User Behaviour Trends (Oct-Dec 2020)

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User Behaviour Trends

User Behaviour Trends: The quarterly real estate report by Square Yards that gives a sneak peek into the online search trends of property buyers.

The online search trends for the Oct-Dec 2020 quarter were characterised by the changing demands of a post-pandemic home buyer. Searches for properties priced above Rs 60 Lakhs continued to witness growth as buyers now seek residences that are spacious and well-equipped in terms of amenities available.

Residential plots have been witnessing a slow and steady demand throughout the year. It reached a new high in Q4 accounting for more than 20% of the total online searches during the Oct-Dec 2020 quarter. This was a significant rise of more than 10% from the previous quarter.

The report analyses search trends under four parameters: most searched BHK, most searched unit type, most searched budget category and most searched cities.

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