Haryana RERA Revokes Registrations of Mahira Infratech’s Affordable Housing Projects

 The Haryana Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) has cancelled the registration of all five affordable housing projects launched by Mahira Infratech Pvt Ltd due to alleged violations by the builder, according to an order.

Non-compliance with RERA Act leads to cancellation

The Authority took this step after the builder failed to comply with the provisions of the RERA Act and complete the construction of all five affordable housing projects across various sectors in Gurugram. Mahira Infratech Pvt Ltd had registered these projects under the RERA Act.

RERA asserts its authority

In its order, RERA stated, “The Authority deems it fit to revoke the registrations of the affordable housing projects registered by this Authority under the provisions of Section 71a, b, and d of the Real Estate Regulation and Development Act 2016.”

Builder faces strict actions

Apart from revoking the registrations, RERA also imposed additional penalties and restrictions on the builder. The promoter has been barred from accessing websites related to the projects, and their name will be listed as a defaulter on RERA’s website. The Authority also ordered that the bank accounts of the projects should be frozen until further notice.

Justice for homebuyers

The cancellation of registrations and the strict actions taken by the Authority are aimed at safeguarding the rights and interests of the innocent homebuyers who deposited amounts in Mahira Infratech’s projects.

Mahira Infratech projects affected

The five affordable housing projects that have been cancelled for registration are: 1. Mahira Homes Sector 68 2. Mahira Homes Sector 104 3. Mahira Homes Sector 103 4. Mahira Homes Sector 63A 5. Mahira Homes Sector 95

A message from RERA Chairman

Arun Kumar, RERA Chairman, stated, “Mahira Home promoter has defaulted on various accounts, and we are custodian of the RERA Act and must safeguard allottees’ rights. We are left with no choice but to revoke the registration of all its five projects and look forward to some viable option to complete the projects.” This decision by the Haryana RERA to cancel the registrations of Mahira Infratech’s housing projects sends a strong signal that non-compliance with the RERA Act will not be tolerated. It is a significant development in the real estate sector and will serve as a deterrent for other builders who may consider violating regulations. The cancellation aims to protect the rights and interests of homebuyers who put their trust in these projects. RERA’s strict actions serve as a reminder to all stakeholders in the real estate industry to abide by the laws and regulations put in place for the welfare of homebuyers.

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