Square Yards Doha – A Life-Altering Work Opportunity

Square Yards Doha

Square Yards Doha offered me a work opportunity and I said “Yes.” As I was joining a new organisation and relocating to a different country, I won’t lie by saying that there were absolutely no apprehensions on my mind before joining. Well! I thought to take that in my stride as and when it comes. To my surprise, everything went smooth as silk and this opportunity turned out to be one of the most cherished decisions of all till now.

Here’s how…

Square Yards Doha Reviews

Accomplish More Together – Career Growth & Job Security at Square Yards Doha

There are few organisations that are concerned with their employees’ individual growth as they care about theirs. My managers and team mates have been extremely accommodating and helped me adjust to the new environment in a completely unknown place. The leaders are grounded and offer multiple learning opportunities to help you grow, which ensures career growth & job security both. While working at Square Yards Doha Qatar, there have been various instances when I was shown how my work contribution makes a difference in their big picture.

Good Work Gets Bounties – Pay & Benefits at Square Yards Doha

Money is undeniably one of the major motivations to work and Square Yards understands this completely. They offer an excellent salary and incentive structure where everyone is rewarded. There are several instances where a handsome incentive amount is credited in our accounts over and above our salaries on making a deal. Your good work just never goes unnoticed here.

Work-Life Balance at Square Yards Doha

I clocked into a job where my leader is considerate about my time offs. Being a sales professional, I have to be on my toes and ready to go for client meetings several times in a day, which is actually a part and parcel of sales job. But when I am off work, my personal life is respected. I have time to pursue my hobbies, go out with my family on weekdays too. I get a fair share of work-life balance at Square Yards Doha.

Progressive Work Culture at Square Yards Doha

There are various factors that lead to job satisfaction and having a team that’s got your back is truly a blessing. We help each other navigate through challenging opportunities here. The competition doesn’t stop us from celebrating others’ success as if it were our own. We create moments and celebrate together. My fellow workers are now a part of my family that’s the kind of culture and core values you imbibe here.

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