Boom In 2024: 84% Rise In Construction and Real Estate Jobs Surge in India


The Indian construction and real estate sector is experiencing a red-hot job market, with a staggering 86% increase in job postings between March 2023 and 2024, according to a report by Indeed. This surge in hiring demand is mirrored by a 57% rise in job seeker interest, indicating a robust market for skilled professionals and semi-skilled labour.

“The construction industry continues to be a key driver of economic growth, presenting immense opportunities for skilled professionals to provide semi-skilled labour,” said Sashi Kumar, Head (Sales) at Indeed India. “The substantial uptick in hiring signals promising prospects for job seekers and employers alike, while the significant rise in job seeker interest also reflects robust momentum in the industry.”

Major metropolitan cities are leading the construction hiring spree. Delhi (5.05%), Bengaluru (4.68%), and Mumbai (4.13%) account for the highest share of job postings. This trend can be attributed to a strong business environment, such as an increased demand for warehousing, industrial spaces, and commercial housing.  

However, the boom extends beyond metros. The report also highlights a growing interest in job opportunities within the construction and real estate sectors in smaller cities like Ernakulum, Kochi, Lucknow, and Calicut. This trend could be driven by lower living costs or the availability of local opportunities that allow job seekers to work closer to home.

The report finds that engineers (both civil and structural), project leads and supervisors, and architects are in the highest demand regarding specific job roles. This aligns with the increasing complexity and technical nature of modern construction projects, which necessitates a skilled workforce.

This significant growth in the construction and real estate sectors presents exciting prospects for the future. With a growing demand for skilled professionals and a corresponding increase in job creation, the industry is poised to play a vital role in driving India’s economic growth in the coming years. However, industry experts warn of a potential skill gap, highlighting the need for increased investment in training programs to ensure a ready pool of qualified workers to meet the ever-growing demand.

Kirti Bansal From psychology to philosophy and sales to content, Kirti has explored the complexity of emotional needs in depth. Over the past 3 years, she has covered different genres of writing and now shares her insights on interior designing, architecture, and real estate. But apart from the critical side, she is an inquisitive individual who is eager to dip her toes into new things.
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