Bengaluru Introduces Trust-Based Online House Building Approvals

The Deputy Chief Minister of Bengaluru, DK Shivakumar, has announced the implementation of a decentralized automated online approval process for residential construction plans in the city. The new scheme, named “Nambike Nakshe”, allows residential constructions of up to four units, on a plot size of up to 50 x 80 feet, to obtain building plan approvals online. This move aims to address one of the major grievances of citizens and streamline the approval process.

Avoiding Hassles and Corruption

Previously, individuals had to go through a cumbersome process of visiting the offices of the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) to get their building plans approved. With the implementation of Nambike Nakshe, authorized architects or engineers can now submit the building plans online and obtain approvals without any hassles. This trust-based system empowers architects and engineers to self-declare the plans online, thus saving precious time for the public and eliminating corruption.

Trust-Based and Efficient System

To be eligible for online sanction plans, engineers and architects must be registered with the BBMP. The submitted building plans will be evaluated using the latest technology, and all fees can be paid online. Last year, around 9,000 people were issued sanction plans, and this number is expected to rise to 10,000 this year. By implementing a trust-based system, the government aims to give more freedom to the public and streamline the approval process based on their self-declared property details.

Pilot Phase and Future Expansion

To test the effectiveness of the Nambike Nakshew scheme, it will be introduced as a pilot project in the wards of Rajarajeshwarinagar and Dasarahalli zones. Based on the results and feedback, the program will be gradually expanded to cover the entire city of Bengaluru. This step reinforces the commitment of the government to facilitate easier access to essential services for its residents.

An Updated Property Tax System

In addition to the online approval process for building plans, the Deputy CM also announced a new property tax system in Bengaluru. The city has been classified into six zones based on various asset classes, such as residential, commercial, industrial, star hotels, vacant plots with and without rebate. The revised property tax system aims to bring uniformity and transparency to the collection and assessment process.

Bringing Properties into the Tax Net

There are currently around 18 lakh property owners in Bengaluru who are outside the property tax net. The government plans to extend the tax bracket by providing an opportunity for those who have not declared their properties to do so now. Once the property details are in order, the BBMP will issue an A khata (a property ownership document) and a B khata (a temporary slot for properties with discrepancies).


The introduction of the decentralized automated online approval process for building plans is a significant step towards simplifying and streamlining the construction process in Bengaluru. By leveraging technology, the government aims to reduce bureaucracy, save time for the public, and eliminate corruption. Furthermore, the updated property tax system will help bring more properties within the tax net, ensuring a fair and equitable collection process. These initiatives highlight the government’s commitment to making Bengaluru a more efficient and citizen-friendly city.

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