Australia’s 10 most searched suburbs for property


Australia has become one of the most sought after destinations in recent time due to the opportunities it provides for work and education. The affordability of the homes and the amenities that come in spite of it makes it them a preferred location for many families. Many are choosing to settle down there as well and some of the most sought after locations are:

1. South Hobart, Tasmania: House hunting in Tasmania is at an all time high and because of its close proximity to the city of Melbourne, the demand is here is at an all time high.

2. Battery Point, Tasmania: Battery Point is just across South Hobart and it is definitely next in list when it comes to the popular suburbs in Australia. It has all the amenities and yet a very quiet ambience, which makes it perfect for those who want a tranquil lifestyle.

3. Crafers West, South Australia: The hill suburbs of Crafers West is one of the most sublime locations in country. The region is picturesque with hills all around and those who want to enjoy a life away from the crowd and yet enjoy all the amenities will love it here.

4. Red Hill, Victoria: Having a bungalow for the family in Red Hill, Victoria is one of the best places that one could choose. Lush greenery and a quaint life in the laps of nature makes this a perfect spot.

5. Aldgate, South Australia: One of the choicest locations to be in, in Adelaide, Aldgate is known for its relatively affordable housing and those who are looking for more space at less price are sure to love it here.

6. Collaroy Plateau: It is located very close to one of the Sydney beaches and it makes the perfect spot for those who want a home by the sea. These are completed; premium properties fitted with all the amenities and the neighborhoods are wonderful too.

7. Park Orchards, Victoria: One and a half hours drive from the North East of Melbourne will bring you to this quiet and quaint location and it is a favorite for those who love long walks outdoors and love the greenery all around. Prices are affordable and the properties are ready to move in.

8. Middle Park, Victoria: The suburb is just 10 mins away from the city and yet none of the hullaballoo reaches here. The bays are very close by – Port Phillips Bay and Albert Par Lake, and they provide a great place for relaxation for the entire family.

9. West Hobart, Tasmania: West Hobart is just walking distance from Downtown and has a real sense of community. The amenities here are top notch and are one of the top capital city markets.

10. Birchgrove, NSW: Those who want to enjoy a vibrant lifestyle and yet want to stay away from excessive crowds and enjoy the quietness of the suburbs, will find Birchgrove the best choice for a family home.

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