RMC Buys Machines to Clean Drains


In effect to the Ranchi deputy mayor’s remark on the drain cleaning system, Ranchi Municipal Corporation has placed an order for two drain cleaning machines to keep the sewers clean. Sanjiv Vijayavargiya, the deputy mayor of Ranchi, slammed the RMC for failing in the drain cleaning exercise. He further added that he would ensure a special drive soon by the civic body. 

Read on to know further details on RMC waste management.

Ranchi to Buy Open Drain Cleaning Machines

“The sewage and drainage cleaning exercise usually gets done on or before May 15. However, the concerned officers failed to execute the exercise this year, “said Vijayavargiya. Therefore, the residents of Ranchi continue to face issues just as garbage is being dumped on the street sides, which eventually gets washed away in the drains. 

The team of Ranchi Municipal Corporation cleaned the sewage on Friday. Still, it again started overflowing just the next day after garbage was dumped on both sides of the streets, Lalpur resident Nivedita Mishra added. 

Due to this reason, RMC waste management is seen in action now, placing two heavy Supersuckers to clean the drains completely. Each machine is estimated to cost around Rs. 2 crores and will take around a month to arrive. And the project of sewage cleaning in Ranchi will take another 10 days to train the staff accordingly, said Rajnish Kumar, the city manager of Ranchi. 

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The open drain cleaning machines will be pumping out the waste from the sewage and drains, assistant municipal commissioner Kunwar Singh Pahan added. 

The suction pipes of the drainage cleaning machines can cover as far as 200–250 feet, and they’ll be able to cleanse not just the big drains but also the small sewage. These machines might resolve the issue of eliminating the piled-up garbage on the street side during the rainy season, Kunwar said.

As the machines will take around two months to arrive, the residents of Ranchi have shown concern about the other incomplete waste management work by Ranchi Municipal Corporation. The monsoon is already clogging the disposal of waste in the city. Therefore, the cleaning, which is generally set to be finished by June 10, is still looming in July. 

Seeking sewage cleaning in Ranchi, the residents expect the supersucker machines to unclog the roads soon. The machines are expected to clean the garbage from drains and roads, not just unclog the streets but also prevent several hygiene issues. 

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