Delhi’s Outer Ring Road Revamp: Bold, Nighttime Repairs Set to Transform Commuter Experience

The State’s Public Works Department (PWD) in Delhi is set to embark on a significant project to repair and recarpet a stretch of the Outer Ring Road in south Delhi. The project, which will span from Modi to Chirag Delhi, is slated to commence in April 2024, with an estimated cost of Rs 150 million.

Bidding Process Initiated for Tender

In a step towards progress, the PWD initiated the tender bidding process for the project on 15th March. The department expects to conclude the tendering process by 1st April. With the tenders finalized, the project is expected to take around four months to complete.

Night-Time Work to Minimize Disruptions

Public officials responsible for the project emphasized the significance of Outer Ring Road as a crucial arterial route for the city. To minimize disruptions to traffic flow, the recarpeting work will be conducted in phases during off-peak hours and at night. This approach aims to ensure smooth traffic movement while undertaking the necessary repairs.

The Extent of the Project

The recarpeting project involves scraping off the existing bituminous layer and revamping the entire stretch, including the service lanes on both sides. Additionally, the project will integrate new layers of glowing studs and horticulture work. The Outer Ring Road is a six-lane major thoroughfare spanning 47km around the city, with three lanes in each direction. Several segments of this road are designated as National Highways. The initial phase of the project will focus on the corridor from Modi Mill to Chirag Delhi, covering an approximate distance of four kilometers.

Future Plans

Once the recarpeting phase of the initial stretch is complete, the PWD’s attention will then shift to recarpeting the section from Chirag Delhi to the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi, which covers an approximate distance of five kilometers. This ensures that the road improvements reach as wide an area as possible, benefiting more commuters and enhancing road infrastructure.

Minimizing Disruptions and Ensuring Quality

Last month, PWD minister Atishi approved the project, emphasizing the need for upgrading the roads due to their gradual deterioration over time. Atishi assured commuters that the construction process would cause minimal disruption and inconvenience, highlighting the department’s commitment to the success of the project. By conducting the work during off-peak hours and at night, the PWD aims to minimize traffic congestion and complete the project efficiently without compromising on the quality of the road. This recarpeting project on the Outer Ring Road is a much-needed step towards improving Delhi’s infrastructure. With careful execution, it will enhance the connectivity and convenience for commuters while maintaining traffic flow. The completion of this project will not only ensure a smoother drive experience but also signifies the government’s commitment to continuously improving the city’s infrastructure for its residents.

Sumit Mondal Content Analyst at Square Yards
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