Light Fittings in Homes: Choosing suitable decor lights

Light fitting in home
Lights fitting in home
Lights fittings in homes

Selecting the right light fitting in home is a major task and one that you should execute with a lot of care and caution. After all, good lighting plays a big role in transforming the look and feel of a home.

Gone are the days when the concept of adequate light fitting in homes translated into basic light bulbs, tube lights and so on. Nowadays, the sky is the limit when it comes to décor lights for modern homes, particularly in terms of the abundance of new designs, styles, themes, textures and materials available in the market. Lighting is a key component of both home décor and overall design and most contemporary homeowners are particular about installing the right fixtures in this regard.

When it comes to light fitting in home, there are options available across a diverse spectrum of budgets, covering ethnic/traditional designs and swankier counterparts. Lighting fixtures now make use of a variety of materials including crystal, glass, metal, fiber, bamboo and more. There are several kinds of fixtures available as well, including ceiling and wall lights, floor lamps, light strips, chandeliers, spotlights, pendant lights and more. Experts feel that modern buyers are more conscious about doing up their homes, while being aware of the fact that good lighting is a huge mood enhancer at home.

Lighting up your home- Some pointers to keep in mind

Light fitting in homes depends not just on the décor theme but also several other factors including the available natural light and utility needs. For instance, lighting is required abundantly in areas like the kitchen, living room, places where people work/study and so on. Dressing tables, bathrooms and wardrobes require accompanying lighting for completing various tasks. Dimmer lighting options may be employed in bedrooms for creating a more relaxing vibe.

Back panel light fitting in homes for the television is another popular choice these days along with light strips/clusters for living room walls. Table or ceiling lamps have always remained in vogue while accent lights for artifacts or photographs/artwork are more popular nowadays. Multiple options for lighting up living rooms is another great way to jazz up your home.

Tips for light fitting in home that you can use

  • Install a central source of lighting at home which could be bright LED lights.
  • Consider ceiling height before installation of a chandelier. These fixtures are required to be 7-8 feet above the room floor.
  • Correct placement of lamps is necessary on worktables to eliminate shadows.
  • Bedroom side tables are best accentuated with cozy lamps which double up as reading lights as well.
  • Bedroom lamps should not be too close to the bed.
  • Easily maintainable lighting fixtures and accessories are recommended.
  • Brightness levels are ideally to be kept high in rooms occupied by children. Floor or glass lamps can be avoided here.
  • Additional lighting plug points are extremely necessary for usage during special occasions or major festivals.

.Decor lighting options worth considering

There are a wealth of options if you think of light fitting in homes. These include the following:

  • String Lights- Creating a magical fairyland at home is possible with string lights which come in a mélange of shapes, sizes and colors. They are ideal accent lighting picks and are soothing at night too. Affordable yet aesthetically appealing, these lighting options are worth a dekko on your part!
  • Wall Lights- There are wall lighting options available individually for each separate room of the house. Downward facing lights are suitable for illuminating rooms, upward facing counterparts are suitable as accent and night lights. Placement depends on your home décor theme.
  • Ceiling Lights- Vital for any home, ceiling lights add to the overall elegance of any space and create an illusion of added space as well.
  • Chandeliers- The Grand Dame of lighting fixtures, chandeliers are popular picks as far as decor lights in homes is concerned. They come in a variety of designs ranging from understated to elaborately glamorous.
  • Lamps- Study lamps, table lamps, dining lamps and all other varieties prove the adage old is gold. You cannot do without these trusted beauties and they have now transformed into décor items as well.

Light fitting in homes is a task that you should put your heart and soul into, considering the importance of good lighting. Proper lighting helps in creating a more positive and warmer environment at home, something that is a huge necessity in today’s stressful times.

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