Gandhi Jayanti 2024: Date, History, Significance and Celebration!

Gandhi Jayanti

Gandhi Jayanti is a special day in India, celebrated on October the 2nd. To celebrate, people visit a place called Raj Ghat in New Delhi, which is like a memorial for Gandhi, to show their respect and love for him. 

On this day, leaders and important people give speeches to remind everyone to practise kindness and peace, like Gandhi. 

Did you know that this day is not just celebrated in India? The United Nations also decided to celebrate October 2nd as the International Day of Non-Violence because of Gandhi’s ideas about peace and not hurting others. 

Gandhi: the Voice of Non-Violence and Simplicity

Gandhi Jayanti

Gandhi was a profoundly influential figure. He was deeply in favour of non-violence, simplicity, and truth. He was a great leader, it’s not easy to get a lot of people to join peaceful protests. He makes sure that everyone goes along regardless of their religion or background.

A Man With a Story

A Man With a Story

Mahatma Gandhi—the father of the nation—lived a remarkable life. Gandhi had a tough start in South Africa, but he learned important things like satyagraha. He had to deal with many tough challenges during the independence fight. But he made it through like a hero. 

Gandhi Jayanti – A Day to Make the World of Real Estate a Better Place

Here are some ways to practise Mahatma Gandhi’s rules:

  • Truth and Transparency: Gandhi emphasised truthfulness. In real estate, being honest and avoiding deceptive practices is the right way to practise this one.
  • Non-Violence (Ahinsa): Apply this principle by resolving conflicts peacefully. just encourage open communication! 
  • Self-Sufficiency (Swadeshi): Promote local real estate development and support local communities. Encourage sustainable building practices and the use of local materials.
  • Community Building: Gandhi believed in the importance of strong communities. Real estate professionals strengthen community through events, supporting local businesses, and promoting neighbourhood cohesion.
  • Simplicity and Minimalism: Gandhi lived a simple life. In real estate this means energy-efficient and environmentally friendly homes. Motivate clients to consider smaller, more sustainable living spaces.
  • Service to Others (Seva): Put the needs of clients first. Provide guidance and support throughout the buying or selling process. 
  • Cleanliness (Swachhata): Promote clean and well-maintained properties. Encourage clients to keep their homes and surroundings clean and environmentally friendly.
  • Dignity of Labor: Respect all workers involved in the real estate process, from construction workers to agents. Ensure fair wages and ethical labour practices.
  • Education and Awareness: Educate clients about property laws, rights, and responsibilities.

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Why You Should Buy Property on Gandhi Jayanti?

Buying property on Gandhi Jayanti can be a great idea. Not only for residential, but if you want to purchase property for an NGO or any social service, 2nd october is the best day.

Sometimes, real estate companies might offer good deals on Gandhi Jayanti, like discounts or special offers. But remember to think about your own needs and plans when buying property. Don’t rush into it just because of the date. 


Gandhi Jayanti encourages us to practise truth, non-violence, and simplicity. By following these principles the real estate industry can become more ethical and community-focused.  Find the best deals in the market and conduct a thorough research before purchasing a property. 

FAQ’s about Gandhi Jayanti

Q1. Why do we celebrate Gandhi Jayanti?

Gandhi Jayanti is celebrated on October 2nd to honour Mahatma Gandhi’s legacy of non-violence and his role in India’s fight for independence.

Q2. What year did Mahatma Gandhi return to India from South Africa?

Mahatma Gandhi returned to India from South Africa in 1915. His return was the beginning of independence.

Q3. What was the name of the Indian ashram Gandhi set up in 1915?

The Indian ashram that Gandhi set up in 1915 was known as the “Kochrab Ashram.” It was his first ashram in India, where he settled followers who had come with him from South Africa.

Q4. What was C.F. Andrews' nickname given by Gandhi?

C.F. Andrews was affectionately nicknamed “Christ’s Faithful Apostle” by Mahatma Gandhi.

Q5. What slogan did Gandhi use to call for the British to leave India?

Gandhi used the slogan “Quit India” to call for the British to leave India during the Quit India Movement in 1942.

Q6. Who was Gandhi's personal secretary for 25 years and died in prison during the Quit India movement?

Gandhi’s personal secretary for 25 years was Mahadev Desai. Tragically, Mahadev Desai died in prison less than a week after Gandhi.

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