Top 5 Tips for a Sustainable Home

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sustainable home design ideas

More and more people these days are shifting towards the idea of preserving Mother Earth and her resources for future generations. This has also resulted in people adopting sustainable home design ideas.

Ideally, it is easier to incorporate sustainable home design ideas while the building is in the making because you get more liberty to plan a lot of things. However, if you are planning to incorporate some ideas to give your existing home an upgrade, do not lose hope. There is so much you can do to make your abode an eco-friendly one. It is time that you can proudly say you live in a green home.

This article talks about various possibilities you can follow to set up your very own environment-friendly home. Read on to learn how this can be of help to you:

Orientation and Size

Depending on what is the dominant weather type where you stay, the orientation of the house should change. For instance, in a cold region, it is suggested that the windows face the south so that interiors can reap maximum benefit during winters and stay warm, naturally.

It has also been observed that small houses use less energy and resources as compared to their large counterparts – even sustainability is on your mind. As far as the shape of the home is concerned, stick to conventional shapes rather than the irregular ones.

Sustainable House Materials

sustainable construction material for green home

The idea of owning a sustainable home goes beyond what we think of it. It starts with sourcing the raw material with minimal environmental impact for construction. Using locally sourced material ensures a greener impact on the environment because there is less transportation included.

Wherever possible, use recycled construction material like recycled steel, reclaimed wood, and reclaimed bricks, etc.

Energy-efficient Appliances

energy-efficient appliances for a green home

Whether yours is an entirely new construction or you are making changes to an existing property, the easiest way to go sustainable is to install energy efficient fixtures and appliances. Go for appliances with energy star rating. This does not only help keep the electricity bills under check but is also a great way to create an energy efficient home.

For lighting fixtures, it is highly recommended that you make a swift move towards LED light fixtures. Even when they are slightly on an expensive side, they last really long and don’t need frequent replacements.

Water Management & Landscaping

rain-water harvesting

When thinking of having an eco friendly home, you cannot think of skipping the water feature. Dual flush toilets and low-flow taps and faucets reduce water consumption, thus efficiently managing water. If yours is an entirely new construction, you could also allow a provision for underground tanks for rain water collection.

A sustainable home should blend with the nature. When planned carefully, gardens and landscaping can help improve the energy-efficiency of the home. If you live in a warm area, for instance, a terrace garden can help keep the floor below cooler.

Renewable Energy

With the passage of time, solar power has become popular as an alternative for electricity in Indian households. More and more people – with good support from the government – are moving towards this greener alternative to other sources of energy. In some areas, windmills are also used to generate power for sustainable home types.

Apart from the ones listed above, there are so many ideas to switch to a smart and sustainable home design that top the charts. Now that the costs for the construction of green homes has gone down, this is the best time for you to make that long-pending switch.

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