Maestro Realtek Partners with Vascon: Transforming Real Estate in Pune and Talegaon.

 Indian real estate giant Maestro Realtek has announced a strategic partnership with renowned brand Vascon for two upcoming projects in Pune. With a combined project revenue of over Rs. 290 Crores and a total saleable area of 4,15,780 square feet, these projects are set to make a significant impact in the real estate sector.

Residential Project in Katvi, Talegaon

Vascon’s residential project in Katvi, Talegaon, is creating a buzz in the market. Strategically located just five minutes from Talegaon railway station and near the beautiful hill station of Lonavala, this project is an enticing option for homebuyers. With a sprawling 3 Lakh square feet of space and an impressive 10-acre expanse, the project aims to fulfill the dreams of aspiring homeowners. The project boasts five acres of open space and includes five nearly completed towers. With a project revenue of Rs. 150 Crores, the residential project offers amenities such as a daycare center, cricket pitch, club house, temple, open gym, garden, relaxation enclave, and much more. The project consists of 200 units of 1 BHK and 2 BHK flats, offering a luxurious lifestyle experience to residents.

Commercial Project in Kharadi, Pune

In addition to the residential project, Vascon is also launching a commercial project in Kharadi, Pune. Situated next to the esteemed EON IT Park, this premium commercial location is set to attract businesses and investors alike. The project offers a total saleable area of 115,780 square feet, with a project revenue of approximately Rs. 140 crores. Featuring ample parking space, a premium building elevation, and world-class amenities, the commercial project in Kharadi is predicted to be a prime business investment. With its strategic connectivity within 20 minutes from Pune airport, the commercial space promises convenience and accessibility. It also includes rooftop cafeterias, high-speed elevators, and 100 percent power backup to cater to the needs of businesses.

The Vision of Maestro Realtek Founder, Nitin Gupta

 The founder and Managing Director of Maestro Realtek, Nitin Gupta, expresses his excitement about the partnership. He believes that Vascon’s projects are among the best in Pune and Talegaon, and Maestro Realtek is honored to be associated with such esteemed ventures. Speaking about the residential project, Gupta emphasizes the stunning location, abundant amenities, and spacious layouts that will provide a premium living experience for homebuyers. He also highlights the allure of the commercial space, situated in one of the finest business hubs in the city. This partnership between Maestro Realtek and Vascon exemplifies their dedication to providing exceptional real estate projects that redefine industry standards. Maestro Realtek’s expertise and strategic vision make them the go-to strategic partner in the real estate sector. With these new projects in Pune, they continue to elevate the residential and commercial sectors, ensuring enhanced lifestyles and fruitful business opportunities for investors and residents alike.

Sumit Mondal Content Analyst at Square Yards
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