Relam Investment LLC from India plans realty investments in India

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Relam Investment LLC is based in Dubai and is foraying into the Indian real estate and technology markets. The company has allocated an initial investment amount of approximately Rs. 16, 800 crore or $250 million for this purpose. The investment company has already commenced operations in India and will review its budget within a year’s time. The company is jointly held by Vault Investments LLC from Dubai and Vietnam’s MIG Holding.

Dubai and India have always had sound cultural and business relationships. India is a major future market for Relam as per reports. Relam Investment will also consider co-investment opportunities with financial and other strategic partner firms. The company is already holding discussions with several financial institutions from India and other organizations in the country with regard to partnerships.

Relam is new in the market and seeks Indian partners who can help it understand customers and business models better before enhancing overall market exposure. Relam is looking to invest in real estate projects that are relatively new and the timeframe for investments will be around 10-15 years as per reports. The company is anticipating 7% of returns from its portfolio of real estate in India while it is expecting more than 20% as returns from its investments in Indian tech start-ups.

Relam Investment is also considering a joint venture with a reputed Indian organization for the purposes of investments. This firm will be focusing more on startups in the app, blockchain and big data sectors. The company will also be scouting for small & medium enterprises to invest in. Relam operates in the UAE, India, Vietnam, Turkey, Egypt and the United Kingdom. The Indian team for its real estate arm is currently being established by the company.

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