GPL Expands Presence in Thriving Hyderabad

Godrej Properties Limited (GPL), one of India’s leading real estate developers, has recently made an exciting announcement regarding its latest acquisition. The company has acquired approximately 3 acres of land in Kokapet, a strategic and high-potential area near the Outer Ring Road junction close to Golden Mile Road in Hyderabad. Expanding Presence in Hyderabad This latest land acquisition marks Godrej Properties’ second one in Hyderabad, further solidifying its presence in one of the largest and fastest-growing residential real estate markets in the country. With this new addition, the overall booking value potential added by GPL in Hyderabad reaches an impressive INR 4,800 crore.

Potential for Development

The land in Kokapet has an estimated potential of around 1.2 million square feet of saleable area. This area will primarily feature premium residential apartments of various configurations, with an estimated booking value of INR 1,300 crore. Godrej Properties aims to create an outstanding residential community, focusing on delivering high-quality living spaces to its future residents.

Strategic Location and Infrastructure

Kokapet is a rapidly developing real estate market in Hyderabad, both in terms of commercial and residential properties. The area boasts a well-developed social and civic infrastructure, with a range of amenities in close proximity. Residents will have easy access to multiple schools, hospitals, retail establishments, as well as residential and commercial spaces. Moreover, the location’s strategic positioning near the Outer Ring Road junction and close to Golden Mile Road ensures excellent connectivity to the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport and all major social and commercial areas in the city. This exceptional connectivity further enhances the appeal of the upcoming residential project for potential homebuyers.

“We are pleased to add another project in Hyderabad, which is amongst the largest and fastest growing residential real estate markets in the country. It aligns well with our expansion strategy and will further solidify our position as a leading national real estate developer. We will aim to build an outstanding residential community that creates long-term value for its residents,”* said Gaurav Pandey, Managing Director, and CEO of Godrej Properties.

With strategic acquisitions like the one in Kokapet, Godrej Properties continues to manifest its commitment to developing high-quality residential projects across India’s leading real estate markets. The acquisition showcases the company’s future-focused approach and its aim to create long-lasting value for its residents. Investing in a Godrej Properties project guarantees not only elegant and modern homes but also a lifestyle centered around comfort and convenience. As Godrej Properties expands its footprint in Hyderabad, homebuyers can expect remarkable residential communities that cater to their specific needs and elevate their living experiences.

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