Assam Natives Protesting in Jantar Mantar for Relief Packages – Assam Flood Update

Assam Natives Protesting in Jantar Mantar for Relief Packages - Assam Flood Update

With the monsoon season striking the country, heavy rains seem to have had a massive impact on several states of India since mid-May. While this led to only temperature changes and road clogging in some places, many areas suffered landslides, causing floods, casualties and damage.

With many areas being affected, Silchar was severely hit, causing a massive catastrophe. With the state drowning in agony, residents and natives are appealing for Assam Flood Relief in any form. 

With the state submerged in the plea, multiple volunteers and other states tried to uplift Assam. Not just Assam residents but natives living in Delhi-NCR are leaving no stone unturned. People from Assam’s Barak Valley witnessed staging a demonstration at Jantar Mantar asking for a special package for rehabilitation. This protest in Jantar Mantar by the Assam people marks the rightful imploration of people asking for relief during times of agony. 

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The affected areas like National Highway Road, Rangirkhari, Link Road, Public School Road, and Chengkuri Road have yet to receive any Assam Flood Relief, including drinking water. 

“The rescue and relief operations are totally unplanned. Youth groups and NGOs were reaching out to stranded people in far-flung areas by risking their lives as they don’t have life jackets and specialised boats for flood relief work.”

  • Joydeep Samaddar, a Silchar native, living in Delhi. 

A private firm employee, Rajib Mehera, asked for a special economic package from the central and state governments for Silchar. After quoting Silchar’s losses after the floods, he asked the state and central governments to declare a special economic package after traders, residents, and others lost their livelihoods and savings. He expresses his concern for the shattered economy of the Barak Valley and asks for relief from the government. 

A professor at the School of Planning and Architecture, Rabidyuti Biswas, quoted his concern about food shortage and drinking water. He adds his apprehension about the proper distribution of materials for Assam Flood Relief. 

However, the Assam flood situation improved after suffering a loss of over 22 lacs across 25 districts. According to the reports, the death toll amped up to 126 posts the floods and landslides. 

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