Ahmedabad Initiative Cools Homes and Lives with Reflective Roof Paint


In Ahmedabad, India, where summer temperatures can reach a scorching 49°C, Mahila Housing Trust is making a big difference. The NGO is applying solar reflective paint to the roofs of homes in low-income neighbourhoods, significantly lowering indoor temperatures and improving lives.


Since 2017, the project has covered over 20,000 houses, providing relief to more than 100,000 people by making their homes cooler by about 5°C. This clever solution involves coating roofs with a special paint that reflects sunlight, reducing the heat buildings absorb.


Bijal Brahmabhatt, director of Mahila Housing Trust, highlights the project’s impact. “In our areas, the built environment makes it feel even hotter. We target the most sun-exposed element – the roof. This cost-effective paint makes homes cooler and safer,” she explained.

The project is especially crucial for vulnerable groups like women, who are often disproportionately affected by heat waves that can hurt their ability to earn a living. Kajal Salat, a 23-year-old seamstress from Ahmedabad, shared her experience. “The heat made working very difficult before the paint. Now, I can work any time, which means more income,” she said.


The initiative is gaining recognition not just for its immediate benefits but also as a sustainable model for similar climates globally. It’s a proactive approach to combating climate change’s negative effects, particularly in vulnerable regions.

The reflective paint project’s success complements the Gujarat government’s 2013 heat action plan, which protects at-risk populations with early warning systems and awareness programs.

Kirti Bansal From psychology to philosophy and sales to content, Kirti has explored the complexity of emotional needs in depth. Over the past 3 years, she has covered different genres of writing and now shares her insights on interior designing, architecture, and real estate. But apart from the critical side, she is an inquisitive individual who is eager to dip her toes into new things.
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