A Night Market for Your Midnight Sprees


Do you ever get the midnight cravings to have a chilled glass of desi lassi or a paan? What if we told you that you could now? PM Narendra Modi inaugurated the first night bazaar in Varanasi underneath the Lahartara-Chowkaghat flyover on July 7. It will display Varanasi’s pure culture and raw art to a large extent. 

The night bazaar in Varanasi is a 1.9 kilometre stretch under the overpass that is made enchantingly breathtaking as a part of the Varanasi Smart City project. The flyover which goes from Lahartara to Chaukaghat goes from important city landmarks like Cantt Station of Varanasi and Interstate Bus Station. 

The whole budget for developing this masterpiece was roughly Rs 10 crore.

Now, with all the paintings on the pillars, and murals on the walls of the flyover, the tourists, devotees and locals will be soaking in the great vibe of the city, and the introduction of a market in the moonlight will just add another feather to the cultural crown of this city.

Facilities at the Varanasi’s Night Market

Thematic art on the walls reflecting Varanasi’s art, religion, and culture has been installed along the whole stretch to beautify it. Also, amenities like restrooms, drinking fountains, benches, trash cans, information kiosks, etc., have been put in place for the convenience of the general public. 

The ease of commuting and traffic is also kept in mind. To provide flawless management and operation of traffic, provisions have also been made for a zebra crossing, traffic signs, provided U-turn on both sides, crossing of pedestrians and auto-rickshaw, e-rickshaw and bays providing parking etc. 

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Things to be Excited About

The government has done its best to keep everything at people’s ease; this night market will have everything, from cultural reminiscence to food delights. One can expect the following attractions at the night bazaar in Varanasi.

  • Artefact shops, Horticulture, Public Plaza, cafes, and kiosks/vending zones have been created for sustainability, employment opportunities, and tourists.
  • A walking trail has been developed for tourists or visitors who would love to explore the whole market on foot.
  • One can beat the heat and the midnight cravings with many options in classical sweets and traditional drinks like lassi, thandaai, etc. 
  • A dedicated point to take selfies with the slogan ‘I ♥ VARANASI’ has been prepared for all the selfie enthusiasts.
  • Numerous amenities are set up for the benefit of the public, including drinking water, public restrooms, trash cans, benches, and information kiosks.

The installation of all these amenities will help create jobs, support sustainable development initiatives, and improve the comfort of visitors and devotees. People in Varanasi will be treated to some nighttime pleasures starting tomorrow!

Mansi Saini Mansi is someone who believes to look at the positives than the negatives (thanks to her habit of reading), someone who concentrates on filling the gaps. A sarcastic human with a tinge of generousity and kindness; who laughs and talks a lot; someone who works like a crook (to get THINGS done). Her creativity flows through her blogs, interiors, creative writing, love sonnets, and entertainment is where she screams the most.
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