Hong Kong waterfront to be transformed soon


Hong Kong will have the Victoria Dockside development coming up soon in a major transformation of its waterfront. New World Development will be changing a part of the waterfront into a contemporary design and art district complete with residential, retail and commercial units. The project will cover 3 million sq. ft. and looks out onto the Victoria Harbour with a shopping complex, skyscraper comprising of Class-A commercial spaces and a hotel and a revamped promenade. More than 100 consultants and artists have been enlisted globally by the company for creating this globally appealing structure. Kohn Pederson Fox Associates and James Corner Field Operations from New York will be handling architecture and landscape duties on the project.

The project is already being developed for more than 9 years. The flagship K11 Musea shopping mall has already been unveiled and will be a special museum of sorts. There will be live music, art exhibitions, workshops and other cultural gatherings held here. The shopping complex will spread over 4, 800 square meters and will have an exclusive sheer glass corridor for the 8th floor which overlooks the harbour. The 10 storeyed structure will also have a ground sunken amphitheater that will have curved glass walls where public art will be showcased including Van Gogh’s Ear.

The promenade gets an outdoor pavilion with extra seating, trellises and shades. There are lush plants on vertical walls which is another innovative concept here. The Avenue of Stars has been closed and the space is being revamped at present. The pathways will be better as per the company. The K11 Atelier business tower is already becoming a hotspot for several companies like Taipei Fubon Commercial Bank and Mizuho. The skyscraper has offices spread throughout 15 floors and is crafted from bronze and limestone. There are Office Academy Classes which encompass spirituality, wellness, productivity and creativity.


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