Maha Metro Collaborates with PMPML, Improves Last-Mile Connectivity

 Maha Metro, the metro rail authority in Maharashtra, is launching a collaborative effort with Pune Mahanagar Parivahan Mahamandal Limited (PMPML) to enhance feeder bus services for last-mile connectivity. The aim is to improve accessibility for commuters traveling to and from additional metro stations in Pune.

Increased Footfall and the Need for Better Connectivity

The initiative comes in the wake of the successful introduction of a PMPML service from Ramwadi Metro station to Lohegaon airport on 6 March. This new service has significantly improved connectivity and reportedly led to increased footfall at the station. Following this positive outcome, Maha Metro is now committed to expanding and improving feeder services from other metro stations as well.

Reconfiguring Existing Feeder Services

Initially operated from Civil Court, Nal Stop, and Garware College stations since August 2023, PMPML’s feeder buses witnessed a decline in the number of trips and were eventually suspended due to poor response. Maha Metro plans to reconfigure these services, taking into consideration the suggestions and feedback from regular commuters.

Suggestions from Regular Commuters

Regular commuters have proposed some key suggestions to improve the feeder bus services. One suggestion includes deploying smaller buses during peak hours on nearby routes to enhance accessibility. For example, residents recommend running buses connecting areas like Karvenagar and Prabhat Road from Nal Stop station. Residents also advocate for a comprehensive study of routes within a three to four kilometers radius from the Metro stations to optimize feeder services further. By conducting this study, Maha Metro can identify the most efficient routes and cater to the needs of a wider range of commuters.

Importance of Well-Planned Routes

Commuters stress the importance of well-planned routes to generate better responses and encourage more people to use the feeder bus services. Proposals have been made to plan trips from Garware College station through Shastri Road to Dandekar Bridge and back, aiming to connect people from the Sinhagad Road area to the Metro. By strategically mapping out these routes, Maha Metro can ensure maximum coverage and convenience for commuters.

Introducing Share-an-Auto Services

In addition to enhancing feeder bus services, Maha Metro is planning to introduce share-an-auto services at Metro stations in the near future. This decision comes after discussions between autorickshaw unions and Maha Metro officials at a meeting hosted by a city-based forum focused on addressing transport issues. This initiative will provide further convenience and options for commuters, making their overall travel experience seamless.

Investing in Better Last-Mile Connectivity

The collaboration between Maha Metro and PMPML showcases a commitment to investing in and providing better last-mile connectivity for metro commuters in Pune. By expanding feeder bus services, implementing well-planned routes, and introducing share-an-auto services, Maha Metro aims to create a hassle-free and efficient commute for all passengers. As these initiatives take shape, metro usage is expected to increase, supporting sustainable urban development and reducing reliance on individual vehicles.

Sumit Mondal Content Analyst at Square Yards
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