Glass Homes Around The World That Will Leave You Speechless!

Top glass homes

Ever envisioned waking up to a sunrise and sleeping underneath the stars in a glass home? Sounds like a classic fairytale? Feast your eyes on these jaw-dropping glass homes around the world that will leave you stunned!

Glass homes have been around for a long time and there is always something incredibly magical about these homes. The transparency of a glass home offers the best view and provides a deeper connection with the environment.

‘’People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones’’, a commonly used proverb is true for the lucky owners of some of these stunning glass homes from around the world.

Let us dive into some of the world’s gorgeous glass homes that are catching everyone’s attention.

The Tea House By David Jameson Architect

This spectacular Japanese glass tea house made of bronze and glass structure hangs like a lantern suspended from a pair of steel arms. This glass home is exclusively designed for use as a meditation space and family music stage.

Nestled within a lush green backyard of a suburban home, this home has received the 2010 Washington DC AIA Award of Merit.

Glass Pavilion- Steve Herman Design

This ultra-modern glass pavilion by Steve Herman features two levels with glass walls overlooking lush green gardens. The top-level houses a modular kitchen, lounge room as well as a master suite with an impressive modern bathroom.

The Glass Pavilion includes an art gallery where the owner has displayed it’s vintage car collection and has a capacity to hold 30 cars.

The Greenhouse Shed by Ville Hara and Linda Bergroth

Ville Hara and Linda Bergroth launched their greenhouse and shed kit for the gardening market in 2010. Greenhouse-sheds are constructed by using toughened safety glass and Finnish pine to form structures with steeply pitched roofs that can displace snowfall.

Bergroth designed her own garden studio by customizing the shed that serves as an extra bedroom for her cottage during the summers. Moreover, she has further added wooden flooring and solar panels to power the lighting.

Fishers Island House – By Thomas Phifer and Partner

This massive transparent pavilion home is owned by a retired museum director and wife. An aluminum trellis hangs right above a perimeter walkway, providing shade to the interior sections of the house while allowing some light to filter through.

Glass House by Thomas Roszak

This glass home is the architect’s most celebrated work which is home to his young family on the North shore of Chicago. This one of its kind home comprises multiple glass-shelled sections combined into one.

This AIA Honors award winner house was the architect’s long-held dream for modular glass architecture.

The Glass Home in Stuttgart, Germany

This stunning glass home nested in Germany stands four-stories tall and is totally sustainable. The house has photovoltaic panels that power the house and provide light for the home after sundown.

The triple-glazed windows give the home all the natural light it needs to light up every room from inside.

The Photographers Studio by Gh3

The photographer’s studio over a boathouse by GH3 is a large skinned rectangle nested in a stony lake in Ontario, Canada. It provides the best natural studio light for perfect studio photography.

The Optical Glass House by Nakamura and NAP

This urbane glass home nested in the heart of Hiroshima has used custom glass bricks for the multistorey outer wall. By using these custom made glass bricks, the residents enjoy the natural light all day that penetrates deep into its inner space.

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