Himachal Pradesh’s Initiative for Women Empowerment via Gender Budget Statement


The Government of Himachal Pradesh is about to implement a Gender Budget Statement. The initiative has been taken to ensure the requisite funds for uplifting and developing women are delivered to them. Himachal Pradesh has made remarkable progress in the state’s economic and social upliftment of women. The government’s effort made Himachal Pradesh the best-performing state regarding gender equality. In this article, we will learn about Gender Budget Statement and what the official spokesperson says about it.

What is a Gender Budget?

Gender budgeting is used to bridge the gender gap and provide equal opportunities to the masses. It also ensures the involvement of every department to bridge the gap. To ensure the effective implementation of the Gender Budget Statement, there were numerous Gender Budget Cell (GBC) constructed in several departments. In simple terms, Gender Budget Statement is a reporting mechanism used by Ministries or Departments to review their programs through a gender lens. It is an integral tool for presenting information on the allocations for women.

What Does Gender Budget Statement Do?

Gender Budget Statement would monitor the physical deliverables assessment and the financial performance to ensure the capital is being spent per plan. The mechanism is designed to initiate the integral approach and guide the GBS set up by various departments. 

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Will Gender Budget Statement be Beneficial?

The Gender Budget Statement would be beneficial in assessing budget allocations’ adequacy. Effective gender-sensitive policies are a must and will also enhance the gender equality situation in Himachal Pradesh.

What did the Official Spokesperson Say?

The official spokesperson said on Sunday that to achieve the objective, the state government needs to make a provision of the Gender Budget Statement in the year 2022-23.

The state government is also organising training workshops through the Himachal Pradesh Institute of Public Administration. The United Nations Women India, State Department of Women and Child Development is in partnership with the Ministry of Women and Child Development of India.

He further said the state government is effectively implementing GBS, aiming to analyse the state government’s different situations, programs, policies, and schemes for women. He added that the Gender Budget Statement would ensure an ideal budget for women’s welfare. 

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