All you need to know about Earthship homes

Earthship homes

Do you know homes and buildings have a direct impact on the environment during the construction process? Earthship homes are self-sustaining structures that can reduce carbon footprint! 

In the past, the construction of traditional homes has negatively impacted the environment. With the increasing carbon footprints, the need for energy-efficient buildings is gaining momentum.

As society has now become more aware about the prevailing environmental issues, the need for sustainable design is increasing around the world, with more future homeowners seeking to reduce their carbon footprint.

What is an Earthship home?

Earthship homes are solar homes typically made up of natural and recycled materials. These may vary in design depending on topography and materials used.

However, V-shape is more preferred because it is easier to collect water due to the slanted shape. 

When was the first Earthship home constructed?

Michael Reynolds is the mastermind behind these homes who constructed the first Earthship home in the 1970s. This architect wanted an Earthship home that can be constructed by using affordable and readily available materials for people who have no building skills. 

How is an Earthship home constructed?

Earthship Sustainable home walls made with bottles and other recycled material like tires and cans.

Earthships homes are constructed using both recycled and natural materials. Materials such as discarded tires, aluminum cans, glass and plastic beverage bottles are used for building these homes.

Mixing old tires with compacted soil creates an exceptionally strong material suitable for outer and interior walls.

Perks of living in an Earthship Home

No heating or cooling systems needed 

The material used for the construction of Earthship homes takes advantage of the natural properties of Earth to maintain a comfortable temperature suitable for all climates.

Depending on the climatic condition in your region, the design of your Earthship home can be constructed according to your heating and cooling needs. 

Easy to construct

Earthship homes can be easily constructed with recyclable materials like soda and beer cans, tyres, glass bottles as well as salvaged wood. These homes are significantly cheaper than traditional homes because of the recycled materials used in their construction.

These usually do not require any professional assistance or heavy labour work. If you have basic tools in hand, you can easily construct these homes yourself. 


These homes are completely self-sufficient as they solely rely on solar and wind energy, thus allowing you to collect electricity the natural way. 

Inexpensive material

Earthship homes are significantly cheaper than traditional homes as most of the material used for the construction of these homes is recycled. Due to their low construction cost, they can fit almost every budget. 

History of Earthship homes in India

This concept is fairly new in India and et to gain popularity as limited people have constructed such a home. Karuna Farms was India’s first Earthship project which was constructed in 2009 at Kodaikanal.

The project is a fully-sufficient home that produces food in-house, uses rainwater for various purposes, and electrified by the sun.

With the increasing carbon footprints and governments tightening up their building codes for increased energy efficiency and smarter use of resources, Earthship homes are bound to become more popular in the coming years.

Shruti Aswal Shruti Aswal is an avid writer with over 4+ years of experience in content creation now. Shruti calls herself a 'Wacky Writer' and always loves to think Out-Of-The-Box. She holds experience in writing marketing content, social media management, SEO writing, and community management. In her leisure time. she enjoys writing Short stories for her Insta page and holds strong affinity for dogs.
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