Bangalore Ties Up with Google for Traffic Management


Bangalore has become the first city to incorporate Google’s Street View feature to tackle the rising menace of intercity traffic. 

A great initiative came into effect with the introduction of a much-needed collaboration. Technology and Artificial Intelligence have come into the picture for the rescue. Google has made a pact with the Bangalore traffic control authorities with a solution based on the Google Street View feature. Bangalore thus becomes the first ever Indian city to incorporate Google’s services for tackling the traffic situation. The news came to light from a social media post by Bengaluru’s new Police commissioner, Pratap Reddy. This pilot project came to curb the traffic woes by incorporating AI-driven technology, which can manipulate traffic light configuration and thereby reduce wait time for commuters at junctions.

Bangalore has always been the city known for its traffic woes. As per the data, it was noted that vehicles moved at an average speed of 9.7 kms an hour. And at work commute hours, the speed was reduced to a sluggish 4.5 kms per hour. The wait time at each junction was also tracked to be about 5 minutes. Here is another perspective. A commuter’s average time on the Bangalore city roads is computed to be around 240 hours a year. Worse, the city is losing INR 650 crores due to traffic congestion and delays. 

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This is a grave issue that immediately needs attention. The government has sanctioned several elevated roadways and corridors, which just succumbs to traffic within a few years. Various professors believe the main cause is the rapid development constructed without much planning and vision.  

Police Commissioner Pratap Reddy added to this by saying that he received data compiled by Google. In this data, they found that after the introduction of the Google Maps Street View feature in the traffic management tool, there has already been a 20 percent reduction in halt-time for the ongoing passenger traffic. Furthermore, this will help individuals save fuel, making a significant difference in the bigger picture. 

Another aspect of how to google street view helps the case is by integrating speed limit alerts in the google Maps application for individuals, which can contribute to speeding control for the traffic authorities. Consequently, high level officers are optimistic in terms of administering traffic signals, thereby locating the troubled spots in real time and decongesting the streets. 

Google has recently partnered with Indian giants Tech Mahindra and Genesys to engulf Google Street view in 10 major cities. There have been plans to expand the territory to 50 cities by the end of 2022. 

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