Inside Taylor Swift’s House: A Different Love Story

The American singer who not just wrote songs but knitted real-life stories that we all have cried to, danced to, vibed to and probably slept too. With the personality that Taylor Swift puts forth, it is no wonder how people are inquisitive to have a peek in her house. Laying a foot in the real estate industry at a very young age, there are many properties labelled in her name – from a condo that she initially purchased to Taylor Swift’s Rhode Island House. 

Born in 1989, Taylor Alison Swift has blessed us with her warm set of musical genres. With a global presence, Taylor bound us all with her narrative songwriting style, quoting instances from her personal life. Catching media attention and appearances, along with collective critical praises, Taylor Swift continued to speak for every little girl with her journal. 

Going from pursuing a career in country music at the age of 14 to releasing her recent album in the year 2021, Taylor went through a journey of innumerable emotions, being portrayed well in every song that she put out. Not only did every album make a statement, it stood out on its own and it was a matter of time when songs like “Love Story”, “Shake It off” and “Blank Space” were on everyone’s playlist. We can still recall the nostalgia, when quoting from these songs were the only Instagrammable captions to put up.

Cloning her subtle, elegant and comforting vibe to her homes, all of Taylor Swift houses can be seen drenched in her character. With the perfect blend of being vintage and modern, every property owned by Taylor Swift comes out to be an inspiring idea, deserving to be pinned! So without any further wait, let’s begin Taylor Swift’s house tour. 

Taylor Swift Houses

Apart from being addressed as the musical sensation, Taylor swift has quite a hand in the real estate industry with eight homes across four states. The media has attempted to notice that the elegant pop singer owns $84 million in real estate. This also includes an 11,000 sq ft penthouse in Tribeca, marking historical importance in California and valued for 20 million dollars. 

So here are a few highlights of what Taylor Swift possesses in the real estate industry:

Taylor Swift’s House: Condo in Nashville 

Like everyone, Taylor Swift set her foot in the real estate market by purchasing a Music Row Condo in Nashville. Spread on an area of 3,240 square feet, this unit definitely gives out an industrial interior aesthetic. With the use of bold and neutral colours being balanced by warm lighting, this penthouse features a classic interior layout. The condo unit lets in ample natural light with the floor-to-ceiling windows and the open layout plan adds up to the space and volume factor. The window features multiple forms with a light source in the day and a frame to the city lights in the night. With the use of classic elements and accents around the house, this one definitely stands out as an optimistic real estate investment. 

Source: Tom Gatlin

Taylor Swift’s House: The Greek Estate

Coming back to Nashville, she purchased another property quoting the “Greek Revival Estate”. As the name suggests, the design of the house exhibits typical Greek architecture via its vaulted ceilings and planning style. Spread on an area of 5,600 square feet, the house also incorporates a guesthouse (area- 2,000 square feet). The interior of the house speaks of grandeur and classics with its colour scheme, marble fireplaces and herringbone floors. 

Source: Google

West Village Apartment: 1912 Brick House

This modern property with touches of vintage around has its own charm. The whole property includes seven bathrooms, a massive indoor pool and five bedrooms. What adds to the luxury element of the house are definitely the double-height ceilings, the extravagant chandelier, and the antique Parisian brickwork. The brickwork gives the appropriate accentuation to the facade of the property. With the double-height ceilings, the grandeur of the house has been highlighted. Apart from these architectural features, attention to the outdoor kitchen, jacuzzi, built-in barbecue and rooftop terrace steals away the sight. The disparity in the design concept lies in the interior of the property. 

Source: Christopher Riccio of Leslie J. Garfield

The house carries a classic and vintage vibe on the outside but deviates towards modern interiors with floor to ceiling windows on the inside. The interior of the house has been further accentuated with warm lighting and the use of eclectic colours.  

Townhouse: Taylor Swift’s Old House 

After investing in the Tribeca property units which included 2 penthouses, the American singer decided to expand her real estate investments. After three years, she bought an old townhouse next to the previous property, which was equipped with luxury amenities, gym, a home theatre, terrace, and a guest suite. This property was valued at $12.5 million. The interior of the house revolves around modern and sleek design concepts, including usage of wood, pristine wall colour and accentuating elements to draw focus. 

Source: Trulia

Tribeca Penthouse

In the year 2014, Taylor Swift invested in two penthouses adjacent to each other. The units were located in the Tribeca building and were later amalgamated into one duplex accommodating 10 bathrooms and bedrooms, a billiards room, and a staircase. Not just this, but this house comes with bearing the history of being bought by famous director Peter Jackson.

Source: Zillow

The interior of the duplex is dominated by warm tones, mostly in wooden textures. The ceiling can be seen being exposed with wooden beams. The flooring and the furniture are mostly done in wooden textures in complementing colour palettes. 

The Seaside Estate: Taylor Swift’s House 

Source: Pricey Pads

Taylor Swift’s Rhode Island house is spread over a sprawling area of 12,000 square feet. The beach house is located on the summit of Rhode Island Town which also serves as a destination for luxury parties and events. Inclusive of eight fireplaces, seven bedrooms, views to the shore, and a massive pool, this property becomes one of the most splendid investments. Layered up in contemporary and modern architecture, this property makes it one of the A-listed properties owned by Taylor Swift!

Property in Beverly Hills

Source: Marc Angeles and Nick Springett

Bought from the producer, Samuel Goldwyn in 2015, this property spreads over an area of 10,982 square feet. As quoted by Taylor Swift, this property is anticipated to reshape into a historical landmark after the purchase. She has also expressed her gratitude about the property by quoting it as “impressive” out of the three homes she owns in Los Angeles. 

Ranch in Beverly Hills

Between the lush greens, stands the contemporary and vintage mid-century architectural model. Referring to the designs of Hollywood in the 1950s, this property has everything that you might need to hibernate for some time. Along with the great location, the well-lit and ventilated room is an add on. Not just that, but the property also features four bedrooms and bathrooms with the intricate representation of a ranch, white beamed ceilings, a modest and a contemporary facade, floor-to-ceiling glass windows. The most appreciated feature of the property has to be the climate-controlled wine cellar. 

Source: Trulia

Later, Taylor Swift sold this house in the month of September 2020 for $2.65 million, which was $300,000 less than the original price that was asked for. 

Inside Taylor Swift’s Rhode Island House

  1. Taylor Swift bought the house in Watch Hill in the year 2013 for US$17.5 million. She showed off her new home lavishly via the 4th of July celebrations. 
  2. The sprawling property’s location is definitely with a view to die for! With just a distance of 20 metres, and is located on the highest and the best vantage point, Taylor Swift made an amazing addition to her real estate portfolio by laying her hands on the Rhode Island House.
  3. Although Rhode Island is not the most obvious choice to make by celebrities and stars, Taylor felt connected with the quiet holiday town with all the “old school” vibe that she wanted around her.
  4. Ocean views with the surrounding greens give the appropriate view from the patio. 
  5. The home accommodates ten bathrooms and bedrooms. 
  6. Taylor Swift’s Rhode Island house spreads on an area of five acres with a waterfront access of 700 feet.  

With a prominent name in the Music Industry, Taylor Swift’s houses in various locations are pinning her on the map of real estate industry as well. Amalgamating various architecture and design styles all of her houses portray luxury via modern and contemporary elements around the house.

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Where is Taylor Swift's new house?

Taylor Swift’s new house is the one in Rhode Island, Westerly. Spread over an area of 12,000 square feet,  this property includes eight bedrooms and fireplaces. This property was valued at $17.75 million when it was bought by the American pop singer. 

What kind of car does Taylor Swift drive?

Taylor Swift currently owns 5 cars and she drives anything from her Ferrari 458 to her Mercedes. 

Does Taylor Swift have kids?

No, Taylor Swift does not have any kids as of now. 

Does Taylor Swift own a jet?

Yes, the singer does own private jets. One being Falcon 50, and the other being Falcon 100. 

Who are Taylor Swift's siblings?

Austin Swift is Taylor Swift’s Sibling. 

Kavya Srivastava Kavya is a versatile content creator and a storyteller whose multifaceted expression peeks through craft. She is an architect, a performing artist and a writer by profession who draws inspiration from her metaphorical boxes of l' artisanat.
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