All Property Records in Delhi Now Just a Click Away

NEW DELHI: All one needs to do now to check the status of a property registration is to visit the website of Delhi government’s revenue department. An e-search will reveal not only the status of the property, but also the documents related to it, including sale deed, mortgage and lease deed. Beginning on Tuesday, properties registered across the 21 sub-registrar offices in Delhi are being made available online.

The online system will have data for all properties that fall under the urban peripheries of the capital, including all colonies and plotted settlements to which the urban property registration system applies. While the progress in online updating among the 21 sub-registrar offices currently varies, they will eventually have real-time data and as well as information dating back to at least around two years. Many already have data from as far back as 2002, sources said.

Meant mainly to check fraudulent registration of properties as well as to prevent tampering of records by revenue field functionaries, the digitisation will also ensure quick access to information. The revenue department is now working on tendering out the process for expediting the uploading of legacy data to ensure tracking of old properties as well.

The biggest beneficiary will be the common man, who will no longer need to run to the sub-registrar office to check the registration status of a potential property purchase. “Once you have the registration number, you can check the status online,” said an official. “Even if the registration number is unavailable, a search option allows anyone access to information on registrations carried out at a particular sub-registrar office in a specific area in a particular year.”

A drop-down box on the website will show the related status of documents like sale deed, lease deed and mortgage papers. The entire documentation will not be available, but people will now be in a position to view the status of the property documents and then apply to the sub-registrar for copies.

Earlier this month, TOI had reported how records of properties on khasras in rural villages of Delhi, except in north district villages and those under consolidation or where records were mutilated, had been digitised, with digital signatures rendering these legally valid. The implementation began from Tuesday. The records of north district will also be available in digital format soon. A total of 33,458 khatas (records) in 109 rural villages have been digitised so far.

Source: ET Reality

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