BMRCL Awards Crucial Bangalore Metro Contract

In a move aimed at reinforcing Bangalore’s metro network, the Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Ltd. (BMRCL) has recently awarded a pivotal contract worth Rs.299 million. This significant contract has been given to Vossloh Cogifer Turnouts India Pvt. Ltd., and it pertains to the supply of turnouts for Phase 2A and Phase 2B of the Bangalore Metro Rail Project. The allocation of this contract exhibits the commitment of BMRCL towards further developing and expanding the city’s metro infrastructure.

Fostering Metro Expansion Plans

Under the tender number BMRCL/Phase-2A & 2B/Turnouts/2023/101, Vossloh Cogifer Turnouts India Pvt. Ltd. will be responsible for all aspects of the turnout procurement process. The comprehensive scope of this contract encompasses everything from designing and manufacturing to supplying the standard Gauge UIC 60 Turnouts required for the designated phases of the metro project. This development signifies the determination of BMRCL to ensure the timely execution and completion of the upcoming metro lines, marking a crucial milestone in Bangalore’s metro expansion plans.

A Swift Adjudication of the Procurement Process

The procurement process commenced when BMRCL invited bids in December 2023. Following a systematic evaluation, the contract valued at Rs.299 million was finalized and assigned to Vossloh Cogifer Turnouts India Pvt. Ltd. Within just 24 months, or two years, the turnouts are expected to be manufactured, supplied, and integrated into the ongoing phases of the metro project. With an estimated project cost of Rs.374 million, the swift adjudication of this crucial contract showcases that the Bangalore Metro Rail Project continues to advance towards its objectives, adhering to the predefined timelines.

Metro Project Phases: Enhancing Connectivity and Addressing Traffic Congestion

Phase 2A of the Bangalore Metro project aims to establish a connection between KR Puram and the Central Silkboard, running along the Outer Ring Road. This phase, which aims to alleviate traffic congestion and enhance connectivity across the city, had its construction contracts awarded in May 2021. With a targeted completion date set for June 2025, the allocation of contracts such as the one to Vossloh Cogifer Turnouts India Pvt. Ltd. represents a significant stride towards realizing this metro expansion target. Phase 2B of the metro project is focused on the critical airport-link section that would connect Bengaluru city to the Kempegowda International Airport located in Devanahalli. The construction contracts for this phase were awarded in November 2021, and the completion is targeted for 2024. By allocating contracts for essential components such as turnouts, BMRCL reinforces its commitment to enhancing the city’s transportation infrastructure, making it more convenient and accessible for people to travel to key destinations.

Towards A More Connected and Accessible Bangalore

As Bangalore’s metro network continues to expand and evolve, the allocation of contracts like the one to Vossloh Cogifer Turnouts India Pvt. Ltd. underlines the collective efforts to boost urban mobility and cater to the growing transportation needs of the city’s residents and commuters. With achieved milestones and set targets, the collaborative endeavors between BMRCL and its partners pave the way for a more connected and accessible Bangalore in the foreseeable future. The efficient execution of metro construction and integration remains a prime focus as the city progresses toward a better connected and prosperous future.

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