Villa Leopolda: Modernistic and Minimalistic-Themed Property  

Villa Leopolda - Expensive House in the World

Sitting on the Hill of the Mediterranean city of Nice, cannot be overlooked. It would be strange to discuss luxury homes without mentioning Villa Leopolda’s residence. The Villa Leopolda house is an abode of lavishness, which comes as no surprise given that it is classified as the third largest with the third most expensive mansion all across the world. This extroverted architecture is well-known for its anatomical property and complicated and elaborate home designs. This 8 hectares residence with a vintage interior and other recreational services has it all! 

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Inside Villa Leopolda’s Mega Residence 

Villa Leopolda is the third largest residence, residing on the magnificent coastal areas of the French Riviera in France. The property, which is only a few miles from the Mediterranean Sea, displays artwork influenced by the allure of France. It is stretched out over 8 acres of property and has the finest sea views imaginable. 

The mansion remains an important part of European heritage because it combines royal history with a contemporary touch of marvellous design and architecture. The title of this heritage site comes from its 1st owner, King Leopold II of Belgium. Later, it was overhauled by American architect; Ogden Codman Jr, who gave the property a Neo-Palladian style.

The mansion has 400-square-meter room and 12 pools. The house has 19 deluxe rooms,14 bathrooms, vintage items, a helipad and massive terraces. There are also sports courts, a game room, and a movie theatre. It also showcases exported marble and old-era artwork. It has been spotlighted on many Television programs and in Forbes magazine because it is regarded as one of Europe’s most notable properties. 

History of Villa Leopolda 

Villa Leopolda, situated on France’s Riviera, is the world’s third-largest residence. It covers an area of 8 hectares and approximately eight football fields. The residence is situated in the valleys of Villefranche-sur-Mer and Beaulieu-sur-Mer, just a few km from the Mediterranean city of Nice. In 1902, the property was built for Belgian King Leopold II, who purchased the land for one franc. The house was bought for his wife; Blanche Zélia Joséphine Delacroix, to whom he paid frequent visits. Blanche was told to leave the estate after Leopold died, and the house was taken over by King Albert I; the king’s nephew. 

In 1915, During World War I, the mansion was used as a functional hospital for military soldiers wounded on the battle lines rather than a luxury resort. In 1950, Giovanni Agnelli, owner of the Italian car brands (Fiat and Ferrari) purchased it.

Later, the mansion was purchased by banker Edmond Safra, although after his unfortunate death, the palace was purchased by his widow, Lily Safra. Further, Ignace Meuwissen, a high-profile real estate businessman, wanted to purchase the asset and tried several times to convince Lily. After he decided to give her a bribe of $555 million and Lily capitulated. However, due to the economic crisis in 2008, Meuwissen failed to pay much more than his $58 million downpayment. A battle erupted when he decided to withdraw the payment, but the French court adjured him to make the repayment. On August 8, 2008, Mikhail Prokhorov, a Russian tycoon, who owns Villa Leopolda, purchased it for 300 million euros. 

Villa Leopolda Price

The Villa Leopolda may appear to be an ancestral property, but it doesn’t have been outdated.  

Each purchaser has given the property a revamp and a modern touch. To maintain the classical art pieces and precious stone sculptures that offer the lavish villa with an old vibe. The current, worth of the villa is 750 billion euros.  

Villa Leopolda Interior

Being the third most expensive mansion in the world after Buckingham Palace, as well as the remark of its architectural and building methods, it stands out for its context and era. Mikhail Prokhorov, the business icon, possesses this high-end asset worth 300 billion euros. This house is worth exploring. Are you ready for a virtual tour?

Pool Area

Swimming Pool in Villa Leopolda

Image Credit – themostexpensivehomes

This villa is situated in a peaceful and isolated area. This 18-acre villa features 12 pools spread all across the property. The entire house appears to be in a similar mood. The pool is sitting on the cliffs of the hill with a magnificent view of the Mediterranean sea.

Living Room

This classical and enormous living area in the villa is exquisitely richly decorated with majestic deluxe pieces, vintage and classic furniture. It reflects the flawless personality of this house with huge terraces that offer breathtaking views.


The villa has  19 master-bedroom suites with 14 bathrooms. Each of these rooms are elegantly designed, with realistic and premium products. The bedroom is dominated by a vintage design drenched red and creamy. The ceiling is made of wood with cemented rock walls. Further, the wooden chair with golden outline photo frames and a white clock gives the perfect bedroom.


As a modern architectural task, creating the areas went through several stages, including transitional zones that evolved the public and personal zoning presumptions. Peeking via the Mediterranean villa, the obstructing material of contemporary architecture defies the city’s inferior features and visibility. Despite the change in the generic home concept, the construction has been applauded in various formats, such as the interior decor, surrounding area and more.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much is Villa Leopolda?

The current cost of the Villa Leopolda is 750 million euros

How many rooms does Villa Leopolda have?

Villa Leopolda consists of 19 luxurious suits with 10 bedrooms.

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