Life par-excellence at Square Yards Dubai

Life par-excellence at Square Yards Dubai

Square Yards – the fastest-growing Real Estate aggregator head-quartered in India – gave me an opportunity of a lifetime by offering me a Sales job at their Dubai branch. With this piece of write-up, I wish to cover major points people generally worry about when moving to a new country or for a job:

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Square Yards Dubai Work-life Balance

As a Sales professional, I sure have packed days with back-to-back client meetings sometimes but the management ensures a fair work-life balance for each of us employees. I get to focus on my hobbies and spend quality time with my family after work. This is undoubtedly the best part of working with Square Yards Dubai.

Square Yards Dubai Pay & Benefits

We all work for money as it gives us security. The Pay & Benefits structure at Square Yards is unmatched. Their incentive structure ensures all efforts are rewarded to you. For instance, a lot of us Sales people get multiple-times our salary in the form of incentives every month for closing deals. I don’t know if it can get any better than this.

Square Yards Dubai Job Security & Career Growth

Both the managers as well as teammates help each other learn and grow. It’s not that a potential customer’s phone call gets a lifetime at Square Yards Dubai, there’s a lot to it. We work as a family, which implies job security even in tough times. Everyone learns and grows and helps others in achieving the same, thus ensuring career growth.

Square Yards Dubai Office Management

So far, I have a career spanning 10 years across 3 companies and I have never come across an office management as good as Square Yards Dubai. They make sure employees feel at ease when they come in to work. The office management extends help wherever possible and I don’t remember even a single day I have felt disappointed at the way they handled things.

Square Yards Reviews Dubai Work Culture

There’s no dull day when you are working at Square Yards Dubai. Every day brings in a lot of fun learning and enjoyment for all of us. As a close-knit family, we help each other grow professionally and even enjoy everyone’s personal achievements with pomp. Work hard, party harder is something we live by.

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