Hectare to Square Meter (ha to sq m) Conversion

1 Hectare is equal to 10000.00 Square Meter

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Hectare and Square Meter are both metric units used for the measurement of a two-dimensional figures. They can also be used to measure land or houses. After the introduction of the new Standard International (SI) unit, square meters received the acknowledgement as measuring unit and hectares are still widely accepted for computing land plots mostly by farmers. 

In this article, let us walk you through the specification of these metric units, the difference and the relationship between hectare and Square Meter.

What is Hectare?

Hectare is a measurement unit of the metric system. It was invented in the year 1795. The word hectare is derived from the Latin word Hect which means area. A hectare is equivalent to 2.471 acres in the United States Customary measure and the British Imperial System.

Current Use of Hectare 

Hectare is primarily used to measure the land. Now, it is commonly used as a unit of the metric system all across the globe. However, a hectare is not considered as the SI unit but according to the SI brochure, the hectare will continue indefinitely.

Countries like India, the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and the European Union commonly use this measurement unit.

History of a Hectare 

In the year 1960, the metric system was updated as the International System of Units (SI). However, it didn’t receive international recognition. The International Committee for Weights and Measures (CIPM) didn’t mention the hectare as one of the SI units but claimed that the hectare will be a non-SI unit accepted as usable International System of Units.

In the year 1972, the European Economic Community (ECC) passed a directive cataloguing replicated recommendations of the CGPM.

What is Square Meter?

The square meter is also known as the metre square. It is the Standard International (SI) unit of area measurement. The symbolic representation of a square meter is M2. Meter square can also be written as sq m. While calculating the area, it is salient to know that the area is directly proportional to the square of the linear dimension (two-dimensional).

Current Use of Square Meter

A square meter is a measuring unit that is used to measure two-dimensional areas, such as land. This measurement unit is widely used and acknowledged as the Standard International (SI) unit for measuring area. A square meter can be referred to as sq.m. or M2, which is equivalent to one meter on each side.

Currently, while measuring the plot, the area is proportional to the square of the linear dimension. 

History of Square Meter

Meter is the base unit for measuring the length and also is a metric unit of measurement. The word Meter is derived from the Greek word “Metron” which means a Measure. The word was originally conceptualized as one ten-millionth of the distance from the North Pole to the Equator of the Earth in 1973. In the year 1983 the standard understanding of meters was formalised during the General Conference on Weight and Measures (GCWM).

The Relationship between Hectare and Square Meter

The relationship between hectare and square meter is not hard to understand as both of the measuring units is used to measure the area of a two-dimensional object or land. 

If you understand the relationship between hectare and square meter, you will be able to convert a hectare into a square meter. You should know that one meter is equivalent to 10,000 square meters, and one square meter is equivalent to 0.0001 hectares.

In simple words, 1 hectare to a square meter is equivalent to 10,000 square meters and 2.471 acres in the British Imperial System.

Hectare to Square Meter Conversion Table

Hectare Square Meter Hectare to Square Meter
1 ha 10000 m2 1 Hectare is equal to 10000 Square Meter
2 ha 20000 m2 2 Hectare is equal to 20000 Square Meter
3 ha 30000 m2 3 Hectare is equal to 30000 Square Meter
4 ha 40000 m2 4 Hectare is equal to 40000 Square Meter
5 ha 50000 m2 5 Hectare is equal to 50000 Square Meter
6 ha 60000 m2 6 Hectare is equal to 60000 Square Meter
7 ha 70000 m2 7 Hectare is equal to 70000 Square Meter
8 ha 80000 m2 8 Hectare is equal to 80000 Square Meter
9 ha 90000 m2 9 Hectare is equal to 90000 Square Meter
10 ha 100000 m2 10 Hectare is equal to 100000 Square Meter
11 ha 110000 m2 11 Hectare is equal to 110000 Square Meter
12 ha 120000 m2 12 Hectare is equal to 120000 Square Meter
13 ha 130000 m2 13 Hectare is equal to 130000 Square Meter
14 ha 140000 m2 14 Hectare is equal to 140000 Square Meter
15 ha 150000 m2 15 Hectare is equal to 150000 Square Meter
16 ha 160000 m2 16 Hectare is equal to 160000 Square Meter
17 ha 170000 m2 17 Hectare is equal to 170000 Square Meter
18 ha 180000 m2 18 Hectare is equal to 180000 Square Meter
19 ha 190000 m2 19 Hectare is equal to 190000 Square Meter
20 ha 200000 m2 20 Hectare is equal to 200000 Square Meter
21 ha 210000 m2 21 Hectare is equal to 210000 Square Meter
22 ha 220000 m2 22 Hectare is equal to 220000 Square Meter
23 ha 230000 m2 23 Hectare is equal to 230000 Square Meter
24 ha 240000 m2 24 Hectare is equal to 240000 Square Meter
25 ha 250000 m2 25 Hectare is equal to 250000 Square Meter
26 ha 260000 m2 26 Hectare is equal to 260000 Square Meter
27 ha 270000 m2 27 Hectare is equal to 270000 Square Meter
28 ha 280000 m2 28 Hectare is equal to 280000 Square Meter
29 ha 290000 m2 29 Hectare is equal to 290000 Square Meter
30 ha 300000 m2 30 Hectare is equal to 300000 Square Meter
31 ha 310000 m2 31 Hectare is equal to 310000 Square Meter
32 ha 320000 m2 32 Hectare is equal to 320000 Square Meter
33 ha 330000 m2 33 Hectare is equal to 330000 Square Meter
34 ha 340000 m2 34 Hectare is equal to 340000 Square Meter
35 ha 350000 m2 35 Hectare is equal to 350000 Square Meter
36 ha 360000 m2 36 Hectare is equal to 360000 Square Meter
37 ha 370000 m2 37 Hectare is equal to 370000 Square Meter
38 ha 380000 m2 38 Hectare is equal to 380000 Square Meter
39 ha 390000 m2 39 Hectare is equal to 390000 Square Meter
40 ha 400000 m2 40 Hectare is equal to 400000 Square Meter
41 ha 410000 m2 41 Hectare is equal to 410000 Square Meter
42 ha 420000 m2 42 Hectare is equal to 420000 Square Meter
43 ha 430000 m2 43 Hectare is equal to 430000 Square Meter
44 ha 440000 m2 44 Hectare is equal to 440000 Square Meter
45 ha 450000 m2 45 Hectare is equal to 450000 Square Meter
46 ha 460000 m2 46 Hectare is equal to 460000 Square Meter
47 ha 470000 m2 47 Hectare is equal to 470000 Square Meter
48 ha 480000 m2 48 Hectare is equal to 480000 Square Meter
49 ha 490000 m2 49 Hectare is equal to 490000 Square Meter
50 ha 500000 m2 50 Hectare is equal to 500000 Square Meter
51 ha 510000 m2 51 Hectare is equal to 510000 Square Meter
52 ha 520000 m2 52 Hectare is equal to 520000 Square Meter
53 ha 530000 m2 53 Hectare is equal to 530000 Square Meter
54 ha 540000 m2 54 Hectare is equal to 540000 Square Meter
55 ha 550000 m2 55 Hectare is equal to 550000 Square Meter
56 ha 560000 m2 56 Hectare is equal to 560000 Square Meter
57 ha 570000 m2 57 Hectare is equal to 570000 Square Meter
58 ha 580000 m2 58 Hectare is equal to 580000 Square Meter
59 ha 590000 m2 59 Hectare is equal to 590000 Square Meter
60 ha 600000 m2 60 Hectare is equal to 600000 Square Meter
61 ha 610000 m2 61 Hectare is equal to 610000 Square Meter
62 ha 620000 m2 62 Hectare is equal to 620000 Square Meter
63 ha 630000 m2 63 Hectare is equal to 630000 Square Meter
64 ha 640000 m2 64 Hectare is equal to 640000 Square Meter
65 ha 650000 m2 65 Hectare is equal to 650000 Square Meter
66 ha 660000 m2 66 Hectare is equal to 660000 Square Meter
67 ha 670000 m2 67 Hectare is equal to 670000 Square Meter
68 ha 680000 m2 68 Hectare is equal to 680000 Square Meter
69 ha 690000 m2 69 Hectare is equal to 690000 Square Meter
70 ha 700000 m2 70 Hectare is equal to 700000 Square Meter
71 ha 710000 m2 71 Hectare is equal to 710000 Square Meter
72 ha 720000 m2 72 Hectare is equal to 720000 Square Meter
73 ha 730000 m2 73 Hectare is equal to 730000 Square Meter
74 ha 740000 m2 74 Hectare is equal to 740000 Square Meter
75 ha 750000 m2 75 Hectare is equal to 750000 Square Meter
76 ha 760000 m2 76 Hectare is equal to 760000 Square Meter
77 ha 770000 m2 77 Hectare is equal to 770000 Square Meter
78 ha 780000 m2 78 Hectare is equal to 780000 Square Meter
79 ha 790000 m2 79 Hectare is equal to 790000 Square Meter
80 ha 800000 m2 80 Hectare is equal to 800000 Square Meter
81 ha 810000 m2 81 Hectare is equal to 810000 Square Meter
82 ha 820000 m2 82 Hectare is equal to 820000 Square Meter
83 ha 830000 m2 83 Hectare is equal to 830000 Square Meter
84 ha 840000 m2 84 Hectare is equal to 840000 Square Meter
85 ha 850000 m2 85 Hectare is equal to 850000 Square Meter
86 ha 860000 m2 86 Hectare is equal to 860000 Square Meter
87 ha 870000 m2 87 Hectare is equal to 870000 Square Meter
88 ha 880000 m2 88 Hectare is equal to 880000 Square Meter
89 ha 890000 m2 89 Hectare is equal to 890000 Square Meter
90 ha 900000 m2 90 Hectare is equal to 900000 Square Meter
91 ha 910000 m2 91 Hectare is equal to 910000 Square Meter
92 ha 920000 m2 92 Hectare is equal to 920000 Square Meter
93 ha 930000 m2 93 Hectare is equal to 930000 Square Meter
94 ha 940000 m2 94 Hectare is equal to 940000 Square Meter
95 ha 950000 m2 95 Hectare is equal to 950000 Square Meter
96 ha 960000 m2 96 Hectare is equal to 960000 Square Meter
97 ha 970000 m2 97 Hectare is equal to 970000 Square Meter
98 ha 980000 m2 98 Hectare is equal to 980000 Square Meter
99 ha 990000 m2 99 Hectare is equal to 990000 Square Meter
100 ha 1000000 m2 100 Hectare is equal to 1000000 Square Meter

Important Measurement Units

There are other important measurement units which a real estate enthusiast like you should know about! Check them out in the table below. These can be important for anyone who wishes to convert areas over the top of their head. Memorizing such tables is not mandatory at all, but it adds a professional touch to your dealings. When taking area estimations, it is essential to be both precise and accurate. Accuracy speaks to how close an estimation goes to its actual measurement. This is significant because bad hardware, bad research, or human blunders can prompt wrong outcomes that are not exceptionally close to the actual figure. Such situations can be a nightmare for anyone who wants to be in the real estate field for the long run.

Precision signals a higher resolution of the figure rather than the actual figure. Suppose if a landmass is spread across 50 Square meters, then measuring it 43.532 may be precise (because of the resolution of the measurement itself) but it will nowhere be accurate (because the measurement is so far away from the true magnitude of the area). Thus, we recommend you to clarify your units and learn how to convert such measurements (such asHectare to Square Meter) seamlessly.  

144 square inches = 1 sq ft.
9 square feet = 1 sq yd = 1,296 sq in.
301/4 square yards = 1 sq rd = 2721/4 sq ft.
160 square rods = 1 acre = 4,840 sq yds = 43,560 sq ft.
640 acres = 1 sq mi.
1 mile square = 1 section (of land)
6 miles square = 1 township = 36 sections= 36 sq mi.

Difference between hectare and square meter

The difference between hectare and square meter is mentioned in the table below:

Hectare Square Meter
It is used for measuring plots of land for agriculture, forestry, construction, etc. It is used for measuring two-dimensional objects and spaces like houses, rooms and plots of land. 
This measurement unit are commonly used in India, USA, Canada, Australia and European Union. This measurement unit are commonly used in India, Hong Kong, Bangladesh and Pakistan. 
Hectare is considered as a non-SI unit, but it is acceptable as a usable International System of Units. It is a SI unit and is widely accepted and acknowledged.
1 Hectare = 1,000 Square Meter 1 Square Meter = 0.0001 Hectare

Bottom Line

Both measuring units hectare and square meters are commonly used for houses and land. However, two-dimensional objects can be measured using a square meter. The conversion and calculation can be a hassle, the best way to calculate the measurement is by using Hectare (ha) to Square Meter (sq. m.) calculator.

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Q1. How many square meters are in a hectare?

One hectare is equivalent to 10,000 square meters.

Q2. How many hectares are 1000 square meters?

1,000 square meters is equivalent to 0.1 hectares.

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