Sattva Group launches luxury homes in booming Bengaluru, setting new standards

Contemporary Design and Timeless Elegance Combine to Create Iconic Landmarks for Modern Homebuyers* Bengaluru-based property development, management, and consulting company, Sattva Group, has announced the launch of its prestigious Sattva La Vita project. This collection of stylish Row Houses in Hennur Road marks a significant milestone for the company and reaffirms its position as an innovator in the luxury home segment. The project aims to provide a blend of contemporary design with timeless elegance, offering modern homebuyers an iconic living experience.

Catering to Luxurious and Independent Living

Sattva La Vita Gives Homeowners More Space and Privacy, Without Sharing Wall.  Located in North Bengaluru, Sattva La Vita offers homeowners a unique sense of luxury, along with independence and privacy. With its spacious built-up area of 3,266 sq ft, each Row House showcases four bedrooms, a gym, an entertainment and family lounge spread across three levels, all with independent walls. The project has been thoughtfully designed to meet the demanding expectations of prospective homeowners by providing tastefully-appointed homes with the best design and amenities. It emphasizes natural spaces and offers residents private gardens, a large backyard, and an open terrace, inviting a harmonious blend of indoor and outdoor living.

Strategic Location and Recreational Possibilities

Sattva La Vita enjoys the advantage of being located in a sought-after residential destination in North Bengaluru. The area offers numerous lifestyle options, including proximity to the airport, popular malls such as Bhartiya Mall of Bengaluru, entertainment destinations like Byg Brewski Brewing Company and The Leela Bhartiya City, as well as Asia’s biggest pub, Oia. Additionally, Hennur provides easy access to the rest of the city, making it a highly appealing commercial spot. Sattva La Vita’s strategic location enriches the desirability of the project, promising a convenient and vibrant lifestyle for its residents.

Commitment to Sustainable Development

In line with Sattva Group’s vision to provide dream homes that exceed every expectation, Sattva La Vita has been constructed with a strong emphasis on sustainability. Notably, the project is entirely vehicle-free, offering residents a tranquil living environment free from the noise and pollution associated with vehicular movements. Sattva La Vita is equipped with various walkways that prioritize pedestrian movement, contributing to a safer and greener living space for all. Furthermore, the project features an expansive 9,700 sq ft clubhouse that includes a swimming pool, a party hall, a gymnasium, a kids’ play area, hobby areas, and a library, ensuring residents have access to a range of recreational activities near their homes.

Final Thoughts

With the launch of Sattva La Vita in North Bengaluru’s Hennur Road, Sattva Group has established itself as a leading provider of luxury homes that meet the highest standards of design, amenities, and sustainability. The project offers residents a blend of contemporary design and timeless elegance, along with an enviable lifestyle facilitated by its strategic location and recreational possibilities nearby. As the company continues to innovate in the real estate sector, Sattva La Vita serves as a shining example of its commitment to exceeding the expectations of modern homebuyers by offering dream homes crafted with utmost care and attention to detail.

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