Gurugram and Faridabad Transport: CEO Urges Strategic Expansion Plan Until 2031.

Gurugram Metropolitan Development Authority (GMDA) CEO A. Sreenivas has called for a plan to address the deficiencies in transport infrastructure in Gurugram and Faridabad. Recognizing the urgent need for buses and related facilities, Sreenivas instructed authority officials to create a comprehensive plan aimed at enhancing bus services in both cities.

Expanding Bus Services and Optimizing Usage

During a meeting with both GMDA and Faridabad Metropolitan Development Authority (FMDA) officials, Sreenivas emphasized the importance of overhauling the transportation system to meet the evolving development dynamics of both cities. The arrival of new buses in October presents a significant opportunity, and Sreenivas emphasized the need to optimize their usage to improve transportation facilities. According to GMBCL officials, Gurugram currently operates 150 buses, with 50 providing city bus services in Faridabad. As part of their ongoing plans for improvement, they anticipate receiving 100 e-buses from the central government in October. However, the officials also highlighted a pressing need for 1025 buses by 2031 under the mobility plan, with Faridabad requiring 595 of these buses.

A Strategic Expansion Plan for the Future

To bridge the transport infrastructure gap, Sreenivas suggested formulating a strategic expansion plan until 2031 for both GMDA and FMDA. Recognizing that addressing the existing gap would require a phased approach, Sreenivas recommended conducting a comprehensive study to determine the future operational structure required for these cities. In addition, Sreenivas advocated for conducting a comparative analysis of public transport services in Gurugram and Faridabad in relation to other top-tier one and two cities. This analysis will help identify best practices and benchmarks that can guide the improvement of transport services in both cities.

Improving Transportation for a Better Future

The call from Gurugram CEO A. Sreenivas to enhance bus services and address deficiencies in transport infrastructure signals a commitment to making significant improvements in the transportation sector. By urging the formulation of a comprehensive plan, Sreenivas aims to optimize the usage of new buses arriving in October and address the increasing demand for efficient and seamless transportation in both Gurugram and Faridabad. It is evident that the GMDA and FMDA recognize the importance of a revamped transportation system to support the growth and development of these rapidly evolving cities. By conducting a study on operational structure and comparing the existing transport services with other top-tier cities, authorities can ensure that the strategies implemented are sustainable and aligned with the best industry practices. The progress made in enhancing bus services in Gurugram and Faridabad can have a positive impact on the overall mobility and quality of life for residents, as well as attracting businesses and promoting economic growth in the region. The efforts to improve transport infrastructure are vital steps towards creating more sustainable, efficient, and convenient transportation systems in these cities.

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