Lesser Known Facts about Shipping Container Homes That Will Blow Your Mind

Shipping Container Homes

Container homes are a new home concept that is gradually growing in countries that face space crunch. A container house is an effective tool for overcoming the problem of house scarcity. From luxury container house to used container house for sale, their demand is rapidly increasing as it a steel structure that transforms into a comfortable and affordable living space. The various container home designs are an innovative way of turning basic shipping containers into luxury container house. 

Container Homes India

A container house is made up of a huge container or containers that are stacked, joined and designed to make a multi-storey living space or a single floor home. A shipping container house is quite popular in many countries because of its strength and durability. The best part of living in a container house in India is that it does not affect the environment in any manner. Container homes India are yet to be seen as a potential housing structure in the country.

Shipping Container House in India

Container house India is still not very popular but is slowly gaining recognition. While shipping container house has gained huge popularity in many countries and is even counted as one of the trendiest ideas of living space. The container house design and container house plans together help to build the most comfortable and trendiest structure.  A container house in India is generally built with two standard sizes of containers– 40×8 ft and 20×8 ft. Many reasons have led to the popularity of container house:

  • Many International NGOs have taken up the idea of building container homes for homeless people as a low-cost housing option. This container house offers movability. One can move their container homes to different locations.
  • Housing storage is another major issue in the world. Container homes are a quick fix to the problem. It can be transported to the desired location like prefabricated homes.
  • These can be easily assembled and act as a quick relief for people hit by calamities.
  • The container house price costs less than regular homes.

The first container house in India was built five years ago in the city of Bengaluru. While mobile medical service, mobile classrooms and mobile office are becoming popular, the new concept of container house is yet to be adopted by the Indian masses. A well-known Indian designer, Neeraj Khandelwal has designed luxury container homes for individuals worth high-net in Gurgaon and South Delhi. People have also started making an addition to their farmhouse/holiday homes with the shipping container house in areas near farms and rural regions. The luxury container homes India will take some time to popularize in the country.

Container House Design Ideas

Let us look at the several container home designs:

  1. Elegant Modern – It is an architectural marvel with elaborate design.With floor-to-ceiling glass panel windows and straight lines, it gets an ultra-modern look. 

  2. Luxury Shipping Container House- 

The luxury container homes come with a hefty price and complete furnishing. The electricity and water connections are complete through RV-style.

  1. Modern Beach Container House-

A beach container house is a good investment and costs a fortune. It looks promising and is an ideal holiday home. But you must consider the weather and maintenance cost of the container homes before investing in them.

  1. Modern design-

The modern touch to the container house plans is one of the most popular designs. The interior of the modular kitchen, sleek washroom and elegant living space is minimalistic yet stylish.

  1. Home and studio-

You can keep the rustic feel of the container by going minimalist with the exterior design. Simply create a sweet and homey vibe inside by designing it the way you want. Your studio container must reflect your true personality and the purpose of the space.

  1. Guesthouse-

A guest house will give privacy to your guests with the addition of a separate dwelling.

  1. Alterra Glamping container homes-

They can also be designed as camp houses to enjoy an amazing outdoor experience. These container homes are long-lasting and inexpensive in comparison to regular houses. It is a whole new level of exploring a living space.

  1. Tiny homes-

Tiny container homes are cozy and smartly designed to use the limited space at their most. They are welcoming and practical with less expense.

  1. Cool Costa Rican House-

It is a stylish and inexpensive house with simple yet luxurious looks. The Costa Rican House is perfectly designed for mountain or lakeside.

  1. Modified Sea home-

The Modified Sea house container is filled with traditional materials. You can apply conventional wall panels or paint as per your taste. You can improvise the exterior of your home facing the sea.

  1. Container Studio with Garage-

The outdoor connection of your garage with the container studio is a cool arrangement.

  1. Nomad tiny container house-

You can also have a solar-powered off-grid living space that is a perfect nomadic tiny house.

Latest Container House Price in India

The container house price, on average is around Rs. 5 lakhs in India. The container house price in India is affordable and pocket-friendly for anyone who wants a movable and eco-friendly home.

List of Luxury Container Homes in India

People have also put their luxury container house on sale for an additional profit. You can easily find your ideal container house in Chennai, container house in Tamil Nadu, container house in Bangalore, container homes in Kerala, container house Hyderabad, and container house Coimbatore. Many container house construction companies are putting their container house for sale all across the country.

Container house price in Chennai

  • Grey PVC Shipping Container Fabricated House at Rs. 25 Lakh/Unit
  • Prefab Container Houses at Rs. 2.8 Lakh/Unit
  • Rectangular Portable Container Homes, Fir Offices at Rs. 1.83 Lakh/Unit
  • Mild Steel Container Homes at Rs. 1.5 Lakh/Unit
  • Steel Prefab E-House Container at Rs. 1,150/sq ft

Price of Container homes Bangalore

  • Steel Shipping Container House at Rs. 2 Lakh/cabin
  • Steel Prefabricated Container House at Rs. 5 Lakh/Unit
  • Portable Shipping Container House at Rs. 950/sq ft
  • PVC Accommodation Container at Rs. 2.75 Lakh/Unit
  • Wood Shipping Containers House at Rs. 1.3 Lakh/piece

The used container house for sale is also in demand in the market because of the growing population. These homes are cost-effective and available in several exciting designs. The container house plans are to be made considering the weather conditions of the location.


Q1. What are shipping container houses?

Ans. Shipping container houses are housing units made up of steel shipping containers that are large reusable containers used in transporting goods. It is available in two sizes- 160 sq t and 320 sq ft. These containers are extensively used internationally for making durable and cost-effective container homes. In India, container houses are yet to become popular among the common masses.

Q2. What is a container house?

Ans. container house is made from shipping containers that can be recycled into a cargo or storage container. It is a movable house that varies in style, design, area, features and overall price. One or more containers can be assembled to make a single-floor container house or a multi-storey living space.

Q3. How much will a used shipping container cost in India?

Ans. A used shipping container in Indiawill cost Rs. 2.7 lakh per piece. The price may vary from city to city in the country.

Q4. Where can I buy a shipping container in India?

Ans. There are many manufacturers available on the internet that sells both used and new shipping containers in India. You must visit the website to check its credibility and customer reviews before purchasing any container.

Q5. How to design a Container home cost-effectively?

Ans. The number of containers will affect the overall cost of your container home. Therefore, determine the size of your container, the design, features, and quality of interiors that you wish to have. You can also repurpose things that people do not use or give away. This will cut down the expenses of making a container house.

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