An Inside Tour Into the Lavish Abode of Sunny Deol

Step Inside Sunny Deol’s Luxurious Residence

An actor whose voice is enough to send shivers down the spines of on-screen villains. Yes, you guessed it right, we’re talking about our very own Sunny Paaji. With his deep and robust baritone, acting prowess and masculine physique, Ajay Singh Deol aka Sunny Deol, has left an inedible mark in the Indian film industry. The Bollywood actor recently made a successful comeback to the world of cinema with Gadar 2 and took the industry by storm. With films like Border, Gadar, Ghatak, Ghayal and Damini, he has carved a niche for himself in Indian cinema. 

Sunny Deol has amassed substantial wealth with a career spanning 5 decades since his debut with Betaab (1983). In this blog, we will take a glimpse at the lavish abode of the actor, director, producer, and politician, i.e. Sunny Deol. 

Sunny Deol’s Majestic Mumbai Mansion

Plot No. 22, 10th Road, Juhu Scheme

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

This is the address of Sunny Deol’s Mumbai residence, situated in the Malabar Hill area, and the house has many opulent features. Situated in a posh locality, the Bollywood actor’s home is equipped with all the modern amenities. His home is also close to the properties of many renowned personalities such as Godrej, Birla and Jindal. This strategically located address is in close proximity to many famous tourist destinations, such as Hanging Gardens, as well as some upscale restaurants and cafes. 

Sunny Deol’s Tech-Enhanced House

“Entry Granted”, yes, one can only enter inside Sunny Deol’s house after the security clearance. The property is equipped with high-end technology, which helps in boosting security. The house’s gate opens after a certain word command and is fully automated. The security system allows visitors through the gates with a technology-enabled passcode along with other heightened security measures. 

There are other features inside Sunny Deol’s house that show his love for technology. One of them is the windows in his house; the coloured glasses of these windows reflect a pattern which resembles a rainbow. It is a perfect spot to click some captivating pictures and post them on social media handles. (just like the above post).

Fun Fact: Sunny Deol is one of the few actors to have a private helipad area on the roof of his home. 

Deol Family’s Stylish Retreat: The Living Room

Sunny Deol is a family-oriented man and likes to spend quality time with his parents, wife, children, and siblings. The home’s spacious living room has a tint of mild orange paint along with a beige-coloured sofa, which perfectly compliments the lighting. As seen in the above post, we can see some cute father-son bonding between Sunny Deol and Dharmendra. Like his father, Sunny is deeply connected to nature, so the living room’s floor-to-ceiling windows provide an unobstructed view of the lush green garden. The living area serves as the heart of the house, boasting an open floor plan that promotes a seamless flow between different spaces. Large windows allow natural light to flood the rooms, brightening and opening up the whole space. The furnishings in Sunny’s home are stylish and comfortable, making it a great place to host family and friends. After spending time in the living room, the Deol family enjoys a meal at the dining table, which can easily seat 25 people. 

Sunny Deol’s House: Nature’s True Haven 

If you scroll through Sunny Deol’s Instagram handle, you will notice that he is a true nature enthusiast. With a spacious balcony overlooking the garden, he loves the lush greenery. It is important to have a refreshing walk every once in a while to unwind from one’s hectic life, and the garden area fulfils that very requirement. There are a lot of vibrant flowers in the garden area, and Sunny often sits here to enjoy the picturesque view. It also acts as a perfect nature getaway for the Deol family from the hustle and bustle of the city. During their vacations, he often comes here for a walk with his family and immerses himself in the blossoming paradise. Apart from these facilities, this property has many other amenities, like a spa and a library. 

The Stunning Interiors and Exteriors of Sunny Deol’s Home

Sunny Deol’s home is nothing short of luxury, and in fact, it can be considered a palace. When it comes to design, the interiors have a perfect blend of vintage and modern touches. As seen in the post, the house’s design has a mix of traditional and modern home design. The furniture compliments the home decor and is the place where Sunny spends some time with his friends and family. This attention to detail can be seen in every corner of his Juhu house. His house has carefully placed lighting fittings, which creates a warm and inviting atmosphere. It accentuates the architectural features and highlights the home’s decor. The exteriors of the home also have a touch of sophistication and are surrounded by palm trees. The green and blue shades of nature compliment the exteriors of the house, giving a picturesque view. In the above picture, we can see a glimpse of Sunny’s love for his mother, Prakash Kaur. He can also be seen twinning with the room’s furniture. 

Fun Fact: An actor himself, Sunny Deol, has a movie theatre in his lavish abode, where he immerses himself in cinematic experiences. 

What’s Inside Sunny Deol’s House? 

The Deol family is known for being fitness enthusiasts. Son of the He-Man of Bollywood, Sunny also justifies the intense action sequences in his movies with his physique. The fitness freak has a plush gym with all the necessary types of equipment. Sunny maintains his muscular physique by following a strict gym routine in the gymnasium. It is this space where he enhances his strength and stamina through dedication and hard work. 

It is a known fact that actors have to maintain a fit and healthy physique. This is not only important to get into the character through their physical appearance but is also required to make the film aesthetically pleasing. Even after being in the industry for 40 years, Sunny works really hard to refine himself physically for his films. You must have seen Dharmendra doing water aerobics in his swimming pool. Well, Sunny Deol’s house also features a large swimming pool that helps him keep up his fitness levels.

Sunny Deol: The Powerhouse Performer

Sunny Deol has achieved extraordinary accomplishments throughout his prolific career. He has won several awards throughout his illustrious acting career, spanning 5 decades. For his performance in Ghayal (1990), he received the prestigious National Film Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role and Best Actor in a Supporting Role for Damini (1993). Besides his successful acting career, he ventured into other domains as a director, producer and politician. A member of the Indian Parliament from Gurdaspur, Sunny Deol’s career is nothing short of remarkable.  

Sunny Deol’s Net Worth

As a result of his successful career, Sunny Deol has accumulated a vast fortune. With a net worth of around $16 million (Rs. 130 crores), he is one of the highest taxpayers in our country. He has amassed this wealth through acting, producing, directing and endorsing various brand endorsements. Sunny loves purchasing fancy things and is a proud owner of many high-end cars. He owns many luxury cars such as Land Rover Defender 110, Porsche Cayenne, Mercedes-Benz SL500, Porche 911 Turbo, Audi A8, and many more.   

Other Properties Owned by Sunny Deol

Now that we’ve talked about his Mumbai residence let us take a look at the other properties owned by Sunny Deol. He is a smart investor, as he has purchased several properties besides his Mumbai mansion. The Bollywood actor mostly lives in Juhu with his family in a luxurious bungalow. Sunny Deol owns a luxurious bungalow in Mumbai’s Juhu area. The bungalow is a 5-bedroom property that is spread over three floors. It has a spacious living room, a dining room, a kitchen, a swimming pool, and a gym. He also owns several other properties in places like Manali, Punjab, and the United Kingdom.  

Latest News About Sunny Deol 

Sunny Deol was recently seen in Gadar 2 opposite Ameesha Patel, Maneesh Wadhwa, Utkarsh Sharma and Simrat Kaur. The actor was appreciated for his stellar performance as Tara Singh in this Anil Sharma directorial. A sequel to Gadar (2001), this film grossed over Rs 500 crores at the box office and emerged as a blockbuster. As far as his upcoming movies are concerned, he is all set to star in films like Apne 2 and Baap. After the success of his latest outing, there are reports of him returning for the sequel of Border (1997) as well. 

Summing Up

Sunny Deol’s home is proof of his impeccable taste. Its interior exudes elegance and comfort, providing a serene retreat amidst the bustling city. The luxurious amenities cater to his diverse interests. His outstanding career trajectory in Bollywood is evidence of his unwavering talent. Son of veteran actor Dharmendra, he has demonstrated his acting grit with his filmography. He has established himself as an actor by exploring various film genres by starring in films like  Damini (1993), Narsimha (1991), and Arjun (1985). He is considered one of Bollywood’s most bankable entertainers. He has shown that one can thrive in a field as cut-throat as Bollywood with hard work and dedication.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Where is the actor Sunny Deol’s house located?

Bollywood actor Sunny Deol lives in Mumbai in his luxurious home. The address of this property is Plot No.22, 11th Road, Juhu Scheme, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

Where does Sunny Deol own property?

Sunny Deol owns many properties in places like  Juhu, Punjab, Manali, and the United Kingdom.

How many people live in the Sunny Deol house?

Sunny Deol lives with his family in his Mumbai residence. These include his wife, children, parents and siblings.

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