Kunal Khemu and Soha Ali Khan’s Abode’s Unseen Glance

Soha Ali and Kunal Khemu House

Among every B-town couple, the name of Soha Ali Khan and Kunal Kemmu is always on fans’ favourite couple list. After dating for a good number of years, the star couple tied the knot in 2015 and since then grabbed the paparazzi’s keen interest in being captured together. 

Recently, the couple moved to their new cosy space in Khar West, Mumbai. It is a nine-storey tall building named Sunder Villa, where the couple owns the top floor. Interestingly, this was that special place where they both performed their marriage vows and started their life’s new journey. 

The apartment was a wedding gift from Soha’s mother and 90’s famous actress Sharmila Tagore. It was exquisitely designed by the renowned interior architect Darshini Shah. Let us stunt you with some more facts about Soha Ali Khan’s house that their fans are unaware of. 

Exquisite Interior of Soha Ali Khan’s and Kunal Khemmu’s House 

Kunal Khemmu and Soha Ali Khan have a fine and contemporary design inside their home with simplicity. The space is full of vibrant colours yet soothing and aesthetic. Rightly, they have created their little world with her only daughter, Inaayaa Khemmu, who became an essential part after her birth in 2017. Here are some sneaks peek of the celebrities’ house’s interior and clarify the unlock of the incredible experience.

The Living Lawn

When it’s the house of a princess, it has to be grand, isn’t it? We assume this could be why the actress-turned-author got ready to start her married life under this roof. It is appreciable that the designer has synchronised the elements incredibly as per the homies’ interest, such as a grand book self. This is the very first attraction point while stepping inside the abode. The creative side of the couple is also reflected with the gorgeous guitar to chill scenes. Along with this, a giant Smart TV is equipped for binge-watch inside the enclave. And the whole vibe just gets completed with the dark-coloured furniture. 

Baby Inaaya’s Little Corner

As aforementioned, the house’s some corners are also dedicated to their girl child Inaaya. That is why walking little frontier, there comes the playing space. This area is full of colours, whether it’s a cushion, a mattress, a doll house, or the dancing floor. 

Inaaya’s Barbie-Bedroom 

Obviously, like mother like daughter, Inaaya has the sassiest bedroom space with pastel pink colour walls and white curtains on the window and the bed. Cumulatively, it gives the room the aura of the little princess in the house. There are plenty of soft toys and a wooden rocking horse that the girl loves to ride with her dad Kunal Khemmu. Besides this, the checkered chair with wooden flooring contributes the best to make the room truly belong. 

The Lounge 

Every celeb has a separate area for their small get-togethers or kitty party. So does Soha Ali Khan’s house has an official space where they can carry out their small parties. This is a spacious place where a set of couches are placed. A huge centre table can be a witness of black shade to bring interest in talking. The velvet cushions and traditional rug are the complementing items that add richness to the place. 

The space is full of family pictures, wedding dairies and some snapshots found nowhere on the internet. The main focus was on the seating arrangement with no mistake in choosing comfortable couches such as a grand white sofa or a ball-shaped chair. Other than this, the red lamp, the net curtains, and the yellow lighting are other factors that bring life to the area. 

Kunal Khemmu and Soha Ali Khan’s Personal Space

Kunal Khemmu and Soha Ali Khan have a long history of romance. This home is also special because it has captured all the significant scenarios of the couple. But no pictures of Kunal Khemmu’s bedroom are ever seen, as they never overwhelmed the fans with often exposures by the media. As per their designer, the den has a king-sized bedroom with white net curtains over the top. Behind the bed is some snapshots of the couple. There are some art pieces too as the actress is very much into artworks. The basic design idea behind this space was to keep the minimalistic theme intact. So, there are only two couches with a brown-coloured table. 

About Kunal Khemmu and Soha Ali Khan’s Net Worth

Kunal Khemu and Soha Ali Khan both are active in their professional lives. Where Kunal is still into acting, Soha has started writing books. 

Kunal Khemmu’s Net worth 

Kunal Khemmu’s real name is Kunal Ravi Khemmu, and he belongs to Kashmir. With his debut on the silver screen as a child artist, he has done some amazing works. Kunal has also been a part of some impressive banners like Golmaal, Blood Money, and more. He also has done some collaborations and brand endorsements which is a part of his stunning income. 

Soha Ali Khan’s Net Worth

As mentioned above, Soha Ali Khan has shifted her forte from acting to writing. On her Instagram handle, she often shared pictures that show her love for reading and books. The author herself has published a few books and is still practising. Soha Ali Khan has a net worth of $ 4 Million. She can also be seen in some of the brand’s endorsements or some photoshoots for some designated magazines and dress designers. And, of course, her bookselling has also added to her treasure with impressive returns. 

End Thoughts

Kunal Khemu and Soha Ali Khan have been a star couple that has never glamorised their personal lives anywhere. Though both of them belong to the show business background, their promising personality even let that hamper their professionalism. With their home also, they have found an excellent abode which is not just expansive but adorable for their happy and peaceful living.

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Is Soha Ali Khan elder than Kunal Khemu?

Yes, Soha Ali Khan and Kunal Khmeu is one of those B-town couple who have broken the marriage stereotypes with wife being 5 years elder than the husband.

When did Kunal Khmeu and Soha Ali Khan started dating?

Kunal Khemu and Soha Ali Khan started dating in 2009 when they were working together in film “Dhoondhte Reh Jaoge”.

Is Soha Ali Khan really a princess?

Soha Ali Khan’s father Monsoor Ali Khan Pataudi was then Nawab of Pataudi (1952-1971) that makes the actress a legit princess in real.

Is Soha Ali Khan a writer?

After building her career in film industry, the Pataudi princess have disclosed her immense love for writing with her books that are available in market for readers too.

How many kids do Kunal Khemu and Soha Ali Khan have?

Soha Ali Khan and Kunal Khemu have a single daughter named Inaayaa Khemu who is often captured with her parents by paps. 

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