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1 Acre is equal to 4046.86 Square Meter

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What is an Acre? 

The acre is widely known as the measurement unit for land area and is used within the U.S. customary system of measurement and the Imperial system alike. The regular definition of an acre is the specific area of a single chain by a single furlong. This, in turn, works out to 66 by 660 feet on average or 10 square chains in all. It is also equivalent to 1/640 of a single square mile or roughly 43,560 square feet. It is also 4,047 square meters on average. 

An acre is also popularly called 40% of a hectare. Based on the International Yard and Pound agreement of the year 1959, the acre may be described as equivalent to exactly 4,046.8564224 square meters. The term acres previously was abbreviated as ac but over the years it is used in its full form.

History of Acre

Throughout the Middle Ages, there was an interesting definition of the acre that was conceived. It was taken as the area of land which could be seamlessly ploughed in a single day by a yoke (pair) of oxen. The acre continues to be a statute measure across the United States. The US exclusive survey acre and international acre are being used. The only difference is the extent of just 2 parts for every million. The common purpose and use of the acre is the measurement of land area, land plots and tracts. 

The word acre itself originates from the æcer word in Old English parlance. It corresponds to the meaning of an open field. The term Acre is synonymous with ækre from the Norwegian west coast along with Akur which comes from Iceland. Other derivations of the word come from åker which is Swedish while other forms of the word include Akker in the Netherlands or Holland, Ager in Latin, αγρός or Agros in Greek, and Ajra in Sanskrit. The historically relevant spelling of Acre was aker in English over the years. 

Back in 1300, based upon the Act of the Composition of Yards and Perches, the acre stands for roughly 40 perches or rods by length and 4 perches by breadth. It stood for 220 yards by 22 yards as the average rule of thumb. 

Before the metric system came into force, several global countries including European nations made use of their official systems for the acre. In France, for instance, an acre was only used across Normandy although the specific value kept varying hugely throughout the entire region. It usually hovered between 3,632 and 9,725 square meters. The frequently used value stood at 8,172 square meters on average. The acre in Normandy was commonly sub-divided into four roods or vergées and also 160 square perches, just in the manner of the acre used in England. The acre used in Normandy equated to approximately 1.6 arpents.

In Canada, for instance, the arpent from Paris was used in the Quebec province even before the adoption of the regular metric system. It is also known as a French acre in historical parlance. The Normandy acre is quite different for measuring area if you take the arpent from Paris into context. The Normandy acre has never been used in France-influenced regions of Canada earlier. The arpent was the area measurement unit for French Canada at the same time. Morgen is the word used for an acre in Germany. There are multiple versions of this measurement unit, differing from one German region to another. 

The acre is majorly used in present and previous countries under the British Commonwealth as a custom. In some countries, it is still used as a statute measure of sorts. Although, post-2010, the UK has discontinued the use of acres. Several countries such as New Zealand, South Africa and Australia and other major countries terminated the use of acres for decades. In several regions where acre is not a statute measure, it can still be legally employed for trading purposes if all supplementary details are provided and it is not used for registration of land as well. 

Here are some interesting facts about the acre: 

  • It equals around 4,840 square yards and 43,560 square feet. 
  • An acre is also the same as 4,047 square meters or 0.4047 hectares. 
  • All contemporary versions of the acre will have 4,840 square yards although there are varying yard definitions. Hence, the exact acre size will be dependent upon the specific yard used.
  • The acre does not have any specified or prescribed shape which you should take into account. 
  • A global or international acre is equivalent to 0.40468564224 hectares for a square with sides of 100 m and an overall area of 1 hectare. It is also equivalent to 4,046.8564224 square meters. 
  • A U.S. survey acre works out to 0.404687261 hectares or 4,046.87261 square meters. 

People in the U.S. may visualise the acre in the form of a rectangle which measures 55 yards by 88 yards. This is roughly 9/10th of the size of a regular American football field. 1 acre is 90.75% of the American football field, i.e. 100 yards long and 53.33 yards wide. This excludes the end zone of course. The complete field, inclusive of these end zones, will be roughly 0.53 hectares (ha) or 1.32 acres. 

People of other nations may envision an acre as something that is more than 50% of a football pitch of 0.71 hectares or 1.76 acres. Another way to remember an acre is as 1% short of around 44,000 square feet. This is because an acre works out to 43,560 square feet. 

Current Use of Acre 

Acre is presently used in several countries including the United Kingdom (UK), the United States (U.S.) and along with India, Ghana, Canada and many other nations. The US makes use of both international and its own US survey acres. They vary based on which yard type is being used for measurement purposes. 

Several former and current British Commonwealth nations also use acres as a custom. Some countries use acres as a statute measure. These nations include the Bahamas, Antigua and Barbuda, British Virgin Islands, Falkland Islands, Cayman Islands, Montserrat, Jamaica, St. Helena, Saint Lucia and more. It is also used for measuring residential land in Sri Lanka and other South Asian nations along with the United Kingdom, as mentioned earlier. 

What is Square Meter?

The area that is equivalent to a square with 1 meter on every side is a square meter. This is used in reality for measuring areas of homes, rooms, land parcels, blocks and so on. The symbol in this case is known as m2. Less officially, the square meter is sometimes abbreviated as sq m.

A square meter is the SI-based measuring unit for an area that denotes 1 meter of length on both sides of the area and can be of any shape. 

Hence, rather than meter, it makes more sense to convert an acre into a square meter to get an accurate measurement of the land, floor, or plot of a home. 

History of the Square Meter

The original definition of meter came about in the year 1793 and it was called the one ten-millionth figure for the distance between the North Pole from the Equator right along a big circle. The circumference of the Earth is roughly 40,000 kilometres. In the year 1799, the meter was defined once more with an actual prototype meter bar coming into play. The actual bar was eventually changed in the year 1889. 

In the year 1960, the meter was freshly defined based on a specific number of wavelengths for a particular emission line in the case of Krypton-86. The present definition came into being in the year 1983 while it was slightly reworked in the year 2002 for clarification purposes, i.e. that the meter stands for an actual measure of length. 

The term Meter is derived from the Greek word ‘Metron’ which means ‘a measure’. A researcher in 1675, named Tito Livio Burattini, defined a meter using the length of a pendulum. He wanted to standardize the value by that means. However, owing to the accuracy of measurement, it was proven that the second hand of a pendulum differed from country to country. Thus, the idea of the researcher was entirely terminated. 

The Conférence Générale des Poids et Mesures (CGPM) in 1983 introduced a new definition which is currently being used worldwide. 

According to the definition,  1 Meter = the length of light in a vacuum travelled during a time interval of (1/299,792,458) a second.

Current Use of Square Meter

Meter is used for measurement purposes related to everything between the ruler’s length and the distance between several things contained in a room. Most household items including rooms, tables, window frames and television screens will be measured by way of meters. Kilometres are also used for measuring long distances accordingly.

Relationship between Acre and Square Meter

Instead of meter square (m2), it is easier to use square meters for conversion purposes. To understand the relationship of 1 acre to sq mtr before proceeding to calculate, you must know the value of acre and square meter.  

Hence, to convert 1 acre to square meter, you will have to remember that 1 square meter is equal to 0.000247105 acres and 1 acre equals 4046.89 square meters. 

How to Convert Acre to Square Meter? 

To convert 1 acre to square meter is a simple process once you know the value of the measuring unit.  Hence, 1 acre is equal to 4046.86 square meters. Thus, to know the final land measurements in meters, one has to multiply the number of acres by 4046.86. You can also convert square meters to acres by multiplying the figure in square meters by 0.000247105. 

1 square meter = 0.000247105 acres. 

For the conversion of 1 acre to square meter, you should remember the above formulas to make land measurement calculations easier and faster. However, one must note that this conversion applies solely to square plots. In the case of square plots, 1 acre equals 4046.86 square meters or 63.614953 meters.

Formula for Converting Acre to Square Meter

The formula of an acre to sq mtr is as follows:- 

Square Meters = Acre * 4046.89 

This formula will easily convert acre to square meter which will help you in your measurement objectives. The formula can also be written as m2 = ac/0.00024711. This will also give you the same results. 

Acre to Square Meter Conversion Table

AcreSquare MeterAcre to Square Meter
1 ac4046.86 m²1 acre is equal to 4046.86 square meter
2 ac8093.72 m²2 acres is equal to 8093.72 square meters
3 ac12140.58 m²3 acres is equal to 12140.58 square meters
4 ac16187.44 m²4 acres is equal to 16187.44 square meters
5 ac20234.3 m²5 acres is equal to 20234.3 square meters
6 ac24281.16 m²6 acres is equal to 24281.16 square meters
7 ac28328.02 m²7 acres is equal to 28328.02 square meters
8 ac32374.88 m²8 acres is equal to 32374.88 square meters
9 ac36421.74 m²9 acres is equal to 36421.74 square meters
10 ac40468.6 m²10 acres is equal to 40468.6 square meters
11 ac44515.46 m²11 acres is equal to 44515.46 square meters
12 ac48562.32 m²12 acres is equal to 48562.32 square meters
13 ac52609.18 m²13 acres is equal to 52609.18 square meters
14 ac56656.04 m²14 acres is equal to 56656.04 square meters
15 ac60702.9 m²15 acres is equal to 60702.9 square meters
16 ac64749.76 m²16 acres is equal to 64749.76 square meters
17 ac68796.62 m²17 acres is equal to 68796.62 square meters
18 ac72843.48 m²18 acres is equal to 72843.48 square meters
19 ac76890.34 m²19 acres is equal to 76890.34 square meters
20 ac80937.2 m²20 acres is equal to 80937.2 square meters
21 ac84984.06 m²21 acres is equal to 84984.06 square meters
22 ac89030.92 m²22 acres is equal to 89030.92 square meters
23 ac93077.78 m²23 acres is equal to 93077.78 square meters
24 ac97124.64 m²24 acres is equal to 97124.64 square meters
25 ac101171.5 m²25 acres is equal to 101171.5 square meters
26 ac105218.36 m²26 acres is equal to 105218.36 square meters
27 ac109265.22 m²27 acres is equal to 109265.22 square meters
28 ac113312.08 m²28 acres is equal to 113312.08 square meters
29 ac117358.94 m²29 acres is equal to 117358.94 square meters
30 ac121405.8 m²30 acres is equal to 121405.8 square meters
31 ac125452.66 m²31 acres is equal to 125452.66 square meters
32 ac129499.52 m²32 acres is equal to 129499.52 square meters
33 ac133546.38 m²33 acres is equal to 133546.38 square meters
34 ac137593.24 m²34 acres is equal to 137593.24 square meters
35 ac141640.1 m²35 acres is equal to 141640.1 square meters
36 ac145686.96 m²36 acres is equal to 145686.96 square meters
37 ac149733.82 m²37 acres is equal to 149733.82 square meters
38 ac153780.68 m²38 acres is equal to 153780.68 square meters
39 ac157827.54 m²39 acres is equal to 157827.54 square meters
40 ac161874.4 m²40 acres is equal to 161874.4 square meters
41 ac165921.26 m²41 acres is equal to 165921.26 square meters
42 ac169968.12 m²42 acres is equal to 169968.12 square meters
43 ac174014.98 m²43 acres is equal to 174014.98 square meters
44 ac178061.84 m²44 acres is equal to 178061.84 square meters
45 ac182108.7 m²45 acres is equal to 182108.7 square meters
46 ac186155.56 m²46 acres is equal to 186155.56 square meters
47 ac190202.42 m²47 acres is equal to 190202.42 square meters
48 ac194249.28 m²48 acres is equal to 194249.28 square meters
49 ac198296.14 m²49 acres is equal to 198296.14 square meters
50 ac202343 m²50 acres is equal to 202343 square meters
51 ac206389.86 m²51 acres is equal to 206389.86 square meters
52 ac210436.72 m²52 acres is equal to 210436.72 square meters
53 ac214483.58 m²53 acres is equal to 214483.58 square meters
54 ac218530.44 m²54 acres is equal to 218530.44 square meters
55 ac222577.3 m²55 acres is equal to 222577.3 square meters
56 ac226624.16 m²56 acres is equal to 226624.16 square meters
57 ac230671.02 m²57 acres is equal to 230671.02 square meters
58 ac234717.88 m²58 acres is equal to 234717.88 square meters
59 ac238764.74 m²59 acres is equal to 238764.74 square meters
60 ac242811.6 m²60 acres is equal to 242811.6 square meters
61 ac246858.46 m²61 acres is equal to 246858.46 square meters
62 ac250905.32 m²62 acres is equal to 250905.32 square meters
63 ac254952.18 m²63 acres is equal to 254952.18 square meters
64 ac258999.04 m²64 acres is equal to 258999.04 square meters
65 ac263045.9 m²65 acres is equal to 263045.9 square meters
66 ac267092.76 m²66 acres is equal to 267092.76 square meters
67 ac271139.62 m²67 acres is equal to 271139.62 square meters
68 ac275186.48 m²68 acres is equal to 275186.48 square meters
69 ac279233.34 m²69 acres is equal to 279233.34 square meters
70 ac283280.2 m²70 acres is equal to 283280.2 square meters
71 ac287327.06 m²71 acres is equal to 287327.06 square meters
72 ac291373.92 m²72 acres is equal to 291373.92 square meters
73 ac295420.78 m²73 acres is equal to 295420.78 square meters
74 ac299467.64 m²74 acres is equal to 299467.64 square meters
75 ac303514.5 m²75 acres is equal to 303514.5 square meters
76 ac307561.36 m²76 acres is equal to 307561.36 square meters
77 ac311608.22 m²77 acres is equal to 311608.22 square meters
78 ac315655.08 m²78 acres is equal to 315655.08 square meters
79 ac319701.94 m²79 acres is equal to 319701.94 square meters
80 ac323748.8 m²80 acres is equal to 323748.8 square meters
81 ac327795.66 m²81 acres is equal to 327795.66 square meters
82 ac331842.52 m²82 acres is equal to 331842.52 square meters
83 ac335889.38 m²83 acres is equal to 335889.38 square meters
84 ac339936.24 m²84 acres is equal to 339936.24 square meters
85 ac343983.1 m²85 acres is equal to 343983.1 square meters
86 ac348029.96 m²86 acres is equal to 348029.96 square meters
87 ac352076.82 m²87 acres is equal to 352076.82 square meters
88 ac356123.68 m²88 acres is equal to 356123.68 square meters
89 ac360170.54 m²89 acres is equal to 360170.54 square meters
90 ac364217.4 m²90 acres is equal to 364217.4 square meters
91 ac368264.26 m²91 acres is equal to 368264.26 square meters
92 ac372311.12 m²92 acres is equal to 372311.12 square meters
93 ac376357.98 m²93 acres is equal to 376357.98 square meters
94 ac380404.84 m²94 acres is equal to 380404.84 square meters
95 ac384451.7 m²95 acres is equal to 384451.7 square meters
96 ac388498.56 m²96 acres is equal to 388498.56 square meters
97 ac392545.42 m²97 acres is equal to 392545.42 square meters
98 ac396592.28 m²98 acres is equal to 396592.28 square meters
99 ac400639.14 m²99 acres is equal to 400639.14 square meters
100 ac404686 m²100 acres is equal to 404686 square meters

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Difference between Acre and Square Meter

While one is an SI unit (sqm), the other is not an SI unit (acre) but both are used to measure the area of the land, and floor, to name a few. Refer to the table given below to understand the basic differences between the two measuring units:

Basis of ComparisonAcreSquare Meter
Definition The acre is a land area measurement unit that is used throughout the U.S. customary measurement system and also within the aegis of the Imperial system of measurement.It is defined as the area of a single square with the sides measuring 1 meter in length.
AcceptanceThe most common acre versions today include the international acre and this is based upon the definition of the international yard that took place back in the year 1959.It is an SI (International System of Units) unit for measurement of the area. Although it is usually taken as the SI-derived measurement unit rather than an actual SI-based unit.
Use Acre is used for measuring larger tracts or plots of land in several global countries. A square meter is used for measuring the area of rooms, plots and also houses.
Formula1 acre = 4046.856 m²1 square meter = 0.000247105 acre. 
SizeClearly, an acre is bigger than a square meter.A square meter is smaller than an acre.

FAQ’s about Acre to Square Meter

Q1. How to calculate acre to meters?

You have to use this formula- m2 = ac/0.00024711

Q2. hat is the formula for converting acre to square meters?

This is the formula that you will have to use-

m2 = ac/0.00024711

Q3. How many acres in 1 square meter?

1 square meter contains 0.000247105 acres

Q4. What are acres and square meters used for?

Acre is commonly used for land measurement units in several parts of the world. Meter is used for measuring the distance between things and so on.

Q5. What is the length and width of 1 acre in meters?

There is no specific length and width of an acre. It’s an Imperial measurement of area, which equals 43,560 square feet or 4840 square yards or 4,046.856 square meters.

Q6. How much land equals 2500 square meters?

0.6177634537 acres of land equals 2500 square meters.

Q7. How do you calculate an acre?

As we know, 1 square meter = 0.000247105 acres. Therefore, if the area of the land is given in square meters, you can calculate an acre of land by dividing a square meter by 0.000247105. This will give you 1 acre = 4046.86.

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