giant players in the real estate industry have started using the latest technologies to offer their probable buyers an enhanced vision of their options. 

After the pandemic, technology has become a vital part of our lives, and we can do anything with just one click. Then why not virtualise the property we want to buy? Well, this question has taken us into a world of virtual reality images. 

Developers don’t have to finish any sample houses; they can directly plug you into their Metaverse. But what is metaverse in the real estate world?

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It simply means that customers don’t have to be stressed or feel anxious about going and visiting each property before buying them. They can dive into the metaverse version of the property and see the entire property with intricate details before reaching any conclusion. This feature helps them explore the numerous property options by sitting only in one place. The customers will also have the choice to change the flooring, colour, wall decor and other details in the metaverse service for real estate. 

Read the below-given statements by famous real estate leaders and understand the metaverse plan in Ahmedabad.

President of CREDAI, Tejas Joshi, said, Around 30% of realtors have started using advanced technologies as sales tools. These technologies have boosted the conversion rate from the starting point without building any samples yet.

Deep Vadodariya, director of another real estate firm, stated, that the goal of the Metaverse is to elevate the customers’ experience. He also said that new experiences leave a lasting impact on buyers. They are also providing customers with options to customise their floorings and colours. Lastly, he stated that this real estate metaverse is helping them in providing a hyperreal experience to customers.

Kamal Singh, MD of one of the largest realtors, stated that they would empower customers and offer them complete information regarding the project in real-time. It seemed impossible once, but now, we are piloting the metaverse platform in new projects in Bangalore. He further added that they would extend the project further. 

Pratik Jain, the director of a firm active in the blockchain and Metaverse, said, The 3D walkthroughs were here a long time ago, but now Metaverse has taken over the marketing approach from the developer’s end. He added further that this up-gradation in technologies would help developers showcase their projects with full potential to their possible customers at their homes. 

Arushi Jain Fiercely creative and insanely productive, Arushi Jain is a content writer at Square Yards. Writing since she was fourteen, she aims to publish a novel someday. When not writing, she’s scrolling her Instagram feed or crossing items off her food bucket list.
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