Ankita Lokhande’s House : A Perfect Example of Elegance and Simplicity

ankita lokhande house

We all have been watching Ankita Lokhande prancing in the entertainment industry for quite some time now . And after years of delivering some ground breaking characters in the entertainment industry, she is now one of the most skilled artists.

With her constant elegance and vibrancy, we all have been intrigued once in our lives to know more about her. Ankita Lokhande’s home is one simple, yet classic example of contrasting and vintage interiors. The old school vibe with that modern touch, that Ankita lives for, is clearly reflected in her abode. So, let us cut to the chase and step right into Ankita Lokhande’s house. 

Right from the selection of the colour palette to the addition of decor elements to fill in the canvas, everything spells out the real persona of Ankita. The artist in her also did not shy away from emerging in the form of art and the mandala paintings speak of it evidently.

Let us take a step back and stride towards Ankita’s home: 

Location of Ankita Lokhande’s House

Ankita Lokhande’s house is located on the fourth floor of the Raheja Interface residential complex in Malad West, Mumbai, Maharashtra. 

About Interface Heights

Raheja Interface Heights is a residential complex, located in Malad West, Mumbai. This apartment complex is a well planned composition of apartments available in the price ranges of Rs. 1.80 crore – 2.95 crore. This residential township sprawls over an area of 1 acre and houses more than 310 units.

This is one of the most composed complexes encompassing variant properties including Commercial and residential. All the units in the complex are composed meticulously and are ready to move in. This complex offers collective properties, ranging from 3BHKs to Commercial office space.

Inside Ankita Lokhande’s House

Reflecting her personality, the base layer of the house has been kept neutral, adding colours holding disparity in the foreground. The flooring pattern of the house complements the whole scheme, summing up the entire layout. An essence of personal form and attachment has been portrayed on the walls of Ankita Lokhande’s house with the use of framed family photographs. 

The decor of Ankita Lokhande’s luxury home is schematic and give out the warm and homely atmosphere in the built in spaces. While the walls of the home are layered in the tones of white, the furniture and th decor pieces stay on the other side of the category. 

Briefing Ankita Lokhande’s House

There are many celebrities who have been interactive and entertained their audience during the Covid Lockdown. The actor, Ankita Lokhande gave all of us little sneaks inside her house during that period and has shared multiple videos from different spaces of her house, giving her followers insight into the interiors of her home. Lokhande resides with her family in Mumbai. 

Ankita Lokhande’s house speaks of simplicity, with warm corners and potted plants. The walls are layered up with variant shades of white and ample seating spaces. The balcony has also been graced with furniture and acts as an extension to the living room area. The open space in the balcony is graced with some net fabric, glistening with fairy lights and some potted plants adding congruency. 

The Vintage Living Room

The layout of the living room in Ankita Lokhande’s house percolates Ankita’s vibrant and composed personality. The use of mature colours and their vibrant usage is very prominent in the living room. The setup of the furniture has been done meticulously, along with contrasting and mature colours of the coming through via sofas. In order to achieve parallelism in the layout of the living room, the walls of the room have been accentuated with some mandala art paintings, framed in wood, against the pristine background. 

Ankita makes sure to ornament her house with lights and colours, especially during festivals. She has been very active on socials, showing off the lit corners of the house to her followers, candidly making videos and clicking pictures. 

The Grand Bedroom

The Bedroom in Ankita Lokhande’s house radiates the same theme of neutral walls with a contrasting and mature foreground. The walls of her bedroom have been layered in neutrals with accentuating furniture in mature colours and warm lights to fill in the visual spaces. The bedroom also features a large window, offering a    prepossessing view of the city. The base colour of the bedroom has been enhanced accentuated with the use of mature complementary colours and wooden furniture along with warm lighting. The door of the bedroom is covered with a sheen white fabric, balancing the neutrality of tones, leading to the green and refreshing balcony. 

Elements in Ankita Lokhande’s House

Our homes often reflect our personalities and Ankita’s home is typically a reflection of her character. Well, you don’t have to imagine, let us sneak into her home and have a look at what she has done to the place. 

The balcony is one of the highlights in Ankita Lokhande’s house with the unique design and furniture that it has been underlined with. The appealing centre table and chairs set up in the balcony remind us of luxury patio furniture. The silver paint on the stands brings in just the right amount of colour in the balcony with the greens around.


We all have learnt about Ankita Lokhande and while her acting skills have always caught our attention, stepping into her home made us learn a bit more about Ankita. Who knew she was an artist as well. With her art sprawling around the house, Ankita has established a well laid out format of her home with all the play of tones, decor elements and vintage touches. 

Ankita Lokhande’s house is definitely how mostly people would think of their minimal homes to be because of the factor of relatability that it comes with. Exhibiting the perfect sense of lighting accents, contrasting elements, and focal points inside the house, the whole house seems to be put together in one frame. If you are looking for inspiration in the same interests, this can definitely be an example to proceed with. Be it the use of neutral colours, the pristine neutral palette, use of wooden textures around the house, or the warm accent elements, all of it makes the house appear more put together and in a composed frame.


What is Ankita Lokhande’s house address?

Ankita stays in the fourth floor of the Interface heights in Malad, Mumbai.

What is Ankita Lokhande’s net worth?

Ankita Lokhande’s net worth is 3 million dollars.

What is the estimated carpet area in Ankita Lokhande’s apartment?

The total carpet area of Ankita Lokhande’s flat is 683sqft.

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