Know about Goa’s Upcoming Mopa International Airport

With the already existing Dabolim international airport, Goa is set to launch its second international airport in the city, i.e. Mopa airport. The Mopa airport master plan is designed to enhance connectivity in the city. 

This airport is a success on its way to many. From easy travel, trade, and tourism to increased revenues, employment, and economic growth, this airport is luck on its way to many. It will soon be accessible, and flights are supposed to land at the Greenfield international airport, Mopa, by September 1st 2022, said Pramod Sawant, Chief Minister of Goa. 

Soon, Goa will be operating two international airports serving tourists worldwide. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is reportedly anticipated to inaugurate the Mopa airport on the 76th Independence Day, i.e., August 15th, 2022. 

Sawant further stated that the first phase of the upcoming Mopa airport would be commissioned between 15th and 31st August. The South Goa-based Dabolim airport is the only airport in Goa that functions as a military airbase civil enclave. Soon, by September 1st, the Goa Mopa airport design will be enhancing the city’s connectivity. 

The Mopa airport Goa location was purposely chosen to aid the civilian traffic of the state. Due to being the only airport facility at this posh tourist hub, the Dabolim airport usually faces congestion owing to both civilian and military issues being conducted on a single runway. 

The airport is located at the strategic Mopa airport location. The design of this airport is built under the BOT (Build, Operate, and Transfer) model. Following this model, Mopa airport will be operated by GMR Goa International Airport Limited (GGIAL), a subsidiary of GMR Airports Limited (GAL), for 40 years with a conditional extension of 20 years as per the board lease agreement. 

It is to be said, the airport doesn’t just improve connectivity but also provides employment. Therefore, the airport looks after employing the trained manpower of the GGIAL( GMR Goa International Airport) under the agreement with the state government. Apart from the current workforce, Mopa will be recruiting 1,000 more manpower in the coming six years. The GGIAL has launched 20 aviation sector courses associated with the NSDC (National Skill Development Center), added Pramod Sawant. 

The Mopa airport master plan will enhance the tourism of Goa whilst setting the real estate market on a boom. Consequently, the price of plots near Mopa airport in Goa will drastically increase along with the number of tourists paying a visit to the state laden with tranquil beaches. 

Although it is located in North Goa, the second international airport in the state, it will still enhance the property valuation. Also, reasons for the benefits of this airport include more development in North Goa, tourist attractions, and recreational options than in South Goa.

As stated, Mopa airport is a welcoming addition to Goa’s tourism, reducing air traffic from Dabolim airport and catering to the civilian traffic at full capacity. Mopa airport is seeking increment in the number of visitors. It goes hand-in-hand with the state’s tourism development, from ecotourism in the forest to helping beach tourism.

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