Facebook’s first Asian data centre to come up in Singapore


Singapore’s infrastructural development and rapidly emerging business potential have been recognized by Facebook which has confirmed the development of its first ever Asian data centre here. This is a landmark decision and a hugely welcome development for Singapore which is on the cusp of sky-rocketing commercial and business growth. This development is expected to give a fillip to investments in office spaces and other technological infrastructure in Singapore and will naturally boost the retail and residential real estate markets here in turn.

Facebook will be investing roughly $1 billion or S$1.4 billion for building this data centre at Singapore. This will be the 15th such Facebook data centre worldwide and the first ever in Asia. This structure will go up to 11 storeys, covering 170, 000 sq. metres and will be part of Facebook’s expanding presence across Asia and Singapore.

This data centre is also expected to be eco-friendly and energy efficient and will be one of the most unique commercial sites in Asia. This is slated to open officially in the year 2022. Facebook has reportedly chosen Singapore for the data centre on account of several factors including the presence of top-notch infrastructure and other facilities along with good fibre access, ample local talent and good community partners.

The company has also stated that Singapore already has several positive policies in place which will enable a better environment for global businesses including policies which offer support for contract enforcement and also the ease of obtaining construction permits. Data centres are used for storing vital infrastructure for Facebook including mega servers and other networked equipment which enable the smooth running of Facebook services and applications for customers.