India’s Largest Co-Living Space Launches Unique Female-Only Property to Empower Women

Zolostays, India’s largest co-living space company, backed by prominent investors such as Investcorp, Nexus Ventures Partners, IDFC Alternatives, Trifecta Capital, and Mirae Assets, has recently unveiled a unique offering – a female-only co-living property. In line with the theme of International Women’s Day 2021, which emphasizes “Investing in Women to Accelerate Progress,” Zolo Diya in Mathikere, Bengaluru showcases the company’s commitment to empowering women through secure and inclusive living spaces.

Creating a Safe and Empowering Environment

Zolo Diya sets itself apart as a symbol of empowerment in a world where safety, comfort, and community are of utmost importance. Carefully curated amenities and a dedicated female staff ensure that every element of the living space is designed to foster a supportive environment that enables women to thrive and grow. From the thoughtful layout to the well-appointed facilities, Zolo Diya aims to provide a secure and nurturing space for women to live, work, and connect. It goes way beyond merely offering accommodation; Zolo Diya endeavors to create a lifestyle tailored to the modern woman.

Widespread Support for Empowerment

Sneha Choudhry, Co-Founder of Zolostays and a leading force behind Zolo Diya, remarked, “Zolo Diya stands as a testament to our belief in empowering women to fearlessly pursue their dreams and aspirations. We reaffirmour commitment to promoting inclusivity, celebrating diversity, and championing empowerment in every aspect of co-living. The launch of Zolo Diya signifies not only a significant milestone for our organization, but also a catalyst for transformative change in the way we envision communal living for women.”

Inspiring Real-Life Experiences for Women

To mark the official launch of Zolo Diya, a special event was conducted with the presence of 40 women in Bangalore. The occasion featured speeches by Sneha Choudhry and accomplished women like Anitha Sathish, COO of GUVI, and Megha Mittal, Co-founder of Yellow Chimes. These influential women shared their illustrious journeys, inspiring the attendees and further empowering them with their real-life experiences. This eventted Zolo Diyaisintended documented the unwavering commitment of all individuals involved in garners widespread support for empowerment and highlights the significance of providing women with a secure and comfortable living experience that facilitates growth and personalized connections.

Revolutionizing Communal Living for Women

The launch of Zolo Diya represents a notable leap forward in residential offerings for women. By combining safety, inclusivity, and community building in this co-living property, Zolostays envisions a future where women are not only provided with comfortable accommodation but an entire ecosystem that supports personal and professional growth. As a leading player in the co-living market, Zolo DiyaaccentuatesZolostays’ mission to revolutionize the way women experience shared living spaces. With its emphasis on sustainability, security, and empowerment, Zolo Diya opens up new possibilities and blazes a trail for more such initiatives aimed at enhancing the overall living experience for women in India.

Sumit Mondal Content Analyst at Square Yards
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