A Journey to the Luxurious Shraddha Kapoor House


Shraddha Kapoor house location is like a dream come true for all of us. The sea-facing amalgamation of apartments of the Kapoor family is luxury personified. And, maybe that’s why most of her curious fans look up her property online as “Shraddha Kapoor Bungalow” rather than “Shraddha Kapoor real house”, etc.


Shraddha Kapoor became a star overnight after the release of her debut film “Aashiqui 2”. And, since then, her popularity has only grown. After watching her wonderful performances on screen, her fandom has increased like crazy. The self-established actress has also bought a new house worth Rs. 10 crores with her income. She is the second actress to purchase her own home in the city of dreams after Alia Bhatt. But wait, there is a twist!


Even though Shraddha Kapoor has her new house, she stays with her family. And, today, we are giving you a virtual walk through the beautiful Shraddha Kapoor residence. We have also attached several photos of Shraddha Kapoor’s house so that you feel like you are already there.

The Story Behind Shraddha Kapoor Residence in Juhu


Every house has its story, and the same goes for Shraddha Kapoor residence. She lives in a beautiful sea-facing apartment with her father, mother, and brother on the seventh floor of Palm Beach in Juhu.

Birthday Celebration at Shradha Kapoor House

After years of struggling, Shakti Kapoor first purchased a 1BHK apartment for Rs. 70,000 on the same 7th floor of Palm Beach Apartments. Eventually, after 7 years, he purchased another 3BHK on the same floor worth Rs. 7 Lakh.


After some time, when he got married to his wife Shivangi Kohlapure (sister of actress Padmini Kohlapure), he bought another flat next to his apartment. He soon bought another flat on the same floor after his son Siddhant was born. At present, he owns the complete story in the building.


Shraddha Kapoor house in Juhu has everything one could ever dream of. The best part is the Piano room. The piano room belongs to Shraddha Kapoor as she has been playing the instrument since she was four years old.


The extensive use of wood in the apartments and wood carvings in the furnishings, along with the well-stacked luxurious bar in the living room, steals the show. The bar also displays extravagant architectural motifs and marvelous paintings selected by Shivangi Kapoor (Mother of Shraddha Kapoor).


 The house is beautiful and sprawling for Shraddha because of her father. She never fails to express her appreciation for his hard work. The bond between Shraddha and Shakti Kapoor is visible to all their fans. Shakti Kapoor never fails to mention how proud he is of her daughter.

The best part is the Shraddha Kapoor house location is the view and the latch of palm trees.

We will now start the real tour with their vintage yet elegant-looking fancy living rooms.

Fancy Living Rooms of Shraddha Kapoor House


The living room of Shraddha Kapoor’s residence is the epitome of sophistication and luxury. In fact, it is more opulent than any other hangout or leisure spot in the house.

While the reflective beige marble flooring of the living room perfectly compliments the regal and minimal white rug, the glass center table completes the stylish ensemble. The mustard accents coupled with edge-turned couches further enhance the contemporary and vintage blend of the design, making it the perfect place for small get-togethers.

Check out one of the Shraddha Kapoor house pics below to see their sprawling living room.Shradha-Kapoor-House-Kitchen.

The other living rooms in the remaining apartments also have a sea-facing view. Most of the living rooms have huge embellished floor-to-ceiling glass windows, wooden sculptures, circular sofa sets, and chairs, along with Mrs. Shivangi’s choice portraits.

According to Shraddha, one of her favorite seating spots is with a sea view. She loves to enjoy her free time there. The living room also displays the proud achievements of the family through a king-size cabinet ornamented with the many awards and trophies earned over time by the Kapoor family.

Luxuriant Dining Area of Shraddha Kapoor Home

The sumptuous dining area of Shraddha Kapoor home is adorned with a massive eight-seater dining table. While the polished and intricately carved wood of the dining table invokes an old-world charm, the pristine ivory padding of the chairs steals the show. 

While the metal and wood paneling of the dining room ceiling in Shraddha Kapoor home adds an ultra-modern touch to the room, the prestigious shrine of Buddha with naturally painted floor vases instills an ambiance of peace and serenity through and through. 


The dining space also has a casual sitting area near a large window overlooking the lush green foliage of beautiful plants and hanging bird feeders. The entire decor of this cozy corner speaks a lot about the actress’ love for nature and meditation. 

A day in this corner of the apartment is sure to make you witness a lot of parrots, sparrows, and pigeons taking refuge as the plants dance to the cool coastal breeze of the Arabian Sea. The magnificent view from this 7th floor sea-facing corner is equally breathtaking.     

A Comfy Bedroom With Beautiful Memories


Shraddha Kapoor is one of the most glamorous on-screen actresses in Bollywood. But off-screen, she is as simple and down-to-earth as any of us youngsters who prefer a comfortable bedroom filled with dear memories.


The bedroom of Shraddha Kapoor shows how she values every small thing in her life and the memories she cherishes. The photograph-adorned walls of her bedroom take us down the memory lane of her childhood and make us equally happy. The different frames for each photograph further enhance the collage, as seen in the Shraddha Kapoor home photos below. 


And, what is even more relatable is her humble workstation comprising a simple dark wood table and wooden wall shelves with books, a vase, and several other mementos in them. Somethings we all keep on our bedroom shelves, don’t we?

Additionally, an interesting fact that we have identified in some of the Shraddha Kapoor house photos online is that she loves cuddling with her soft toys. She has a good collection of plushies and soft toys that she keeps in her bedroom. She posted some of their pics on her Instagram account as well, including her pink and white unicorns, furry brown dogs, and a teddy with a blue nose.

Bathroom With Not-So-Common Accessories

Shraddha Kapoor’s bathroom is quite spacious and beautiful. It has lovely beige mosaic-style walls. While the use of patchwork tiles in the bathroom floor adds a Moroccan essence to the design, the warm colours of brown, orange, and yellow welcome a warm, comfortable yet refreshing element to the room.


Shraddha has also shared a pic of her bathroom on Instagram displaying her wooden toothbrush and white and blue seahorse-carved toothbrush stand. She also owns a seashell textured mug. These small details show us her love for water and the sea.

Photography With Spotlight


 Every house has that perfect spot for clicking a photograph. In Shraddha’s Kapoor house in Juhu, the apt OOTD photograph spot is ordained with cream color curtains in the background. The neutral shade of the curtain with a gorgeous glaze makes it the perfect spot to photograph all her dazzling looks.

In a Nutshell

From the outside, it may seem like any regular apartment, but the Shraddha Kapoor house inside surely transports you to a different dimension. With its classic interiors and elegant use of wood in living and dining spaces, the apartments evoke the warm, vintage, and cozy atmosphere we all admire. The tranquility of the meditation corner and the softness of her bedroom makes way for an overall dreamy ambiance. 

Facts About Shraddha Kapoor

Shraddha Kapoor Age34 Years
Shraddha Kapoor MotherShivangi Kolhapure
Shraddha Kapoor Boyfriend NameRohan Shrestha
Shraddha Kapoor School NameJamnabai Narsee School
Shraddha Kapoor College NameBoston University, USA (dropped)
Shraddha Kapoor HometownBombay, Maharashtra
Shraddha Kapoor Dog NameShyloh – Breed, Lhasa Apso breed
Shraddha Kapoor Net Worth14 Mllion in 2021

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the price of Shraddha Kapoor House?

The net worth of Shraddha Kapoor’s house is Rs. 10 crores.

Does Shraddha Kapoor live alone?

No, Shraddha Kapoor lives with her father Shakti Kapoor, mother Shivangi Kohlapure, and her brother Siddhant Kapoor.

Which apartment does Shraddha Kapoor live in?

Shraddha Kapoor lives on the 7th floor of the Palm Beach Apartment in Gandhigram Road, Juhu, Mumbai.

Is Shraddha Kapoor vegan?

No, Shraddha Kapoor is not vegan. But she is a pure vegetarian. It has been two years since she ate any non-vegetarian food.

Which brand does Shraddha Kapoor own?

Shraddha Kapoor owns the fashion brand Indya. Shraddha can be seen in many advertisements, campaigns across India, and other media platforms. She is the company’s brand ambassador and a face representing this apparel company.

What are the cars owned by Shraddha Kapoor?

Shraddha Kapoor loves luxurious cars, and it is visible in her choices in vehicles. She has Audi, Mercedes, and BMW.

Who has been Shraddha Kapoor's crush since childhood?

Varun Dhawan has been Shradhha’s crush since childhood. Also, they are best friends.

Did Shraddha Kapoor buy a new house?

Yes, Shraddha Kapoor new house is in Mumbai. However, she didn’t move in due to her love for her family.

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