Steal Home Decor Ideas from Sunil Chetri’s Luxurious Abode


Sunil Chhetri, the Captain Fantastic, is known for his charm, dedication, commitment, skills and compassionate personality. He is one of the exemplary names in the Indian sports world whose passion has its address in the heart of fitness. The actor resides in Bengaluru with his wife Sonam Chhetri- his best friend and daughter of his coach.

House of Sunil Chhetri- Where Every Corner Tells a Story

Sunil Chhetri’s house is nestled in the most coveted location of Bangalore – the garden city. His abode is an inspiration for people who want to give their small space a rhythm of a big castle. From taking on decor factors with gifts he received in his wedding and housewarming to summoning a flock of distinct designs and scattering them across different areas, the couple has set an excellent example to design a home.

There is a sleek use of different do-ups and designs in each area of the house of Sunil Chhetri. Despite the meagre space, the couple has made sure their house does not look confined. 

Living Room for Chit-Chats

Not to mention, the living room is one spot where you have your golden chance to woo your guests and treat them to a stop-and-stare moment. Speaking of which, our eyes are first drawn to the living room of Sunil Chetri. This space of his abode comes with an open island kitchen where you will discover a distinct vibe. This place is anything but off the beaten track. It is rather welcoming and it asks you to come over, gather and have fun. Overall, this area is a centre of attraction in Chetri’s home.

Island Kitchen and the Mediterranean Moments

When we take a look at the modular kitchen of Sunil Chetri, we can’t help but feel Mediterranean vibes, all thanks to the kitchen garden and of course- the deck.

Sunil Chetri’s Minimalist Master Bedroom

The master bedroom of Sunil Chetri is canopied by the ever-so-bright charm of natural light, and nothing really compares to that. There is a minimalistic touch, unlike other petite nooks of the abode, and it features certain decor items that won’t have any miss in drawing your attention. The bed features a leather headboard with metal bedside lamps, which adds a sophisticated touch to the room. But the winner has to be the walk-in closet. It is a glass closet that keeps the contemporary face of the interior on the point.

Tropical Party on the Deck

The bedroom area takes us out in the tropical world- the deck. It is adorned in minty green and grey shades that jazz things up. It calls the outdoors in for a forever stay and makes sure that the couple is not short on any must-have aspect of home decor and design. You will have an instant punch of happiness the moment your eyes will fall upon the potted plants in the deck, where there is also a beautiful herb garden. To experience the relief of lounging over the deck, the couple has placed a beautiful swing to sit on comfortably with a cup of coffee. Now, who doesn’t want that?

Study Room Calls for “Me-Time”

Surprisingly, Sunil Chhetri’s house also has a study room, and it inspires us to step out of the box. There is a throne-like winged chair in this study space that grabs attention at first glance. The study is designed and done in such a way that it comes out to be spacious. And while we are in this room, we have to appreciate the way this place holds the trophies won by the talented player.

You Can Always Count on Wooden Accents and Decor Items

Wooden furniture is the beloved of any house. It is a touch-up of elegance on one’s taste of home decor. Sunil’s immense love for the wooden surfaces and furniture is crystal-clearly visible in his house. From the gracious flooring to most of the tables as well as consoles are bathed in a dark walnut layer and all are offset by the vibes of blue and grey tones.

The display features splendid mirrors, clocks, paintings and statues that have the power to make anyone spellbound. According to the player, many of such items are the gifts that the couple received during their wedding and housewarming party.

Interesting Facts about Sunil Chetri’s House

We have gathered the key details about the palatial house of Sunil Chetri. Let’s have a look-

  • The living room area is tied with an open island kitchen and by that, we do not mean- cram-full. Instead of making things appear to be a hotch-potch, the kitchen and living room is an island that invites guests to gather around.
  • The most noteworthy aspect of Sunil Chetri’ house is that it has different areas- the kitchen, living and dining spaces flowing into each other. Despite being a small space, this house seems to be spacious.
  •  The house swoons you again with its marvellous kitchen garden that features a ritzy deck and everything here makes you feel like you are on a Mediterranean vacay.
  • The study area has a winsome throne-like winged chair that steals your glare without passing a second.  
  • The shelves in the study room of Sunil Chetri are decked up with his trophies.
  • The player has a sports bike that he keeps parked in the hallway. This adds to his home decor with a quirky appeal.
  • The couple has made the best use of their housewarming and wedding gifts by using them in their home décor- it is an easy interior inspiration. These décor pieces are clocks, mirrors, paintings and statues.
  • The house beautifully fuses woodwork with different flamboyant touches of white, and we love how it brings in warm and welcoming hues.
  • The flooring, cabinets, tables and consoles are studded with a dark walnut finish while the cool shades of blue and grey add an edge.
  • The master bedroom is loved and caressed by an adequate amount of natural light. Additionally, it is adorned with metal bedside lamps which make this space look magnificent.
  • The bed features a leather headboard. There is also a walk-in closet made up of glass that overlooks the deck.
  • The deck is amped-up with various potted plants and there is a whole different world of herbs.

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FAQ’s About Sunil Chetri’s House:

Q1. What is the net worth of Sunil Chhetri’s house?

Ans: The net worth of Indian football player Sunil Chhetri is around ₹7 crores.

Q2. Where is Sunil Chhetri’s house located?

Ans: Sunil Chhetri’s house is located in the garden city of Bengaluru.

Q3. What is the name of Sunil Chhetri’s wife?

Ans: Sonal Chhetri is Sunil Chhetri’s wife, who is also her long-time best friend and his coach’s daughter.

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